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1  Forum / Health / 5 Ways To Take Care of Your Skin on: 15-09-2021 01:45 AM
5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin [Recommended By Toke Makinwa]
Proper skin care is critical to a healthy lifestyle that achieves greater goals and fulfills destiny.
But most people care less about their skin, using poor makeup products and exposing themselves to toxic substances that leave their skin rough, wrinkled, and aging.
You might have even already incorporated some skincare practice into your daily routine…but are you doing it correctly?
In case you're stuck and don't know if you're going in the right direction, here's what beauty expert and actress, Toke Makinwa, recommends:
1. Wash Your Face Twice Daily
The advice to wash your face twice daily or regularly sounds simple and basic, but you shouldn’t despise it for its seeming simplicity.
In fact, doing this less (or not doing it at all) can make your skin pores become clogged which may result in serious acne.
Regular skin cleansing is critical to maintaining clean, healthy, and glowing skin.
Every day, the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun, viruses, bacteria, dirt, pollutants, and dead skin cells.
Regular facial washing helps you remove these impurities and other unwanted debris that form clogs on your face.
Keeping a daily face cleansing habit (alongside using moisturizer) also helps to keep the face hydrated, eliminating wrinkles and roughness associated with aging skin.
2. Drink Lots Of Water
Water is an important element in the body and drinking some glasses of water regularly helps our skin in some way.
If you’re looking for a natural way to take care of your skin, then you should probably try taking an ample amount of water regularly to get that beaming, glowing and healthy skin you desire.
Additionally, drinking ample amount of water daily helps to:
Slowly tighten your skin, maintaining a healthy glow.
Keep a balanced PH value
Flush out harmful toxic substances
Keep the body hydrated, reducing wrinkles and scars.
Prevent pimples and acne.
3. Moisturize
Moisturizing the skin is a critical step and good practice to help the skin stay healthier.
Without proper moisture on the skin, its healthy cells are likely to wear out or become irritated.
Those who properly moisturize their skin during their teenage years are more likely to enjoy a radiant and beautiful skin tone and complexion when they’re much older.
With proper moisturizing, you can fight against further skin breakouts and acne which is a consequence of dry and irritated skin.
Regularly doing this also helps protect the skin from future skin problems. 
4. Eat Enough Fruits and Veggies
Great skin is not only as great as the amount of nutrients and components it contains.
Good fruits and vegetables are excellent recipes to add to your daily routine if you’re in the race for healthy skin.
Fruits and vegetables contain strong antioxidants that help protect the skin from damages caused by free radicals.
These free radicals caused by smoking, pollution, and sunlight can cause wrinkles or make our skin look old.
Thus, regular intake of fruits and vegetables is important to help maintain healthy skin tone and cell development.
Spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are good recipes for skincare.
5. Quality Makeup Products Only
Makeup products are introduced into our world to transform the normally dull, aging appearance into glittering, rejuvenating, and elated.
Some people also wear makeup to create a match with their clothing or fashion style.
However, wearing poor makeup will only do more harm than good.
For instance, many makeup products contain heavy oils, waxes, preservatives, and chemical products which can cause skin irritation.
Most cheap makeup products use cheap ingredients which may hurt the skin the most.
Thus, it’s probably advisable to go for only quality makeup products if you’re willing to maintain your skin tone and radiance.
2  Forum / Business / How To Buy A House In Nigeria 2021 (Step-by-step Procedure) on: 26-03-2021 07:49 PM
Buying a home is everyone’s dream and the joy of finally getting to have one is beyond what words alone can express.

Credit: Primelocation
However, owning housing property in Nigeria can seem like a great struggle if you lack the proper technical know-how and guidance.
For instance, you’ll have to go through a series of processes before getting to obtain a house in big cities like Lagos and Abuja.
These choice locations demand a little carefulness and proper guidance so you don’t end up throwing your hard-earned money into the scrap heap all in the name of buying a house.
But, does it have to be that technical?
Certainly not.
Today, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to become the next house owner, even in your favorite city.
Let’s begin at once.

Credit: Privatelocation
#1. Find Out The Value Of The Property
Successful investors always find out about the worth of the property they are investing in before diving into the investment.
They want to know if the house will be profitable and add value to their life or business. And that’s exactly the approach you want to take before investing.
I’m sure you don’t want your hard-earned to vanish so soon. You want to ensure that the house is worth its weight of gold.
Gauge the potential growth of this investment, will it bring you a 5%-30% increase within the next few years?
If not, why spend so much money only to get peanuts?
#2. Make Adequate Research About The Seller Of The Property
Yes, you’re all excited to start living in the house and start living in the future as soon as possible, but hear this… 
Before settling to buy a house, make sure you know the actual seller.
 The reason for this isn’t far-fetched if you consider the endless amount of scam issues experienced in this present day. Among other things be sure to know:
Who is the owner of the property?
Who is marketing the property?
Is it the owner, the owner’s partner, son, daughter, or somebody else?
Whose name is on the document? Is it the owner or the previous owner?
What liabilities presently exist on the property?
And other relevant questions
#3. Verify The True Owner Of The Property
Before purchasing the plot of land or building, you want to make sure you check the “necessities,” one of which includes knowing the actual owner of the house.
You want to search for the property. This can include verifying from appropriate authorities if the property in question is inside the government non-inheritable properties or not.
You could also find out if there are any unfinished proceedings or problems on the property.
Also, note that you can refer all land-connected matters to The Bureau of Lands of Urban Center States.
They are the ones in charge of all land-connected matters in the urban center states. They have joint work in the Government secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja, Urban Center African country.
#4. Make Payment And Collect The Proper Documents
After checking through the above, you want to pay the property stipulated amount to the landowner and collect the:
Purchase receipt
Building arrangement
Contract of sales
Original copies of the relevant documents in possession of the owner
#5. File The Documentation For The New Purchase With The Authorities
Ensure you take the necessary steps to make sure the property checks the rules of all government-appropriate authorities to avoid punishments from the law shortly.
For instance, if the property already includes a C of O (certificate of occupancy), you are safe with the government. If not, then you gotta begin processing your C of O as shortly as doable.
#6. Appoint Associate Degree Factor to Assist Manage the Property.
Doing this will safeguard your investment, especially if you reside outside Urban Center African Countries or Overseas. People from the United Nations agency have been endowed with great success in the Urban Center African Country
Yeah! That’s it.. you now have the necessary steps you need to take to buy a house in Nigeria in 2021, so go yonder and multiply!!

3  Forum / Business / Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Watches on: 23-03-2021 12:22 AM
The advent of technology has caused a lot of changes in our world and people, especially young dudes want to go all out flaunting the biggest design, the most expensive watches, or the latest fashion styles.

Image credit: Unsplash
Wristwatches are big on the list of luxury items that are most sought-after by these young hopefuls and fashionistas.
Combining this meticulously crafted and expensive wristwatch with nice-looking materials can be a killer. 
For these lovers, we come up with a list of record-breaking watches that are currently booming all over the world.
Come along and let’s explore together the elegance of the expensive watches in our world today.

Image credit: excess all areas
Right at the top of the list, we have the killer wristwatch itself – Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch. This statement piece contains 110 carats of purely radiant and colorful diamonds.
From fancy pink to yellow, green, and blue, this timeless wristwatch comes with extremely rare diamonds, making it more compelling.
It also includes emerald, marquise, pear, and around all combined to make a promising masterpiece.
This awesome wristwatch is designed by John Graff along with some craftsmen and gemologists.
Worth: $55 Million

Image credit: luxhabatat
Second, on this list is the Graff Diamond’s Fascination Watch which is made of 152.96 carats of colorless diamonds. This diamond wristwatch is perfect especially for lovers of sparkles and bling and its dial is shaped like a drop.
The amazing part is, the dial of this wristwatch can be removed and used as a ring while the remaining part is used as a bracelet.
With so many incredible features, this diamond wristwatch is as fascinating as its name.
Worth: $40 Million
#3. BREGUET NO. 160

Image credit: Forbes
Formerly commissioned for French queen Marie Antoinette by a secret lover, this timeless piece was designed by renowned Abraham-Louis Breguet.
Before the completion of the watch, Mario Antoinette was executed in 1827 by Breguet’s son. During the process of designing this wristwatch, it included every known complication including a thermometer, a perpetual calendar, and a chime.
The watch was kept safe in the L. A museum in Jerusalem before it was stolen in 1983. However, this piece was recovered in 2007 and was redesigned in 2008.
You might wonder if anyone still wears a pocket watch to this day but the fact that this watch was specifically designed for a French queen makes fashionista want to snag a piece of this watch.
Worth: $30 Million

Image credit: Costlywatches
The design is closely similar to the Graff Diamond Hallucination watch, yet containing 874 diamonds in different sizes and colors.
At the center of this piece is three heart-shaped diamonds in colors of yellow, pink, and blue.
The appearance of the watch is often appealing with a flower-like opening making it more delightful and intriguing.
Worth: $25 Million

Image credit: Hodinkee
Named after Henry Graves, a banker who commissioned Phillippe, the workings of this Patek Phillipe watch are as complicated as its name.
It contains around 18-carat of gold, yet it's the world’s known complicated wristwatch having over 24 different functions.
Among the many functions is a celestial map of New York, Westminster chimes, sunrise and sunset times, and more.
Worth: $24 Million

Image credit: Pinterest
Made of 18K white gold including 260 carats of emerald cut-diamonds, 167 components, and 19 jewels, this billionaire wristwatch contains a bracelet and watch face that is quite seamless.
Additionally, it is equipped with an energetic power with a reserve of 72 hours.
Worth: $18 Million

Image credit: Forbes
This watch is specifically designed for endurance racing drivers and comes with a white dial, three black sub-dials, and a red outer track.
The watch was always worn by famous American actor, Paul Newman which was a gift from his wife, Joanne Woodward.
At the back of the Daytona watch, you’ll see Woodward's engraved words “DRIVE CAREFULLY, ME”.
The watch was later given to Paul Newman's daughter’s boyfriend who donated a massive amount of the sale to the Neil Newman Foundation.
Worth: $17.8 Million

Image credit: insidehook
This amazing piece was created by Patek Phillippe in 1941 during the world war and was later sold for $11.1million in auction.
The wristwatch was the first watch with a perpetual calendar and chronograph ever produced. It’s 35mm in diameter, powered by Valjoux ebauche, and manually wound.
Worth: $11.1Million


Image credit: monochromewatch
The Vacheron Constantin is another fairly complicated with around 57 complications, 2826 complications, and 242 jewels.
Some of these complications include multiple calendars, double retrograde split-seconds chronograph, and push-button enclosed within a white gold casing.
The watch is made by a skilled craftsman equipped with different traditional techniques and it took 8 years before completion.
Worth: $8 Million

Image credit: hublot
This was the watch gifted by famous hip pop star, Beyonce to his husband, Jay-Z on his birthday back in 2012.
The Hublot Big Bang Watch is completely diamond-encrusted, having an 18K white gold case that is packed with over a hundred carats of baguette diamonds and six emerald-cut diamonds.
Worth: $5 million
4  Forum / Health / Flat Tummy Tea Side Effects And How To Avoid Them on: 18-03-2021 10:19 PM
Today, we see on various social media channels flat tummy tea before and after photos, announcing the magic and feat this amazing tea has helped them achieve.

