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KSA on ground to flavour Bella's Wedding

Nicely decorated engagement cake

Jameel and Bella practice some dance steps

Jameel and Bella

Cindarella (Bella) smiles during her engagement

Elegantly decorated reception venue

A glimpse of Jameel and Bella Disu

Jameel and Bella Disu

Bella Adenuga prepares before a golden Mirror

Bella Adenuga getting congratulated!

The Couple's special dance

Bella getting ready for the Engagement

Bella displaying her golden ring

Taste of Class at Bella's wedding

Just Weded! (Jameel and Bella Disu)

D'banj performs at Bella & Jameel's reception

D'banj doing a SPECIAL for the bride and the groom

Prince Charming and his Cindarella

Bella's Bridemaids

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