1. Dopybadass on: “If Anything Happens To Me, Hold Ned Nwoko Resp..
    This girl is just a typical example of a lazy Nigeria bitch ass useless kind of girl (3 minutes ago)
  2. smart61 on: "I Didn’t Have Any Affair With Married Man..
    Initially, na so u na dey deny. Later, na true story (12 minutes ago)
  3. smart61 on: "How Late Dictator, Sani Abacha, Was Disco..
    Completely non relevant  news reports. Same old story (14 minutes ago)
  4. mountain007 on: POSTED WITH MOBILE APP
    [quote author=mavelqk link=topic=529261.msg5780736#msg5780736 date=1642966897] This is to inform t.. (16 minutes ago)
  5. Jiiitk4 on: President Buhari Calls In To Speak With The Sup..
    Farewell call. Mr. Bad luck. (26 minutes ago)