They looked so intriguing and appealing that anyone with an “out-of-shape” belly would want to place their order in split seconds.
These are pictures of people who were formerly with a bloated stomach and now enjoying the goodness and easiness of tummy flattening.
But the question is….
Is flat tummy tea safe?
Are there any side effects attached to using these flat tummy tea?
It’s essential that you check out some flat tummy reviews before you go ahead and buy any flat tummy product so you don’t end up risking your health.
However, in this article, we’ll go through some flat tummy side effects and figure out how to avoid them and stay safe.
What Is Flat Tummy Tea?
Flat tummy tea is a detox drink made from 100% natural ingredients achieving for the user a leaner-looking and moderate tummy shape. It’s popularly marketed to young and old woman who wants to clear their bowels and decrease bloating,
The tea, endorsed by some notable celebrity influencers in the country has been reportedly seen by young women as a healthy drink and can seemingly turn around a fat, shapeless-looking southern woman into what is called “babe.” A name commonly used for skinny, healthy women who even when in their 40s look much like a teenager.
Flat tummy tea contains a combination of tea made from many herbal ingredients and intended to be consumed once or twice every day to decrease bloating and get back that flat tummy you once had in your teenage years.
The tea contains 28 separately-wrapped tea bags in a tight sealed pack which aimed to secure the product.
Following the directions of the manufacturer, the tea is supposed to be 28-day detox tea that both detoxifies and eliminates excess stomach fat giving you an admirable, beautiful look. Using the tea according to the manufactures prescription can:
Help reduce body fat
Help you get rid of belly fat
Increase your metabolism
Aids weight loss
Promote detoxification and healthy digestion
Reduce food cravings and suppress appetite
Flush fats naturally and so forth
While there are so many rumors all around the internet claiming this tea doesn’t work, effectively and carefully taking this herbal drink according to the manufacturer's directive can play a major role in achieving the magic you desired.
Many of these unpleasant rumors come from people who stopped halfway using the tea or those who don’t even use the tea at the proper time they are supposed to. Needless to say, the tea can be a game-changer when used correctly.
Common Ingredients Of A Flat Tummy Tea and Their Associated Side-effects
Don't be fooled, there isn’t anything, not one medical drug or even herbal treatment in today’s world that doesn’t come with its own side effects.
Though many manufacturers try to claim their product is without flaws, but, we both know that is a blatant lie. And so it is with the flat tummy tea. Though the flat tummy product can deliver exceptional results, win you more friends and make you live the life of your dream, it isn’t without some negative effects when the given instructions are not correctly followed.
Let’s go over together some common ingredients of the flat tummy tea and their never-known side effects.

Present in the flat tummy tea is the herbal moringa leaf, a plant native to the Indians, but grown worldwide in various tropical and subtropical regions.
Moringa is being used for various treatments including asthma, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and many other diseases.
It could also be used to treat stomach disorders, such as constipation, ulcerative colitis, and gastritis. However, the presence of moringa in the tea can result in some side effects which includes:
Fertility issues which may result in difficulty in giving birth
Slow heartbeat and lower blood pressure which can be triggered by the alkaloids present in the plant
Miscarriage for pregnant women – the root bark of moringa is used to terminate pregnancy
Cell mutations

Oolong Tea

In many common Nigerian flat tummy tea, you’ll find the Oolong tea which is a product made from stems, buds, and leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Oolong tea is also a major ingredient in the production of prominent green tea and black tea.
Commonly used to boost mental alertness, Oolong tea is also great for treatments of obesity, osteoporosis, and heart diseases.
Many other researches also show that Oolong tea might lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetes patients and can also reduce high blood pressure and many other great benefits.
But this amazing herbal drink is not without its own side effects because of the presence of caffeine. Some of the side effects include:
Serious headache
Irregular heartbeat
And heartburn
Green Tea

Green tea is also a product of the Camellia Sinensis plant and is composed of the steam and dried leaves of the plant. The tea is composed of a greater amount of some healthy chemical compounds which are known as polyphenols. 
For decades, green tea has been used to treat numerous health challenges including diarrhea, nausea, and stomach-related issues. Many research shows that the chemical present in green tea can be used to prevent inflammation, swelling, and obesity.
The tea contains a little amount of caffeine (around 2-4%) which makes it a great treatment for improving mental alertness, stimulating the nervous system, and boosting thinking.
Just like the other ingredients of a flat tummy tea mentioned above, green tea has its own downside, and drinking too much of it may result in many of these negative effects:
Stomach upset, jitteriness, and headaches
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Increased bleeding disorders
High blood pressure

Senna Tea

Commonly known to be an over-the-counter laxative, Senna leaf which is found in many Nigerian flat tummy tea, is used to clear the bowel and treat constipation and can be combined with other ingredients to achieve a flat tummy.
Senna leaf is an FDA-approved drug for maintaining long-term alkaline urine and tubular disorders. However, Senna is a laxative, and going overboard with it can have a laxative effect on the user.
In fact, the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) mentioned that “laxative abuse occurs when a person attempts to eliminate unwanted calories, lose weight, feel empty, or feel thin through the repeated use of laxative.”
This means that a non-regulated use of Senna leaf which is among the ingredients of the flat tummy tea can do more harm than good. Here are some side effects of using Senna leaf:
Menstrual cramps
Excessive bowel activity
Nausea (vomiting)
Abdominal pain
Heart function disorders
Liver damage
Muscle weakness
Bowels can stop functioning, causing complete dependence on laxatives and so on

How To Avoid These Flat Tummy Side Effects
From the points listed above, you can notice the major causes of these side effects are either not following the manufacturer's prescriptions or going overboard trying to use this flat tummy treatment every time.
Therefore, the solution to avoiding this flat tummy side effect is simply obeying and following the instructions and usage recommended by the producing company.
Pregnant women shouldn’t try drinking more than 3 cups of flat tummy tea as this can lead to miscarriage.
Nursing mothers shouldn’t take too much of this tea as the presence of caffeine in the Oolong tea which is a major ingredient in the flat tummy tea can cause irritability, sleep issues, and increased bowel activity in the Bosom -fed baby.
Additionally, green tea can interact with some prescribed drugs and treatment, so it’s advisable to reach out to your doctor before drinking the tea regularly.
Wrapping Up
The flat tummy isn’t as bad as many think it is and can help you achieve your desired goal – getting a flat tummy – when used correctly.
More so, the flat tummy tea alone may not do too much magic to your health. Stick to best practices, exercise, diet correctly, and use this tea and the result will marvel you.
Are you ready to buy your flat tummy tea?

5  Forum / Business / How To Buy Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria on: 14-03-2021 10:21 PM
Fairly Used Cars
Fairly Used Cars – thanks to the value of brand name new cars, some would rather choose fairly used cars as these are available at a lot of reduced worth. A number of these cars look neat, above all those foreign used cars and will generally pass for a replacement one by sight.

Buying a  fairly used automotive provides space for a few percent of the money to be saved. Used cars aren't essentially poor quality vehicles. several have sturdy engines and supply sensible service for several years once purchased. We are here to help you out with the chaos. This article aims at acquainting you well with the steps stating how to buy a used car in Nigeria. So, what are we waiting for? Let's begin!

Consider the number of cash out there For That Purpose
This is an awfully important half to contemplate once shopping for a reasonably used automotive. it's necessary for you to outline a budget and stick to it. generally once paying for the automotive, extra expenses would possibly arise. E.g you may have to be compelled to rewrap the inside or modify the tyre likewise as do some mechanical/electrical maintenance, of these can mean additional payment. you ought to decide what quantity you're willing to pay for the automotive.

Compare costs
It is necessary that you simply have an inspiration of what the value ought to be, this can facilitate greatly in your dialogue method. a method to check worth is to envision on-line and see costs. Researching the price for the whole is vital, this helps you keep in restraint. Also, some go as way as ascertaining if it absolutely was used on African national roads or if it absolutely was foreign into Nigeria. this provides you an inspiration of what the vary of the asking price ought to be.It is necessary that you simply clean up your ends by doing all of your worth analysis before meeting up with the used dealer.
Create A Target List Of Brands And Models
Knowing what you wish beforehand is vital, this helps your call method and makes the shopping for method straightforward, as you have already got an inspiration of what you wish. Times have shown that Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan, and Mazda are buyers' favourites. it's safer to own over one projected automotive whole.

Naija stigmatisation
Check The Mileage
Mileage refers to the full distance traveled by automotive since its manufacture. Therefore, once shopping for a second user automotive in African nation, invariably look out for the mileage because it may be a bargain breaker. The typical annual mileage for an automotive is twelve,000.  If an automotive that's on your list of thought features a mileage of but sixty,000 once five years, this can be low mileage and may be a sensible automotive to buy; particularly if it checks all different boxes in terms of practicality. The mileage can disclose however long the automotive has been used, however long it's run, and conjointly what quantity it ought to be sold-out for.

Request A Pre-Purchase scrutiny
When shopping for a reasonably used automotive, you may would like the services of a trained mechanic to assist look at the fitness level of the automotive. even as the old chestnut “All that glitters isn’t gold”, thus conjointly it's within the world of machine, an honest trying automotive won't be as work because of its appearance. The pre-purchase scrutiny will uncover some difficulties beneath the hood.

Check The Engine’s Strength
This can be checked by taking a brief drive. you've got to show on the A/C system and see however the engine works. If there's any vibration, it suggests that the engine’s condition isn't ok.

Availability Of Spare components
I know of a follower that bought a second user automotive, at the initial everything appears fine, however the instant the automotive required an area to be modified, that was the tip of the journey because the spare components weren’t promptly out there for purchase and will solely be biological from the manufacturer or another of the car’s kind.

It'll be frustrating to stroke such a lot of cash into getting one thing and at the slightest breakdown, it becomes the tip of the journey. remove time to analyze if the automotive {you are/ you're} regarding shopping for spare components promptly out there as a result of all cars are susceptible to have problems that ought to be mounted at one purpose or the opposite. Before you commit your hard-earned cash for its purchase.

Think About the explanations For The Sale Of The Owner
One of the main reasons folks dump cars is as a result of it’s getting down to develop faults, though a couple of conjointly sell as a result of they require to accumulate one thing higher. it's okay to raise the owner for the explanations why he or she desires to sell this automotive. If the explanation is suitable, then contemplate different factors.

It is necessary that you simply don’t take the words of the dealer too seriously as they're largely involved with mercantilism off his cars and creating profit. look at each detail yourself before deciding whether or not to seal the deal.

Summing this up, finding a second hand car is not a tough job. But, all you need to do is to find the right owner and a good guide who will not only help you to own a good car, but will also help you in further queries as well. So, yes! This is it. I hope this article was helpful. This article aimed at acquainting you well with the steps stating how to buy a used car in Nigeria. Nothing should be more important for you than your mental peace.
I hope this was helpful and I have helped you out to overcome the chaos. If this article was not able to do justice to you, you can ask you queries anytime and we are here to help you out with this. Mentioning the best statement of the article once again; Always remember it is never too late or too early to start something and learn new things in your life.

