1. nikiniki on: VIDEO: Phone Thief Caught After He Used His Pic..
    lol...they trained them, they refused to be trained. If he survives this one, it's either he .. (17 minutes ago)
  2. nikiniki on: Brother Beats 16-Year-Old Girl To Death For Hav..
    So sad, he meant well. Thank God for a good Judge. (19 minutes ago)
  3. nikiniki on: Gunmen Abduct Nigerian Air Force Two-Star Gener..
    Money to be made!  Oya, the rich, he don reach your turn! We shall see (23 minutes ago)
  4. SWORDMAN on: Nigerian Govt Suspends Passports Of Over 2,000 ..
    Foolish people (36 minutes ago)
  5. SWORDMAN on: Identity Of Alleged Sponsor Of Pro-Buhari Prote..
    What a shame (38 minutes ago)