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eLDee  2C  MI  2C  Jesse  Jagz  and  Banky  W  shutting  the  Barrel.JPG

Eldee  receives  his  personalised  Hennessy  Label  from  Renaud  de  Gironde  28Hennessy  Master

Expert  Mixologist  2CTony  with  Banky  W.JPG

Jesse  2C  Eldee  2C  Cyrille  GaultierAuriol  2C  Banky  and  MI.JPG

MI  2C  Banky  W  2C  Jesse  Jagz  and  eLDee.  The  view  from  the  top  of  the  vineyard.JPG

MI  2C  eLDee  2C  Banky  W  and  Jesse  Jagz  with  a  Barrel  dating  back  to  1934  281  29.JPG

MI  2C  Hennessy  Artistry  2011  headliners  and  Tokini  Peterson  28Communications  manager  2C

dressing mishap 2

dressing mishap 12

Eldee and Friends 2

Eldee and Friends 20

Eldee and Friends 21

Eldee and Friends 22

Eldee and Friends 23

Obiwon Wedding  00112

Obiwon Wedding  00128

Obiwon Wedding 2

Obiwon Wedding 2 35

Obiwon Wedding 20

Obiwon Wedding 21

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