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6  Forum / Business / How To Make Lip Balm At Home: Top Five Recipes on: 5-03-2021 10:14 PM
Lip balms are important for each and all, particularly in the winter months. They help keep your lips from being dry and chapped. Most of us wind up licking our lips all the time to wet them, and this makes the problem worse. That's why it's always best to take a lip balm with you everywhere you go. There are several forms of lip balms available on the market, so how do you choose the best one? If you don't like the ingredients of the retail location lip balms, how about making them on your own? Making your favorite lip balm would give you the benefit of tailoring it to your preference. Everything you need is a foundation like coconut oil or shea butter; a flavor, a color and a voila! Let's look at some basic ways below about how to make lip balm spontaneously at home. You should use a double boiler to make your own lip balms, i.e. heat the mixture in a pan that is put in another water-filled pan.
Easy handmade lip balm bowls are as follows:
Are you curious how to make your lip balm at home with pink lips and shiny glow? Here are some shockingly simple DIY ideas that you should try to make your own lip balm at home. You don't have to spend your hard-earned money on these lip balms.
1. Lavender Lip Balm
The inclusion of basic lavender oil in the lip balm can give your lips a divine flavor. It'll feel gentle on your lips, too.
Lavender lip balm Ingredients are as follows:
4 tablespoon almond, olive, or jojoba oil
1 tablespoon grated beeswax
1 tablespoon honey
7 drops of lavender essential oil
¼ tablespoon Vitamin E oil (you can do this by extracting a Vitamin E capsule)
½ tablespoon of colored lipstick (this will help to add a hint of color)
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
Heat the oil (whatever you choose) and the beeswax in a tiny bowl of stainless steel. Make sure you steam it up to a really low heat. Stir until the beeswax is dissolved and whisked in the essential oil, the flavored lipstick, the chocolate powder and the vitamin E. Take the bowl and put the bottom of the bowl in a pan of ice water. Keep whisking the paste as you add it to the sugar. When the honey has been mixed, pass the mixture to a lip balm bottle or tube. Enable to set in the refrigerator for 3 hours. Your lip balm is waiting for you.
2. Coconut and Beeswax Lip Balm
Thanks to the beeswax, this lip balm will give you the fresh flavor of coconut and the shiny sheen of your skin. Beeswax will moisturize your lips, too.
Coconut and Beeswax Lip Balm Ingredients are as follows:
1 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil
1 tablespoon grated beeswax
A dash of organic honey
2 Vitamin E capsules (extract the oil from these capsules)
Heat the beeswax in a bowl of stainless steel until it melts. Add the honey and coconut oil until the beeswax is halfway melted. Combine all the ingredients in well. Pour the oil of Vitamin E. When the mixture is cooled, transmit to the tin or lip balm jar and position in the refrigerator. Apply if your lips are stiff.
3. Chocolate Mint Lip Balm
This lip balm feels and tastes like a dessert and this will give you an amazing, mesmerizing taste along with soft, pink and moist lips.
Chocolate mint lip balm Ingredients are as follows:
Some drops of peppermint oil
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
2 tablespoon almond oil
2 tablespoon white beeswax pellets
Melt the beeswax pellets on a burner or microwave in the boiler. Apply the cocoa powder, mix well. Apply the almond oil and the peppermint oil when stirring. Let the mixture cool down; switch to the lip balm tub for cooling and refrigerate. You can of course use it also to moisturize the lips.
4. Rose lip balm
Do you also want that lovely raised smell and flawless shin and of course the mesmerizing taste also on your lips? This lip balm is amazing for a rosy shine.
Rose lip balm Ingredients are as follows:
½ tablespoon castor oil
1 tablespoon beeswax
1 tablespoon cocoa butter
3 tablespoon infused rose oil
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
¼ table spoon alkanet root (powdered)
Melt the honey beeswax in a double boiler. Apply the rose oil, castor oil and cocoa butter to the mixture. Place the vanilla and then extract in a sweet scent and the alkanet root in a red hue. As the mixture cools, pass it to the tin or tube of the lip balm. Place the balm in the refrigerator for a while and use it anytime you want.
5. Lemon and Raspberry Lip Balm
Who does not want to make their lips ‘lip-smacking’ fruity mesmerizing and faultless fresh with this homemade lip balm?
Raspberry lip balm Ingredients are as follows:
Few drops of lemon essential oil
2 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil
2 tablespoon of raspberry gelatin powder
In the microwave, boil the coconut oil for 20 seconds. Connect the gelatin powder to the raspberry and blend well with the oil. Now, just place it back in the microwave and give it a warm affect. The gelatin melts, making the oil the hue of the raspberry. Connect the lemon essential oil and mix properly. Shift the mixture to the tin and put it in the refrigerator until it is full.
DIY lip balms are in battle, and you can make several specific lip balms, each with a range of flavors and fragrances. If you like, you can make lip balms with or without beeswax, since you can still replace beeswax. Apart from the above recipes, you can also play with specific flavors and colors. Try to make your own one-of-a-kind lip balm and flaunt it proudly.
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That's a good one for you right there. I like your website.
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Selling online in Nigeria now provides business owners with the requisite launch pad for their companies. What's more, it saves leasing and logistic expenses. Selling your goods online also helps you to sell consumers cheaper prices, as operating costs are reduced. Here are seven free online marketplaces in Nigeria that allow you to sell your goods, hit millions of internet users and potentially double your marketplace as well as revenue.
Komback is an amazing marketplace that can be used by both the buyers and sellers to perform easy transactions, easy communication with the present customers. And of course, Komback has led to the best interaction and lead generation possible. There are sections for easy questioning, product description and many more. This easy access of everything helps the consumer as well as the manufacturer and the seller to double the revenue and the received satisfaction.
SPAM is a free online classifieds website that provides both buyers and sellers with a quick and convenient way to meet and trade products and services. While users of the site are forced to register, sellers can post free advertisements with photos, upgrade their ads, and get answers from real people. Buyers are often in a position to contact or email messages to sellers and leave a review after a purchase offer has been completed.
SME Market hub
People can connect directly to GT Banks' SME Market Hub, buy and sell with little or no tension. It's free to buyers and sellers, and you can list about anyone and all. The site also provides companies and individuals with the tools they need to exchange online. Small companies can set up fully hosted online shops, incorporate items and receive payment online with any debit card.
The OLX platform helps users to build work, programs, and new used goods, jobs. With OLX, consumers have the ability to gain extra cash by merely sharing items that they no longer need, allowing consumers the chance to have  an inexpensive price.
V Connect
In 2011, it began as a local search engine and information service provider, but has now become a full online platform where customers can discover, purchase and sell products and services. Registered retailers have a storefront where customers can quickly see their inventory and order products/services. The website also offers a range of features to improve seller awareness.
Konga Marketplace allows traders, suppliers and company owners of any kind of business class to showcase and sell their goods online leveraging Konga's secure shopping network and at the same time meet a larger audience and buyers. You can start selling by visiting Konga HQ to create a shop and list your goods.
Mobo free
Mobo free is an online platform that links people and lets them create their own groups by selling, purchasing or sharing products with community members. The platform makes it easy to bargain online via chat or private messaging, to send more images of products via personal messages, as well as to search the profile of buyers or sellers. The MoboFree Application Platform makes it easier to shop and sell online from any smartphone and any person. In addition to using PCs and laptops for online shopping, old mobile phones with small screens can also be used to use the site.
Summarizing, as it has been perfectly said, a coin has two sides. Relating this to the actual case, we can correctly assume that each source comes with the related analysis. Any investing opportunity comes with a lot of pros and cons. So, when deciding where you want to invest, all you have to do is figure out your priorities, compare the different options and the associated risk, and then opt for the perfect ones.  It can be difficult to avoid your distractions, especially those which are your favorite and you did not want to compromise for, but just keep in mind for which purpose you are saving and you may end up with the exact potential amount of saving that you were aiming and expecting to reach that goal.
So, this article aims to familiarize you well with the top seven Nigerian marketplaces that will supply you with the best incentives. I hope that this will do justice to your questions and uncertainty, and that you will be figured out from your turmoil. If you always have a few questions, we're still here to help you. And we're still open to all the feedback. Do note that it's never too late or too soon to be too late.
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9  Forum / Health / Anti-Aging Herbs That Repair Damaged Skin And Wrinkles on: 17-02-2021 06:36 PM
Aging is a usual process for every human being. Aging, in a complex language, can be called as the time associated deterioration of the physical, mental as well as physiological functions that are necessary for survival and development and growth. With increase in age, a human being goes through innumerous inevitable changes. The major ones that everyone, especially women is more scared of; are the damages caused to skin due to aging. This is a process that most people would like to slow, in fact stop! After a certain age, symptoms of aging can be seen on skin as the collagen content starts decreasing per unit area. According to a study, every year collagen decreases by 1 percent with increase in age.
Aging is of two types namely intrinsic age and extrinsic age. The intrinsic aging is caused due to genetic factors whereas, on the other hand, extrinsic aging is caused by outer and external factors namely, sun exposure, smoking, diet, lifestyle and many more. Coming to the symptoms of aging we have, damaged, dull skin and with increasing wrinkles on your skin. Another term for wrinkles is waviness. These damages are concerned with fibers misalignment”, which in simple terms means to displace from the original position. With increase in age, collage goes on gradual decrease and the skin layer goes on in a losing state which leads to wrinkles. Other factors that lead to wrinkles are smoking, ultraviolet irradiation, alcohol, diet, genetic factors. And also the accumulated cellular damage is a major cause of reactive molecules also called free radicals and the shortening of telomere, which are the structures located at the ends of chromosomes that play an important role in cellular division.
Aging is an inevitable process but human beings have constantly been putting innumerous efforts since decades to increase the human lifespan and slow down the aging process through scientific research. Not the ultimate goal has been fulfilled, but at least through these researches, scientists have been successful in finding a large number of organic herbs and drugs that have anti-aging properties. These herbs have proved their way along the time through which many humans take them as supplements and have been reaching the goal to decelerate the aging process and prevent age-related disease.
So, to help you out with all the chaos about where, when and how to start, we are here! This article aims at 5 best anti-aging herbs or drugs that can be taken as supplements to repair damaged and wrinkled skin. Remember it is never too late or too early to start something and change things in your life. Here are 5 supplements with anti-aging properties.

The 5 Best Anti-Aging herbs or drugs that can be taken as supplements to repair damaged and wrinkled skin:
Curcumin is the major compound of turmeric and is a proven source as an herb that possesses powerful and incomparable anti-aging properties that are associated with its potent antioxidant potential. As you grow old, there are senescent cells that stop dividing and start accumulating. This process is called Cellular senescence which is believed to lead to accelerated aging and disease progression and physical disabilities.
So, Researchers have proven and demonstrated that curcumin helps in activation of certain proteins that includes sirtuins and AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), these proteins delay cellular senescence and promote longevity.
Thus, to increase your curcumin intake, you can add turmeric to your diet. By not using turmeric directly, use it in your recipes or the other way, you can take direct curcumin supplements to get faster results.
Thus summarizing it, Curcumin is the main active compound that helps proteins to activate which delay cellular senescence and promotes longevity. This is a major compound of turmeric.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)
Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a popular polyphenol compound that is concentrated and is a major compound in green tea. It offers impressive health benefits, among all these, the most effective benefit that it offers is its ability to promote longevity and protect against age-related disease development.
It also has been a proven source that induces autophagy. Autophagy is a process by which damaged cellular material gets removed from your body and also it helps in building a protecting layer. Thus, summarizing it, Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) can indirectly be consumed by having green tea that is a major source of this herb. Or you can directly take concentrated supplements for faster and more effective results.

