Description: Apart from her obvious 360 degree change in skin colour, this Cameroonian born, Nigerian singer, has also had work done on her bosoms. The photo evidence aside, her ex best friend, Liz Garv, revealed that the singer was not only into the business of hooking people up with surgeons for a fee, she was also interested with having work done… Read an excerpt from a statement she released in 2012 about the singer… ..

"She talked my eyes off about me being black and fat, till I agreed to follow her to the surgeon at least for consultation. By then my friend Blossom, had come to meet me in Los Angeles because we were due to go to Las Vegas. We all later went to see the surgeon and he quoted $18,000 for liposuction, of course I made it known that I couldn’t afford it. There and then the doctor stated that he could not give a discount because there was an agreement with Reprudencia, that if she introduced 3 clients she would get a body makeover, it dawned on me then that she was trying to make us pay for her surgeries. "
Judging from the pics, I guess she went ahead with her plans.


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