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Attention well meaning Nigerians!!!
When it came to my notice happenings in Finland, I didn’t think much of it since it’s non of my business until I started hearing news from friends and around who made it known to me that the hacking incident in Finland which eventually resulted in the repatriation of an Aalto University masters student are not fallacies. Through the same medium, I got to know that before the guy left Nigeria for Finland there has been issues though concealed from him that pertains to him. Even after his departure from Nigeria, it lingered on. These unclarified issues made his family a victim of public ridicule of which was master minded by the following residents of Olubukun line 6, ile -ife , Osun State.
-Mr and Mrs Adediwura (Parents)
-Blessing Adediwura (First born and first daughter)
-Victor Adediwura (Second born and first son)
-Okiki Adediwura (Third born and second son)
-Mercy Adediwura (Last born and second daughter)
The guy and his mother (the victim of defamation) have been residents of the area since around November in the year 2015 and have been resident in the city of ile -ife for years.
My write-up is not to rubbish names and family but to call to peoples attention the detrimental aftermath of badmouthing or slandering people unknown to you as well as hacking. The guy and his family who have been victims of circumstances as enunciated never had anything to do with Adediwura’s (The defamer in Nigeria) in anyway and neither have they any dealings with Adekola Oluwafemi Omoniyi (The defamer in Finland) and his family. in addition, there are social media circulars aimed at dis-reputing the guy and his family so it will be in the interest of anyone who values his or her destiny to desist from minding others business, spreading fallacies or give ears to fables. in addition, the guy and his family who are victims of defamation are also victims of hacking perpetrated by Adediwura's.