Collagen is the major component of youth. It has been promoted as a fountain of youth since ages for its incomparable potential to reduce the appearance of aged, damaged and wrinkled skin. It is the most important and integral component of your skin that helps in maintaining skin structure. But, due to gradual aging, collagen production enzymes slow down and this leads to lack of collagen in your skin that leads to gradual acceleration of aging causing damages to skin. Summarizing, you can consume direct collagen dietary supplements that will help in prevention of skin aging that leads to boosting of collagen levels in your skin.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10):
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant agent that is produced in my body by various enzymes. This antioxidant plays an essential role in energy production and acts as a protection against cellular as well as skin damage. With increase in your age, levels of CoQ10 decline gradually. Thus supplementing your diet with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to increase in its level will inevitably show improvement in many aspects of health in older individuals, majorly including anti-aging benefits and repairs to the wrinkled and damaged skin. But, do not forget to consult a trusted healthcare professional before giving it a try, to ensure that your body will not react inversely or against you in context of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Summarizing it, you can consume direct Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) dietary supplements that will help in prevention of skin aging faster and more efficiently.
Nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide:
Nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) are precursors to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+ is a popular compound that is found in every cell in our body and it is involved in many crucial, complex and critical processes majorly including energy metabolism, DNA repair, and gene expression. With increasing age, NAD+ levels keep going on a decline in original produced levels and this decline is thought to be associated with accelerated physical decline and the onset of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s. Summarizing it, you can consume direct Nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) dietary supplements that will help in prevention of skin aging that leads to boosting of antioxidant levels in your skin. Supplementing with NMR and NR may help boost NAD+ levels in your body and prevent age-associated genetic changes.
Thus, the top five antioxidants for anti-aging are Nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Collagen, Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and Curcumin and are the most beneficial in anti-aging processes and repairing damaged and wrinkled skin. 
Now, you are aware of the fact that grandparents’ magical natural tricks are always and always helpful and we can never deny this fact anymore!  These help us heal not only from outside, but also from inside. You have been introduced to the most easily available, cheapest and very beneficial natural substances also that can help you to slow down your aging process and get rid of its symptoms such as wrinkles, loosened skin and damaged skin and many more. With these and many more health benefits of these herbs, these have always been in the limelight. This article aimed at 5 best anti-aging herbs or drugs that can be taken as supplements to repair damaged and wrinkled skin. I hope this was helpful and I have helped you out to overcome the chaos of becoming acquainted with anti-aging herbs to repair damaged skin and wrinkles. If this article was not able to do justice to you, you can ask you queries anytime and we are here to help you out with this. Mentioning the best statement of the article once again; Always remember it is never too late or too early to start something and learn new things in your life. If still you are stuck between anything, we are always here to help you out with any of your problems! You can share with us, if you have more such herbs or drugs that can be taken organically to reduce the aging process and repair damaged skin and wrinkles.
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10  Forum / Relationships & Romance / 2021 Valentine's Day non cheesy and crisp gift ideas for him and her on: 12-02-2021 10:08 PM

As the week of love has just started, everyone is so confused right now about what they can gift to their partners. Irrespective of the fact that whether you both have just started dating or you have been together with each other for a short time or a comparatively longer time, say a year or less; you will always be wondering what to gift your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife on this special day of pure love.

But, choosing a gift as always has not been as easy as it seems like. It is complicated and cumbersome. You will come across innumerable questions during the process of choosing a gift. Many of them are so common; let me mention some. Isn’t it too cheesy for my relationship? Aren’t I going to put much pressure on commitment by giving this? Is he/she ready for this? Aren’t I exaggerating things? Isn’t it looking too cheesy? Will I be able to afford this? Will she like it? Yes!

These questions may seem very relatable, because they are! After all these, you may end up stuck in a whole lot of confusion, because you do not want to go with empty hands in front of your partner on this day of the year.
That’s why we are here to help you out. Something small that has been put into many thought processes, we mean small but thoughtful, can be the best Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband, instead of giving them just expensive stuff. So, to help you out with all the chaos about where, when and how to start, we are here! This article aims at 15 best thoughtful, non-cheesy and affordable gift ideas that you can give your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband this Valentine’s Day.

 And of course, no matter what you choose, don't forget to pair it with a DIY handmade card overloaded with your love and feelings! Remember it is never too late or too early to start something and change things in your love life. Let’s begin. Here are 15 non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

15 non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set:
This can be a pretty good gift for your long distance partner if you are in a long term distance. This bracelet is a sensitive bracelet tap that will vibrate every time he or she is missing you and tapping the bracelet. This is something, no one will want to let go.

100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster
This 100 movies scratch off poster will allow you to have some fun together in streaming some good movies together. Choosing a good, fun and romantic movie has always been a tricky question. But, it is no more now!

100 Date Night Idea Cards for Her or Him
This is the most thoughtful and cutest gift for a sweet partner who actually likes to spend time with you and at the same time explore new places. You both are going to pre-plan 100 of your dates and put them in your to do list.

Personalized Valentine's Gift Box
A personalized customized gift box is the one that consists of all your beautiful memories together in the form of your people’s pictures and thoughts that you want to share with him or her.

Create your own creative art:
Giving something your own creative ideas in the form of cute little paintings can be a fantastic idea. You can create little DIYs for your partner. Caricatures and sketches are incomparable ideas.

Custom Face Designed clothes
Gifting someone with a t-shirt or a hoodie that contains your people’s image can be an awesome idea. They will miss you every time they see them and would love to wear to flaunt your pure love.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp
If you think, a bracelet is not a real thing for you and you would not like something like that. We have another option for you that is this long distance friendship lamp that will illuminate as soon as your partner lights up his lamp.

Customized portraits and sketches:
A personalized portrait can be an amazing idea to gift to your loved ones on this love day – Valentine’s Day. Try your hands on it now!

Beer Brewing Kit
A beer brewing kit can be an awesome idea if your partner is of delightful nature and really likes to drink beer. Thus, playing the role of brewmaster can be a fun and sexy game to play together. Try your hands on it now!

Cute little Message bottles:
You will notice that these cute little message bottles can be a great idea if you are a shy person and cannot express yourself. Thus, writing all your thoughts and feelings in such cute bottles. I am pretty sure that no one will like to deny these message bottles.

Also, we are here to help you out with another personal customized gift. This time, this is a personalized caricature fit into a personalized picture frame. This is a romantic idea that is not at all cheesy. You just need to select a cute picture of the two of you and then get it customized into a caricature by an artist and then just fit it into your own type customized frame. This can be a cute and thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Try your hands on it now!

I love your personalized map location puzzle:
This can be an amazing idea for a cute romantic date as well. This puzzle when solved will show I love you at the place where you first met. This can be a fun and a romantic game to remind all your love memories and vibes of your first meet and first date.

Talk, Flirt, Dare! Fun and Romantic Game for Couples
This can be a fun naughty idea that you want to give to your partner, if you really want to spice up things in your relationship. This customized gift will give you infinite ideas of three fun tricks that are talk, flirt and dare. This can be the best idea if you want to take your relationship to another level. Just get ready to give and perform some really frisky dares. Try your hands on it now!

Customized Coffee mugs:
Customized coffee mug can be a great idea. On your first Valentine’s Day together, that you want to be the best and memorable, gift them a sweet pair of mugs that may be customized using your pictures, cute little stickers or some other romantic 3d art. Try your hands on it now!

Personalized Picture Frame
Also, we are here to help you out with another personal customized gift. This time, this is a personalized picture frame. This is a romantic idea that is not at all cheesy. You just need to select a cute picture of two of you and then just fit it into your own customized frame. Try your hands on it now!

Summarizing, every gift is precious and loved. Who would not like the efforts you have put behind that particular gift for your special ones? So, don’t be confused and choose the one that you think is perfect for your partner. And believe me, they are going to love them. Do not forget to make a special handmade DIY card that expresses all your thoughts, feelings and most importantly your love towards your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.

 So, this article aimed at 15 best thoughtful, non-cheesy and affordable gift ideas that you can gift your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband this Valentine’s Day. I hope this was helpful and I have helped you out to overcome the chaos. If this article was not able to do justice to you, you can ask you queries anytime and we are here to help you out with this. Mentioning the most statement of the article once again; Always remember it is never too late or too early to start something. If still you are stuck between anything, we are always here to help you out with any of your problems! You can share with us, if you have more such creative gift ideas.

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11  Forum / Business / Business Ideas To Make Money From This Christmas on: 24-12-2020 01:41 AM

Festivities are the best excuses to start with grossing business ideas. When it comes to Christmas the clock starts early on from November.

So to get started a business you need a budding idea first. Often the ideas we are looking for are right in front of us. So how about we start with the basics that every person during the Holiday season will be needing! Add a cool business name for the season and absolutely get going on making that extra cash.
Not everybody wishes to set up a big business right away. Some like to start small. And for those some, here’s a list for that!

The first picture that comes to our minds when spoken of Christmas is DECORATIONS. A neighborhood decoration sale is just what your folks need! How comforting would it be for everyone around you to not have to travel miles to get Christmas essentials. Because you are selling it to them!
Christmas trees, lights, ornaments put them out for sale.
A lot of people prefer hiring services to decorate their Christmas parties. Now that’s another way to earn some bucks. You can sell and decorate for the same clients. Put your designing hobby to the best.

If you have brought in those delicious cupcakes to every party then this is a great opportunity for you. Spread that creativity out on the table and let every dog bite into it.
Another simply doable and a good business idea. It is promising and in demand every holiday season. Your business could be small, having a few clients but could still be extremely grossing. Quality catering and bakery items are in high demand during this time of the year. So your food business could be doing very well for the winter holiday season.

How about you set up a Christmas store business that sells gift items.  Side by side to sell gift items. You could provide wrapping services too.
Creative packaging has been a hype in recent years. People love beautiful packaging. It is sophisticated, festive and personal. Plan out combos for various packages and price them well.

What people love even more during the holiday season is not having to worry about pouring their own drinks. Now a host would not want to run out of drinks all of a sudden. They therefore opt for services for so.
If you have some working knowledge in tending the bar. Might as well it give it a shot? You could be working as a private bartender this Christmas season. Shake up some classic drinks for your audience.

Squeezing in time for Christmas shopping can be difficult for many. Their work and family does take a lot of hours. These people are always looking for someone to get their shopping done. You could be their private holiday shopper.

You might want to look at these super cool from home business ideas that are absolutely groundbreaking and creative.

In the comforts of your home, making the most of your creativity. Here’s a business idea best suits you, if you love working within your home. Handmade crafts are very personal and much loved. They are the best suited gifts for any occasion making the most in Christmas.

