1. kacylee on: See 25 Year Old Abdullahi Musa And 28 Year Old ..
    ancestors on the pitch which mortals (1 hour ago)
  2. kacylee on: 29 Year Old Alberto Mvila Risks Life To Hold Cr..
    such radical christians is what we need (1 hour ago)
  3. kacylee on: Bandits, Kidnappers, Yahoo Boys Are The Ones Ca..
    cabinet filled with myopic and evil minds (1 hour ago)
  4. kacylee on: Woman Begs Court To End Her One Week Marriage B..
    this life no balance.. while some dey find such gift u dey reject (1 hour ago)
  5. kacylee on: 144 Nigerian Policemen Land In Somalia To Bust..
    and who is beefing ur own home country.. remove the log in ur eyes first (1 hour ago)