1. Dopybadass on: Lady Confronts Man segxwally Harassing Her In A..
    Perverts everywhere (9 minutes ago)
  2. Dopybadass on: “Take Your Frustration Out Of My Page” -Bobrisk..
    No be lie Sha, some people go just carry thier life frustration put for social media (24 minutes ago)
  3. Dopybadass on: ‘I Can Never Return To Your Party’ – Former Pre..
    I am PDP for life,the best party ever in Nigeria!!!!They say the devil you know is better than the.. (36 minutes ago)
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    [quote author=SWORDMAN link=topic=529186.msg5780614#msg5780614 date=1642922030]The size of a man&#.. (1 hour ago)
  5. SWORDMAN on: "My Husband's Manhood Is Too Small" -..
    The size of a man's dick does not determine his strength.. (1 hour ago)