All you need is an online base. What you will do here is connect persons with persons who require automobile services or wish to buy one. People desire to hire car services during holidays to go around places. And you will help these people meet people who are providing these services. Your websites must be built user friendly. Now that’s another cool work from home business idea.

Travelling is another part that comes with the Holiday season. Vacations with family and friends are much loved. And you will be using this fact to your business’s benefits. Here’s how.
For obvious reasons people require rental house services for their getaway period. You can set up a website that will connect your customers with owners of houses providing these services.  Those who own vacation homes in beautiful locations rent them for a certain price. You could put various such homes up on your website.


Depending on your capital available if you wish to have a flamboyant business that’s extremely grossing too, here’s a list just right for you.

Amongst all extravagant things without fireworks to some, Christmas feels incomplete. You could start a service providing people with so. You can set up a website for your clients with delivery services. Or set up a store for so.
A super grossing and lucrative business idea right around Christmas time is poultry farming. The very main dish of the evening cannot be prepared without chicken or turkey. Almost every home is contained with chicken and turkey dishes. One factor concerning this much grossing business is. You need to start this business three to four months prior to the winter holiday season.
What is a Christmas without ugly sweaters! This is a wonderful business idea. Much lavish and grossing. The time for the apparels market extends even beyond Christmas up to New Year’s and so on. Bring the inner designer in you out and put it to trial. Since traditionally people across the globe wear new clothes for Christmas. This is definitely going to be a profitable venture.
Events being held are pretty common during festive hours. Friends together love to attend parties and much more. And to organize them, people require skilled event planners. If you have some prior experience to event planning then this might be a great time for you. You could be making lots of cash with your work surrounding this time.

There are several business ideas you can execute. That will be profit making. These business ideas have the ability to make you super rich. But it all comes down to how you play it. Your skills, dedication and hard work all combined will give you results for your business.
Whether as a side business or a main one. If you love something pursue it. Many times people are afraid to follow what they are good at. Because of other people’s opinions. But ultimately it's your fight and what people think of you or say to you shouldn’t matter.
12  Forum / Business / Top 10 Best Christmas Apparels For 2020 on: 18-12-2020 12:13 AM
Picking your outfit for the holiday season is the most exciting bit.
But choosing the best Christmas apparels according to the kind of Christmas party, like a casual, semi-casual or formal party is a big deal.

An invite that calls out that lengthy gown in your wardrobe. That one that is particularly dressy. Cocktail dresses can be appropriate for the event but a lengthy dress is a more elevated choice. There are fabric choices too, to keep in mind. Velvet, chiffon, silk and lace.
You can opt for something that is flowing or tight. You can comfortably choose to show enough skin. Backless or strapless dresses are fine choices. And it is totally okay to wear them. As long as it is sophisticated and elegant it works right.

Another wonderful pick for a style. If your party invite says smart & casual. You need to be dressed polished but relaxed. Not overdressed. Not too showy. But balanced. It is finding a middle ground between formal and informal.
For an invite like this, how about you choose skirts and culottes over jeans.
To kill this look, you could mix classic clothing items. Like, a pair of black pants with an off-shoulder top. Jackets and blazers, buttoned down t-shirts.

Now as per the invite, you need to dress semi-formal. Semi-formal dressing again requires adequate balance between a formal and informal attire.
You can put something more formal than office wear on one end and something less dressy than a gown or tuxedo. Now find your middle ground.
Something as nice as a pair of dress pants, could be somewhere to start at. A button-front shirt, tie, jacket.

Not too formal office wear. That’s exactly what business casual stands for. Even a simple blouse counts for office wear nowadays.

Subtle and formal. You could wear a glitter dress with low boots to work this Christmas party. Make a bold move. Wear your regular work outfit with red pumps. A ruffle top and jeans, bell sleeves, sequin pencil skirt.

A Christmas invite that says keep it casual interprets to BE YOU! Whatever comforts you, is what you can wear. All is acceptable here. Rock the party in that super cute dress or pull off a hot pair of ripped jeans and crop top.
Dressing casual means there are no dress code barriers. You can explore your creativity in your outfits.  Remember that the season is festive. So try opting for shimmer and glimmer outfits to match the mood.
A simple classic and sophisticated look will absolutely make your outfit feel complete.
High necked sweater, a statement necklace, matching gloves, a cute cardigan or sweater with a pair of jeans, a super cute dress, will make up for a wonderful Christmas evening.

Help your girl dress cute this holiday season. There are several styling tips to follow. For you to look super cute and unique this Christmas season.

Now, the first thing you need to be sure of is if your dress is right for the party. If the invite is for a day party. Wear something light and comfortable. Pair it with the right accessories like a satchel bag, headband, and knee high boots. You could glam up for your evening party invite in a winter skirt, chic shirt, maybe a flattering red dress.
Nobody likes dealing with budget constricts during Christmas shopping. So it is better to pre-decide the best outfit for you. And start saving up early on. If you pre decide and organize beforehand you will be able to buy the dressiest possible items. Dressing up is a personal thing. Its whole purpose is to make you feel good. So dress for yourself.
Here are some suggestions, pair a chiffon black collared shirt with leggings and plaid skirt. This outfit will serve well for an evening party. Remember to uphold the holiday spirit in your clothes. To do so here go for subtle prints on your leggings.
Dressing is chic as every teenage girl goes to style. No matter the occasion. Chic just works well. Especially for the festive season, chic sounds perfect. You can style with other fashion accessories.
Cute sweaters are a must. Pair it up with jeans and accessories.

I am sure no matter what you wear you will look stunning this holiday season. 2020 has been a hard year for all. So whether it is a virtual party or offline? This Christmas party is more about you and your family, or maybe just you. Dress well and eat well because no matter what, the festive happiness should not burn out.
Dressing is a personal choice. Dressing up as you, requires your personal style. Thus no matter how you choose to glam up make sure it has your personal touch in it.
13  Forum / Business / To 10 Hairstyles Curly Weave And Gel on: 13-12-2020 11:26 PM

Curls! What a wonder they can be when taken care of and styled the right way. Every curly haired man or woman has their own story to tell about the journey they have been through with their hair.
But styling curls while protecting them can be a bit of a task. And who doesn’t love a good hair style? So we bring to you some of these simple and amazing damage free curly weave hairstyles that you can absolutely not miss in 2020.

If you absolutely adore a huge curly messy bun but have short hair, well you should then definitely try this super amazing and fun method out using a thick curly weave. For this you need a few products ranging from an organic hair gel, curly hair brush, and freeze spray.

Well if you’re looking for a gaudier look with your hair then this style will suit you the best. Half up half down, is a simple yet elegant curly weave. Your hair is sectioned into two parts quite similar to a half ponytail. This looks best using Indian curly weave.

You could go with a classy middle part or a sexy side partition for this hairstyle. You just need to gel up your hair into a low ponytail and attach a curly weave to it. It looks amazing with your flowing beautiful curls.

The sexy high ponytail hairstyle just cannot be missed right?! Don’t miss out on it then. Using a curly weave you could absolutely rock this extremely charming hairstyle.

Should you not style your hair because it’s short? That’s pretty unfair! Here I’m going to turn that around with some super cool super easy hairstyles that you’d definitely want to try out on your hair.

Gather all your hair and gel it down to a low puff. Super easy to make and classy, this is a hairstyle that you could be rocking at a dinner or any evening event. A hairstyle exclusive to short hair, since it absolutely looks stunning on short hair.

Whether you have straight, wavy, and curly or kink this style is absolutely stunning. It can be done with absolutely any outfit.

The finger wave hairstyle took the internet by wave. It got super popular in a few years and has been still a number one choice for many women with short hair.

Let those beautiful curly coils of yours flow even when your hair is short. You can definitely style up your hair in those short coils.

An amazing hairstyle for short hair that looks absolutely bold and stunning and is a must try out. You can rock this style in your curly as well as straight hair.
A hairstyle exclusive to short hair only. Another simple yet elegant hairstyle that requires you to gel it up. This is an everywhere wearable kind of hairstyle. You could be wearing it to some formal event or to your office.

The want for a long hair don’t care kind of comfort can be found in some of these awesome hairstyles below.

Thinking for an artsy yet casual look for this season how about the Afro Bubble Ponytail for your hair! This stunning look is absolutely new and trending in 2020. It is a super classy hairstyle that makes you stand out of the crowd. It goes well for any one with a protruding forehead. You require your everyday hair gel and other hair essentials for this hair do.

Another gorgeous look for long haired women, is the curly ponytail. This is a hairstyle perfect for all face shapes and can be done on any hair type it is super easy and fast to do. As usual you’ll be needing your hair brush and hair gel.

A lot of us desire this matured look. If you are looking for something like that then this is absolutely the style you should be picking for yourself. It is also termed as the “classy ponytail”. It is a stunning look to pull off for evening events and formal occasions.

 A hairstyle that tends to elongate your face. This hairstyle is a great pick for dinner, artsy events, and open air. Even though this hairstyle is flawless it comes with certain restrictions. This style is not suited for all face types and not recommended for persons with square or rectangular face shape.

Braids shouldn’t miss the fun either. Your braids up in a ponytail will look amazing and attractive. It is perfect for every occasion.
Since you need a lot of hair for this style it requires long hair. Of course this can also be done on short hair using a weave-on. What you need to be is grab your hair and set into a pineapple. After which you must use perm rods to curl the hair that’s left out of the bun.


A young girl with curly hair, would require a damage free hairstyle. It should also suit her as an everyday wear. A curly haired girl, from a young age must have the exposure to know how beautiful she is and so is her hair.

A simple, sweet and elegant hairstyle that your girl child could be wearing to any formal event and weddings. It is a very neat hairstyle and also easy wear.

Absolutely cute and stunning this hairstyle is an everyday wear for children. It could be worn to several events too. It looks super fashionable and attractive.

A look perfect for school days or a day out with friends. This frizz free look is super cute.

A cute little princess looms for your girl. Who doesn’t love to dress up princesses? It is absolutely amazing for party wear. It is a simple style that completely stands out.

Edgy and bold this is absolutely an amazing hairstyle for her and sure to make heads turn while she walks down the corridor.

In conclusion, this article has tried it best to be inclusive of as much information as possible. Trying to be diversified as well as accurate at the same time.
14  Forum / Business / Nigerian Native Clothing For 2020 on: 7-12-2020 01:28 AM
WHY STYLING IS IMPORTANT…..and the psychology behind.

Have you ever heard of young teenagers shopping and shopping as a coping mechanism? Well that’s because psychology has noted the comfort some people find in hiding themselves behind clothes.

Clothing is a medium to express ourselves and how we style it, is our original “expression of ourselves”.
Styling is a way to feel in control of your own identity. Often underestimated, styling is very important. It is also a way to control how our environment perceives us.  It lets us structure our personalities in the form of accessories and clothing. It will act as an independent loose skin on your body and bring out the inner YOU.

You could be using our creativity and novelty to mold your styling looks.

In this article I’d like to shed some light on men’s native apparel you should have in your wardrobe in 2020.

