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1  Forum / Family / Re: A Tribute To All Mother !!! on: 11-07-2020 01:54 AM
My mother was really great, so on Mother's Day I made a hand-made diamond painting for her. My mother was very surprised when she received the gift, saying it was her favorite gift. In the process of making diamond paintings, each diamond contains my gratitude to my mother, which is a great gift.
2  Forum / Family / Re: Beautiful Picture Frame Painting by Nigerian Artist Near on: 11-07-2020 01:42 AM
It's so artistic, I like this way of painting. I have no foundation in painting, but I also have my own hobbies. As a craftsman, I usually like to make diamond paintings. The production of diamond paintings is very simple. It does not require any painting skills. It only takes enough time and suitable diamond paintings kits to complete.