UCHE OGBODO & UBBY ATO (2013-2014)

UCHE OGBODO & UBBY ATO (2013-2014)

Description: Controversial actress Uche Ogbodo’s short-lived marriage to ex-footballer, Ubby Ato is good for a movie script.
Barely living with her husband for more than four weeks, she left her matrimonial home pregnant.  She explains why:

“I realized I had made the greatest mistake of my life.  The foundation of the union was based on lies and deceit.  We had been dating for almost a year and I thought I knew everything, but nothing prepared me for what unfolded.  Yes, I’m the one walking out of the pack of lies. I’m not going to pretend because I want to be married.  I am not desperate and I would rather swallow my pride and accept I made a mistake than forge ahead in lies.
On the verge of trying to salvage the situation, I found out I was expecting a child.  I kept quiet to the rumours making the rounds because I was left with the option of thinking for my child and trying to salvage a dead situation.  But now I have finally made up my mind to break off the engagement and my reasons are irreconcilable differences.
I just want to be left alone to take care of my child. I wasn’t married. I was engaged to be married but as things stand now the engagement is officially broken due to irreconcilable differences and since I’m having a baby soon, my doctor has advised me to rest, as my health and that of my baby are the most important right now.”
Interestingly, Ubby Ato’s dad, a clergy would fault the actress’ claim, insisting they paid her bride price. Uche elsewhere had also admitted she was married in a sense though it wasn’t a traditional or white wedding. She told a national daily on September 27, 2014:

“It was a marriage, but we didn’t do any wedding.  We didn’t do any court marriage or church wedding.  We did nothing.  We didn’t even do traditional marriage but in my culture, there are many processes to getting married and I did a few of those.  So, you can say I was married.  In Igboland, there are rites you adhere to before you can say this is my wife and I did a couple of them,”
It was also alleged that the popular actress walked out of her marriage because her US-based hubby had terminal ailment.  It was equally speculated that her husband’s family wasn’t sure Ubby was responsible for Uche’s pregnancy.  A development that made them suggest a DNA test after her delivery.  But Uche was reportedly said to have opted out of the union while rejecting any test of her baby’s paternity.

The long and short of the story is that actress Uche Ogbodo has called it quits with her marriage that couldn’t see the next year. It would be recalled that Uche Ogbodo met her estranged hubby, Ubby Ato at a friend’s birthday party months back.


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