Looking back at how rapidly the Nigerian Fashion Industry changed, today there are some traditional clothes designed beautifully out there ruling the African fashion market.

Some of these styles have been upgraded and molded so as to suit the requirements of a chic and young Africa.


A traditional robe with long sleeves

You probably already know what it is, and are probably already scrunching your nose at it. But Hold on! Don’t be so quick to judge.
This men’s apparel isn’t the same anymore as it was previously. It isn’t something for oldies to wear. Thanks to the African fashion industry for redefining its look, making it more chic and pretty.

A traditional wear including three pieces of clothing, a shirt with long sleeves, and a big gown that runs down to your ankles, with an opening (Buba) and a pair of trousers.

The AGBADA is a redefined piece of clothing. Extremely traditional and worn onto several formal occasions.
AGBADA are worn on occasions of marriages. Previously they were only worn by a strong and dominant ethnic group in Nigeria—The Yoruba.
Now several tribes in Nigeria wear it to special occasions. 


A short or long sleeved dress worn with a pair of black pants and often accompanied by a red fez cap or an Igbo Leopard cap.

The ISIAGU or as also called CHIEFTAINCY is mostly worn by the IGBO people of Eastern Nigeria. Higher officials of the IGBO community too are seen in these.
This outfit is mostly worn to special occasions like weddings by the IGBO community. The phenomenon of ISIAGU holds up the cultural expression of the IGBO community’s values which are strength, courage and nobility.

Long sleeved long dress, with or without collars and buttons

As said, it has most likely originated in Arab it is one of the most popular male clothing in Nigeria. This attire is native to Northern Nigeria – the Fulanis and Hausas. Many tribes in Nigeria have been seen dressing in JALABIYA.


Traditional wear must be accompanied by the perfect cloth material. An occasion’s outfit styling begins with shopping for cloth material basing on how well it will suit you and the style you are opting for.
Ankara, Guinea, Lace and Linen are the most commonly chosen material for structuring traditional wear. These days, even trouser material is being used very much.
Selecting the right material for your attire concerns what you love and enjoy wearing the most. What is comfortable enough and what looks the best on you. Well this is something to also be careful of, since while looking at materials online, you may feel that any one of them might suit your look.

Another thing to be particular about while picking your material is that many styles have a certain material that suits the entire attire. In case of those, it is advisable to stick to it.


The clothing fabric Ankara is a 100% cotton fabric with varied colorful prints on them. It is always bright and creative and has imprinted African Tribal prints. Its versatility is widespread. African fashion brands have also been responsible for its widespread influence. It can be used in structuring hats, earrings, blazers etc. This printed fabric is also being inculcated onto skirts, gowns, dresses etc.


What is better than a local fabric that has lasted through the changing Nigerian Fashion market and successfully removed the threat that was hovering over them! Surviving an industrial change is a big deal.
This traditional local fabric is manufactured by the ethnic group – Yoruba. It is usually made with cotton but sometimes is also mixed with silk and metallic yarn. It is primarily used for making Agbadas, head ties for women, Wrap up, and Filas.


This Fabric is also majorly made up of cotton. The designs range from being plain, striped and patterned and come in various color grades.
What follows is that this fabric is sewn for traditional men’s wear. They are primarily used for senator and agbadas style.


The Fabric is embroidered cotton. They have been wax stamped and beaten with clubs for the shiny look that it is known for. They are more popularly known as Guinea Brocades in Nigeria. They in Hausa are popularly known as Sheeda. They are mostly sewn for free style kaftans.


Manufactured as an adire in Nigeria, Batik comes with patterns and motifs created by dye mechanism. This process of dye mechanism makes the cloth resist dyes by tying (adire eleso) or by applying cassava paste (adire eleko). It is mostly used in making buba gowns, dresses and contemporary fashion gowns, trousers and shorts.


The degrees of transparency alter, the colors are varied, the lightness is praise worthy and its use narrows down to styles of gown and tops. The latest styles have been of combining the fabric with Lace and Ankara.


The list of laces available in the market include tulle, cord, paper, guipure, sequenced, beaded, jute, and George and French laces. Different fabrics of the same and contrasting color is also used.

The European colonists introduced western dressing styles into Africa, altering their style of dressing. But even so, the traditional dressing styles have been the ultimatum for most Nigerians.
The Patterns of sewing were brought into Africa in the 15th century. African Native clothing even today is simply its traditional wear which has been a little more enhanced in their new and ever growing society. With the increase in demand by young people for more chic and attractive designs.
15  Forum / Business / What Is Bet9ja Sports Betting on: 30-11-2020 01:08 AM
WHAT IS BET9JA : An Informative Guide
Diving right into the topic Bet9ja is an online gambling website founded in the year 2013 on 10th of September, by a Nigerian politician, entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, Kunle Soname.
Co-founded by Ayo Ojuroye, who happens to be the company’s chairman and Soname its CEO.
The hustle and bustle of Nigerians around sports is hard to miss. And Soname, seemed to recognize this early on. As of today Bet9ja stands to be a billion dollar company and Soname’s net worth, can be safely said is, 100 million USD.
In all, most sports enthusiasts and stakeholders are familiar with Bet9ja. Sponsoring a very popular reality TV show in Nigeria, ‘Big Brother’ making it clear that they want all eyes set on them. Bet9ja has made it a point to shine in the upcoming years.
This stunning platform has not only focused on spreading its tentacles wide and afar but Soname has also extended his helping hand in uplifting many Nigerian Brands. BET9JA understands that personal success means no success at all. It attempts at reaching out to other Nigerian Brands, to uplift them and help them grow.
This betting website stands to be the only local website that is most clicked on. It happens to be the third ‘most clicked on’ website, right after and

BET9JA covers all sporting events across the Globe and Europe. The site offers various kinds of betting combinations. Thus expanding the spectrum of possible odds.
In live betting the odds change up to the 90th minute of the game. And on Saturdays there are thousands of different bets on offer.
To Play on Bet9ja, you must have a Bet9ja account. Well, opening an account on this website, is the simplest. Just follow up the link, click on register, from the top right hand corner, fill out the registration form, and then proceed!
Bet9ja then sends you a confirmation mail, in your registered email with details which you will have to use to login to the website. Once you are logged in you can start playing!
There are three primary ways to place bets on Bet9ja :

In the menu, on the left you have a list of sports to choose from. Select the one, you want to bet on.

Select your tournament(s) and click on View

Choosing your odds decide on what events you want to bet on. Your selections will be added to a betting slip, automatically.

Fill in for the amount you’d like to bet. Select Bet and then confirm it by clicking on ‘Ok’.

Right after this process, you shall receive a confirmation message including
your Betting ID.

Since Bet9ja has a diversified deal to bet on. You can even bet on event names. Here’s how you can do so

Find the event you wish to bet on and click on it. On doing so a window pops up that gives you information on all available markets for that event.

If you need a hint on any of the available markets, you may click on the ‘i’ button available to read the descriptions provided. Then choose your odds. These odds will then be automatically added to your betting slip.

Lastly, fill up the amount section and click on BET!

The next kind of Betting Options revolve around Betting Market Tabs.

Select your choice of sport from the menu of the left.

Choose the tournament along and click on View.

At the top of the page, notice there are several tabs with various market information. Go through them and choose the one you want to bet on.

Next click on the odds of your choice, for your desired market.

Ultimately fill out the amount section and BET!

This isn’t all. You could go through some more detailed articles to know more.


Like any field a good mentor is responsible for guiding you through even at the toughest of times. A good mentor not only increases your winning bets but also encourages you to be better at times when you lose.


Strategize your moves. Make notes. Start from small and move up as you gain more and more experience. It can be simple goals today, but these are the stepping stones for you. Your motivation is your key. You must remember that looking too far ahead could disturb your mental strength and motivation.
Remember that every new day is a day you learn something. If a single strategy is not working out for you reconstruct it.


Your expectations from your bets must align with reality. You cannot be looking at far-fetched results. Of course there have been a few success stories that brought in huge amounts of money but that was out of sheer luck. You cannot be placing your bets keeping in mind only “pure luck”. Be Practical!

In conclusion, this article has been written to give you a structured idea about how Bet9ja works and what it does. This article has attempted to remain as informative as possible while being brief.
16  Forum / Business / Top 10 Shoe Trends To Follow In 2020 on: 25-11-2020 10:37 PM

They say a good pair of shoes take you to good places. You must be careful while picking them.

Primarily shoes were meant for protection of our feet, and from that point onwards it has moved on to become a fashion statement.

Shoes today are not meant for taking the best care of our feet, protecting and providing them comfort, but are now a reflection of fashion, individuality, social class and gender recognition.

Chic and attractive looking shoes are perceived as artistic and fashionable. It adds on to the outfit worn. Appeals to the look in an aesthetic way.
While untidy and mismatched shoes are perceived as clumsy and unwillingness to dress up.
Now that’s how people read you as a person, when it comes to what shoes you’re wearing.



Sandals or heels, all tied up, are trending. You could go bold with this look by lacing right up over your cigarette pants. Now that’s a lot of risk taking but sexy!

This kind of shoe is seen with an anklet attached to its strap. This is a stylish statement defining look you could be rocking! Chain details appear to be delicate and expensive. This trend brings an amazing sparkly look to you. This look goes with both strappy sandals and sleek bootie.

Do not be confused with your grandpa’s old pair—this look is about to take a storm in the upcoming days for style and comfort going hand in hand is rare. Chunky heels to slingback, this shoe is soon to turn into a cool-girl fashion statement.

Knee high boots have had their greatest comebacks. What could be more? Put aside your standard basic black boots and pick out some sunny shades of orange and yellow boots from the store. Go bright, go colorful this season. Or just shock everyone with a pastel blue shade for your boots.

Sky high platforms are to return after a very long time, this season. After the long lasting kitten heels wave has been washed out people seem to be more attracted to these. From heels to boot this trend is setting new bars.

Minimalism is the next big thing in footwear. It is not basic and boring anymore. It is stylish and attractive. From leather peep toes to reimagine thong styles it comes in all forms and styles.


Sneaker trends for men

Previously these shoes were created with in mind the fact that they were meant to serve skateboarding as a purpose. So they were more padded and more protected. Move over in years, these shoes have been many fashion designer’s first selection. The heritage brands have taken up on themselves to continue the legacy of skate shoes. 


Extraordinary and chunky these ugly sneakers made it into the fashion world in 2013 and have not left since then. These are trending and most attractive fashion trends for men right now. Even though the fashion world were not too sure of its success, now influencers and celebrities have completely embraced this look. They seem to love it!


This fashion trend draws its name from its style look. Since the emblazonment of using huge logos over minimal designs have gone popular, has emerged the style trend of ‘logomania’. Many fashion brands have known to follow this trend. You could totally rock your 2020 look in these!
It is the revival trend of the 1990s. The oversized brand logo has been adapted by many companies. And to be honest some company logos are actually cool and stylish and you would definitely love to have them on your shoes. Popular brands that have been seen following this trend are Nike and Gucci.


