INI EDO & PHILIP EHIAGWINA (2008-2014 = 6 years)

INI EDO & PHILIP EHIAGWINA (2008-2014 = 6 years)

Description: Star actress, Ini Edo took to her Twitter handle @ini4phil on October 5, 2014, to announce the break-up of her marriage to US-based Philip Ehiagwina. Unperturbed by rumours of adultery encircling them (the estranged couple), Ini Edo vehemently denied sleeping around, while in marriage.

“I asked for a divorce from my ex-husband because of irreconcilable differences.  I never cheated on my husband.  There’s a conscious and malicious attempt at tarnishing my image.  This whole saga is familiar.  Let’s not forget the past.  Thank you and God bless.”
Now as free as air, Ini is really having a swell time even as her foes and friends are revealing the real reasons her marriage crumbled.

In a widely circulated piece released to the media, a US-based showbiz journalist, who’s also Ini’s kinsman, Ekerete Udo made a serious effort to clean up the battered image of the embattled actress.  The writer claimed Ini Edo never slept around.  We were also made to believe she did everything to keep her home.  Her estranged hubby, Philip was, however, portrayed as a gold digger who was only after his wife’s ‘wealth.’

Philip was specifically accused of insisting on being a co-owner of Ini Edo’s N70 million Lekki house.  Accoding to the story, Philip had to move out of Ini’s Lekki (Lagos) home and moved in with another lady for three months.  The Texas, US-based businessman is yet to defend himself.

No matter who is right or wrong, one thing is sure and certain, the six year big budget wedding of Ini Edo and erstwhile heartthrob, Philip Ehiagwina has finally hit the rocks after months of speculations that all is not well with their union.

It would be noted that Ini actually spent more time in Nigeria than in her matrimonial home in Houston, Texas, USA, all through the marriage.

Not having a baby after six years couldn’t also have saved her marriage.


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Philip, you knew this from the start.

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