Even in men’s has this look taken a new storm! Making its way into men’s wear sneakers history books this absolutely basic and sophisticated look is the new buzz around the town. Minimalism long ago had been rising up on the ladder of success as a fashion trend, and of course for everything that rises upwards it goes down too. But instead of completely being stashed away it was found in newer trends. These white sneakers are absolutely stunning one hell of classy looking shoes.


Sport shoes always go in hands with techs. This a fashion trend every athletic based brand is looking forward to investing into. All these brands are racing to be best at it. Which for us means being able to get good shoes that perform. If there is a trend breaking boundaries created by previous trends such as self-lacing mechanisms.


Had you were told that high performing trail runners were soon to be the next big thing, you’d laugh it off, but well here we are. Advancing 2019 well performing shoes were a thing. People looked forward tech embedded fabrics, pocket friendly. It sole meant that brands that focused on performance of their products reached a peak in business with new found men’s wear audience.



Pair it up easily with your blue jeans or any dress you like. This is an absolutely stunning go-to summer wear.


Put those rocky heels away, platforms are the new cool! Platforms are comfortable sneakers that give height just without the instability of heels.

80’s REDUX

Scrolling through Kendall Jenner’s instagram you must have come across these. These colorful athletic sneakers are the complete talk of the town. They are super cute and can rock any outfit.


Dad sneakers are a comfortable sporty wear. You could pair them with baggy clothes and absolutely rock. If this is still not convincing. You can check out Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid completely rocking the look and adding to its credibility.

All credits to Kanye West for making them look cool again. Now it has been on every celebrity’s feet from the Kardashians to Cardi B

In conclusion, Accessorizing your shoes with your look is more appealing and aesthetic and it is thus important. 
17  Forum / Business / Best Smartphones In Nigeria For 2020 on: 21-11-2020 12:43 AM
It was not until 2001 that Nigeria experienced the excellency of Smart phones.
Since then many smartphone companies, looking at the rapidly growing popularity and profitability, have invested into the Nigerian market.
It has been predicted that the smartphone market is meant to grow even larger by 2025. Every individual irrespective of being rich, poor, literate or illiterate may own a smartphone.


Quick the obvious and expected. Other than its promising and excellent features. It comes with an enhanced look. Adapted from IPhone 11’s look, IPhone 12 comes with better features. With a 6.1 inches screen with an iOS 14. Launching itself with 5G it comes with fantastic camera quality. It is one of the best smartphones launched in 2020. Its eye catching design has been the talk of the town since its launch. Added choice of colors too.

If you are looking for a more pocket friendly handset but do not want to switch from Apple but also want the “2020 best smartphone” requirement to be full filled. Hands done this is the most suitable option for you. With an iOS 13 operating system 7 MP front camera, 12 MP rear and 64 GB storage this phone is a little more budgeted. A screen size of 4.7 inches. The praises for this handset by Apple has even been spoken by critics. It has been congratulated on its excellence. This phone has been selling for half the price than the usual apple flagships. It has an amazing balance of features.
Now not everybody is a fan of the apple operating system iOS. Everything has its lovers and haters. For the ones who have developed their comforts around android might find it hard to switch. Thus for them, right in the market stands Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra. Its insides are filled with the best components along with its stunning designs that are praiseworthy. Something Samsung users would expect from the company. Samsung has never failed to please its customers. Thus the launch of S20 Ultra, yet again, breaks bars and gives tougher competition to rest of android companies.


Well the best way to keep a track of the hottest cell phones launched into the market is by knowing all about the best brands. So here’s a quickie for you to read and learn more about these brands.

This company has been dominating the Nigerian smartphone market since the very beginning. Nigerians have been very thankful to this company for providing them with its very affordable cell phones. The thing is up to a certain point affording a phone was considered a luxury only accessible to that 1% population. Thus a company like Tecno was somewhat responsible in bringing a big wave of revolution in Nigeria. It is now a phone brand spoken of by the African population at large. Its users are widespread. Tecno has been accepted with open arms into the country. It in fact holds the largest stake in shares.

It is another offbeat popular brand that has a lot to offer to its people in Nigeria. Nokia with its launch of an amazing series of smartphones has successfully gained a large share stake at the market. Steadily with its praise worthy products it has acquired a huge part in market shares and of people’s hearts.

They have the same parent company Transsion Holding that launched Tecno mobile phones. And thus it is quite expected to be good. The targeted audience for Infinix were the average Nigerians. And to them it provided affordable phones. With its amazing products within a span of a year Infinix has successfully climbed the ladder up and made it into the big leagues. It is now the fourth most used cell phone brand in all of Nigeria.

It has been able to stand out of the crowd by not only providing excellent affordable phones but also with amazing battery backup. This too has successfully over the years made its way into the big leagues and now is a major shareholder in the Nigerian phone market.

The brands full forms stands for High Tech Computer. This is another popular and beloved brand of Nigerians. It is a Taiwanese corporation doing wonders in Nigeria.


Listed down below are some amazing and popular smartphones from your favorite brands that have been listed above in Nigeria 2020

Available now in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Infinix Hot 8 has some attractive features.
With a 6.52” dew drop display. The dew drop or teardrop display is basically a tear shaped space on the front screen big enough to hold the front camera. Dual sim facilities (Nano sim) and available with dual standby, this latest phone model is a convenient pick. Comes with Quad core 2.0 GHz CPU and Octa Core 1.8 GHz GPU. Many customer reviews have termed it their best buy. Pocket friendly and good money value. 
Pricing 36,500 Naira


6.6” dew drop display. Android 8.1 Oreo and 32GB storage. This cell phone follows into the series. It is like the previous mentioned handset’s brother but only with some different features that are exclusive to this one. 2GB Ram storage with 3500mAH. It comes with an LED flash. A very cool feature of it. 8MP+QVGA dual rear camera. 8 MP front camera. It is more or less a high performing smartphone. It has been praised for providing value for money. It has features for proper subject separation and good colors.

Pricing 32500 Naira


6.01 inch AMOLED display and Android 9 Pie. Customers have spoken quite well for this product. It has an AI powered X pen that is refined. Comes with an Octa core processor. It takes good pictures and has a long battery life. Amongst the three, this one is more preferred by users. It has been termed to be incredibly sharp, big and bold. It has a sleeker design. It is trendy looking and has an expensive looking finish to it.

PRICING 67000 Naira

Another very popular and much loved brand phone that will of course make your heart happy. With an Android 7.0 Nougat and Quad core processor, it also comes with 13 megapixel front and back camera. The camon cm camera has been observed as “wonderfully crafted” by its users. The phone supports 2G, 3G and 4G. It has notably good network capabilities. It is worth the purchase. It has an in-built 3000 mAH battery. It comes with various specs and features.

Pricing 45000 Naira

Oppo A93
This phone has been known for its good features. And how easy it is to access basic things like the internet and social media. It is a good phone for side use or temporary use. You can buy this very affordable phone at leading online stores in Nigeria.

Pricing 124,500 Naira

Now available in Nigeria. Apple is known for its quality throughout the world how well the company has been doing since the launch of its IPhone series.  With its amazing features and camera quality. It is sure to win the hearts of Nigerian people.

Pricing 85,899 Naira

Concluding here, looking back at what a revolutionary smartphone has brought in there are going to be many companies that will invest in Nigerian Market. Talking of times when students used up their tuition money to buy themselves phones, were certain such stories that attracted so many countries to invest here.
18  Forum / Business / Makeup Trends 2020 In Nigeria on: 16-11-2020 04:54 PM
The buzz around makeup and makeup trends has always taken a new and creative path with each year.
Scrolling through social media posts often my thumb has stopped on collages that draw comparison between images of makeup trends from the current and previous years.
Now when we look back there has been a sudden boom in the makeup industry with popular artists making a living out of their work. They are able to hold their own identities up because of their art. People know them for their work. No more are these artist’s lives all about making someone else pretty for the TV screen.
Living example James Charles is a rich, popular enigmatic makeup artist living in LA. He is just 20 and already holds his net worth in millions. Well! He is just one example. There are hundreds more!!
Trending In Makeup 2020
Come fall, need not worry paint your face as much as you like since the summer heat isn’t melting anything away.
Fall is exciting.
Fall is just the right to explore and have some fun with colors, themes and newer shades of lipstick.
So what are you waiting for? Try out these super cool makeup trends right away!
The colorful eye shadow makeup trend.
What’s been running under makeup trends 2020? Well, be care free. And mash up colors. Be bright and vibrant.
Explore what looks good on. Have some fun around contrasting hues.
Pro tip, layer your primer so that your eye shadow goes smooth over it.
The fluffy mascara makeup trend.
Gently fan your lashes out with these super thick mascara looks that serves the purpose of pretty eyes all alone.
What I mean is you don’t need to be dressing up your eyelids with any shadow.
Go bold this season with this look on.
Pro tip, apply the mascara brush from the roots to the end of your lashes.
Colorful lower line makeup trend
A new catch this season is applying different colors onto your lower line too. Add a little fun element by applying color not only to your upper lid but also to your lower line and water line.
Pro tip, you can use a shade lighter to the one applied on your upper lid. Or you can use the same color.
The animal print eyeshadow
It is time to channel your inner creative self and absolutely rock this 2020 trend. Whether you’re a big fan of animal prints or not you definitely got to agree this is one of the hottest, super sizzling trends in makeup for the year 2020.
Pro tip, so this makeup look is super tricky. So if you are a newbie you might want to hold back going out with it unless you have mastered it well!
The glossy eye shadow trend
Holy Moly if my pinterest account isn’t filled with these eyeshadow looks. Irresistibly tempting, cool and hot. If you want to rock your falls.
This makeup look is your go to this season.
This makeup trend looks as amazing as Smokey eye shadowed eyes. And just takes half the time.
Pro tip, add a few dots of eye gloss over your eye lid and blend in, towards your crease with your finger.
The Neon Makeup trend
The gaudy look for makeup that has been trending for a long time is dying out now.
It has become boring. In 2020 the minimalist makeup look is what has been trending. Dab a bit of neon eye shadow onto the corner of your eyes and it’s done.
With the world locked indoors. Make up has turned therapeutic for enthusiasts and artists. Even Nigeria has been recalling older trends or starting gorgeous new ones. Keep reading to find out what’s up!
The floating eyeliner
A trend picked and spread by two of the greatest American celebrities Kylie Jenner at a Kylie Cosmetics campaign and then by Arianna Grande in God is a woman. This trend has a graphic liner line drawn over onto the crease instead of the lash line.
This makeup trend created a buzz right after the Hit HBO series Euphoria which has a lot of use of makeup to express each character's individuality. This trend includes forming a sharp wing and then adding gems onto it. If your eyeliner game is strong take it a level higher with the rhinestones makeup trend.
Pearls Makeup look trend
Highlighters weren’t enough to give people’s skins a pearlescent glow that now actual pearls being studded into eyes and lips as a new makeup look. Tiny seed pearls and small beads have been included into eye makeup. Which is trending in 2020. This makeup look enhances your look entirely. It is elegant and charming.
Nigerian Makeup brands 2020 you need to know about now!!
1.      House of Tara
Is the most popular brand in all of Africa and is slowly pacing into the world too. It is Nigerian. Over the years this brand has been growing stronger and steadily rising on the popularity list worldwide.
A campaign recently conducted by them encouraged its consumers to buy original products of the brand and not to get deceived. They are popular creators of highlighters, powders, contouring palettes, eye shadows.
2.      BM Pro Makeup
Launched in 2006 and within 14 years it has paced its way and made its name amongst the big games in African Makeup industry.
Popular for its outstanding product quality BM Pro is now a must have in your makeup bag!
This Nigerian company has an amazing collection of long lasting and varied range of lipsticks. It is always popping up on makeup news for vibrant makeup ranges for instance their glitter eye shadow range.
3.      Zaron Cosmetics
Another Nigerian Established popular cosmetic brand.  Born in 2011, it released a wide range of cosmetics and were praised all over for its spectacular product quality. It is best known for its lip cosmetics and powder ranges.
In conclusion, even though there are several popular brands these three stand to be on the top and have consistently proven to be unbeatable in quality.
19  Forum / Business / Latest Fashion Trends In 2020 on: 12-11-2020 07:46 PM
Fashion is personal. Fashion is expressive. Your fashion could become your identity.
Sizzling this season are 10 coolest fashion trends for you. We bring to you the latest Spring/Summer collection trends that you could be following soon too.
1.      Wear your shoes over your pants
It is a trend of strapping your heels up, over your cigarette pants, jeans or slacks around the ankle. Whether you are on your way to work or a casual brunch, you could be rocking this style. It is refreshing and classic. Pair it up with an off shoulder blouse, jacket or coat.
2.      Oversized Victorian Sleeves
Inspired from the 19th century, these oversized sleeves give an illusion of slimmer waist. Adding into your feminine size. You could choose softer colors or just go gothic! It is a style that keeps coming back.
3.      Girly  Dress along with Chunky Boots
This is a 90’s authentic. Grunge has always been in the spotlight. A maxi dress with a slight clinginess hints femininity. Add chunky boots to it. And now you are ready for anything!
4.      Maxi Faux Leather Coat
In a temperature drop keep yourself warm and comfy in a Maxi Faux Leather Coat. If your taste revolves around sleek and grunge fashion these long line pieces are best for you. This another 90’s look brought back.
5.      Pastel bucket hats
It is a stylish way to block the sun. it can be worn in any season of the year. It is cute and trendy. It is very versatile and can be worn with anything. Soft shades are best chosen for this style.
6.      Faux Leather Jumpsuits and Boilers
It is the season to rock a pair of leather jumpsuits. They are versatile and can be worn at any event. They are sassy and super cute. They are a complete set in itself. You can complete the look by adding a belt bag or some stunning boots.
7.      Printed tops and matching stockings
No matter your style, you can absolutely rock this style anytime anywhere. Go for cool patterns in full confidence. Seems unique and different from the crowd by adding onto uncommon patterns. It is one of the coolest ways to leave a mark on people’s minds regarding your outfit.
8.      Square toed heels
Twisting the traditional heels in a new way are square toed heels. It lengthens your legs and adds a special touch making you seem unique. It is a new and fresh way to complete your outfit. It is super funky and anywhere to wear.
9.      Bucket Bags
In the new and in the trend are these super cute bags. They are roomy. The concept was brought to light in 1932 by Louis Vuitton. It was originally constructed to keep champagne well and now has turned into a fashion statement. It is very practical and completes a look very well.
10.   Oversized Gold chain Necklaces
This is one style that is never out of fashion. You can rock this style by adding in more chains or just wearing it alone. It enhances the whole theme of your outfit. It can add more chunky jewelry or add some thinner jewel chains to it and complete your look.
WHAT VOGUE HAS TO SAY about fashion trends 2020.
The skirt Suit.
Breaking age old masculinity concepts of pant suits, Vogue brings to you Skirt suits which are elegant and more feminine. They have a clever seriousness about themselves.
The Way must be ‘to Separate’
Bringing in rather not an odd but a very fun concept is the rule of Separates. It means to pair clothing of separate styles up into a single combination. It is the most exciting fashion trend in 2020. The happiness of styling comes from mixing it all up.
Slinky Fully Covered long dresses
On the ramp there have been lacy little things trend for a long time. Which has been replaced by a long fully covered and without any accessories dress. It is combating and bold. Enigmatic at the same time. The attention is drawn towards the wearer solely.
Keeping it short we move onto the segment as to why personal style is important. What does it do? Isn’t being covered and hygienic just enough? Why take that extra mile?
Styling gives a person depth. An expression of his own thoughts in a creative way. Styling has an aesthetic appeal. It is beyond putting clothes on to our bodies.
Style or the way we dress has a direct connection also to how we perceive our surroundings. Our clothes talk for who we are before we use words to explain.
Here are some reasons why I would always encourage one to style.
1.      Styling is being bold and confident.
Being self-aware and not caring about who thinks what about you is one of the major things that styling highlights. It is never easy to put yourself out there amongst the public where you are easily subjected to judgments.
When you dress better you feel better. It has been proven psychologically that people who believe they are more appropriately dressed for a job perform better at it.
2.      For therapeutic Reasons
Well it has been proven that shopping is actually therapeutic. So is styling. Since styling can make you feel fully filled with yourself.  It makes you feel more confident around people too.
Clothing helps you relax. The reasons could be because while styling you are “in the flow” you pick what you want. It defines you. Upholds your identity.
3.      Styling with your culture
Styling can help uphold your culture. You can create fusions of mixed dressing of two cultures. It is an important segment. It helps people in your surroundings to learn more about you and where you come from.
People are visual readers. They have a tendency to make opinions about you before they even speak to you. Thus styling yourself right gives them an insight about you.
In conclusion, fashion has seemed to suffer from frivolous thoughts that it is something that must be chased. It is more of a personal thing. It is a proper form of art. And like any other form Fashion has its own positive radiance  and mustn’t be looked down upon.

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Believe it or not, within the upcoming years our lives are going to be completely intertwined in technology with cool gadgets in 2020.
Our society will be influenced and tech-driven.
It is soon to change our culture.
And this has been proclaimed by many renowned futurists, experts, academics, and researchers, and speculative fiction writers.
It is hard to stay updated with upcoming new technology and the ever changing ways of it.
Thus, this article brings to you well researched and authentic information.
Despite the several hardships that the pandemic has brought to us along with many other tragedies, like Covid-19, the forest fires, bombing, floods and other environmental crises.
These helpful new inventions are a symbol that even in 2020 humans can’t help but grow.
Now, there are too many of such notable tiny inventions. So I’ll be listing only a few of them.

This magical mini wand is an absolute necessity in 2020. With its UV light directed over an object germs are killed.
It can kill germs nearly on anything. It is a small handheld sterilizer.
From groceries to luggage to whatever next that needs to sterilize and it not fit for soap wash or any other form of liquid sanitization, this wand is an invaluable cool gadget to have in your hand.

This newer version of Air pods do not look like an electric toothbrush stuck up your ears for starters.
Bringing in slightly different and of a better quality, these Air pods are stubbier.
They have altered sound quality too. Which has been levelled up. Another factor is that these wireless earphones connect automatically to your device in case it is somewhere around.
This additionally also tells the battery percentage of your Air pods. The headline grabbing factor is the active noise cancellation provided.
That allows you to submerge into your world of music and etcetera. Along with these features comes a pocket sized case that gives a power boost to your Air pods too. There are several more features available on the way.

Fillup is a fluid stance holding in a days’ worth of water. It has been designed specially to keep cold water in through the day. Since dehydration is an issue many people often suffer from. Having this fluid stance close by is a constant reminder for you to drink your water.
Even though it is a crappy logic but many people believe to have any number of their problems solved due to drinking water. Thus this could be quite handy and useful to some.

In 2013 the revolutionary gadget boom in Nigerian market continued with the launch of several eye catching smartphones, tablets from companies like Samsung, Apple, Tecno, Oppo, and blackberry.
Between 2009 to 2010 smartphones which were only restricted to a certain class of people of population 170 million.

However with the advancement of the Chinese phone making company, Tecno’s ventures into Nigerian market, it gave an opportunity to Nigeria’s fast rising middle class to access smartphone features.

Thus technology in Nigeria in today’s world is bent upon improving the lives of its people. Technological advancements have improved standard of living, leisure time, has helped reduce poverty, and led to a greater variety of new products and services. 



Logitech launches a new mouse called MX Anywhere 3 Laptop trackpads have gotten better over the years. Nothing beats a quality mouse. Whether a laptop running on Windows, Linux or MacOs is used, a wireless mouse is must and handy.
Features available in it are that it connects with Bluetooth or else you may have it connected to Logitech’s unifying USB receivers. With a DPI option ranging from 200 to 4000. The look of the mouse is so, it contains a scroll wheel and has a dedicated button allowing you to switch between ratcheted or fast/smooth scrolling.
It inclusively has two thumb buttons that can be programmed into several tasks, the most likeable one is the back and forth in web browsers.

Surface Duo a foldable android device, with two screens.
This handset gives access to the powers of both Android and Microsoft 365 features. Across two PixelSense Fusion that you can use together in an 8.1 inch screen.
The complexities that many single screen cell phone users talk about are not being able to carry out multiple tasks when away from their computers.
Thus this is the necessity that Microsoft’s foldable phone aims at. The bigger display and yet being a pocket friendly size makes it convenient for its users.

Samsung as it reveals its Galaxy Note and Note Ultra series, comes with various features.
It is always the case that knowledge of these features probably have already been leaked into the market. The features that uniquely distinguish this series of phone is its high tech stylus “S Pen” that has been designed to give the feeling of real pen and paper.
Both the phones are 5G capable and run on Android 10. With a 64-bit Octa Core Processor powering it, 8 GB RAM and a choice of 128 or 256 GB storage.

A handy wireless charger that is compatible with all sorts of wireless gadgets along with your phone is a blessing in your hands.
The powerwave wireless charging stand has been designed to charge both iPhone and android. It can also charge more than one device through its USB portals. We have the latest oppo reverse charger that can charge all oppo phones and it’s very fast.
 It is one of the most convenient tech gadgets in Nigeria in 2020. It has built in features to protect the device from over charging and overheating.
Lastly the company, i.e. Anker backs the device with an 18 month warranty.

As quoted an impressive and inexpensive two in one laptop.
If a budget friendly device that makes the most of its specs is what you are looking for Lenovo Chrome book duet is your answer.
This device is much better than tablets and computers in the same price range.
On analysis of the chrome book, the conclusion that can be drawn is that at cheap prices it is the best possible laptop.
It is good for secondary use.
The amazing feature of seamless transition between a laptop and tablet is appreciation worthy.
It comes with a detachable keyboard.
A final word on Lenovo ChromeBook is that it may not wow you but for light work.
It is a pretty fast tech gadget to serve purposes like internet use, connecting friends over social media and photo editing.

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Especially if you have your friends or someone special come over a quick set up is a wish for many!
The Xiaomi MI Projector lets you bring your presentations or videos anywhere. It’s compact and portable friendly size is its greatest feature.
Equipped with a Dolby 5 watt tuned in speakers, also has all the ports you could wish for.
The projector runs on updated android TV.

In conclusion, there many more tech gadgets for 2020. Listed above are just a few. 
By kingkentus
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