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1  Forum / Business / Re: The Do's And Don'ts In Commercial Goat Farming Business on: 3-05-2021 02:26 AM
There is dignity in labor
2  Forum / Business / The Do's And Don'ts In Commercial Goat Farming Business on: 30-04-2021 07:23 PM
Below is a list of things that you should not do Or do when raising goats. If you avoid making these mistakes, your goat-raising venture can be successful and profitable.
1. Don't buy over bred does i.e 3months and above pregnant. They are likely to abort when transported. A new born kid has no functioning immune system, and a pregnant doe's milk contains immunologic protections for the place she was moved from rather than for organisms on your property.
2. Don't breed four times in two years. You will wear out your doe. She can do it, but she will get old/wear out quickly and will have lousy kids.
3. Don't disbud or dehorn. Horns are radiators for animals that don't have sweat glands. Goats need their horns for heat elimination and protection.
4. Don't ever rotate dewormers. Use one dewormer (always orally) until it quits working, then switch. Rotating dewormers builds super worms that are resistant to all classes of anthelmintics (dewormers).
5. Don't breed does too young. Wait until does are atleast 9 months for cross breeds to breed them. You don't want juveniles having kids.
 6. Don't deworm or medicate in feed or in water. The goat needing it the worst will be the one on the bottom of the pecking order who gets the least feed and water. Medications must be administered orally or injectably. Dewormers must be given orally to each goat.
7. Don't feed grain twice a day unless the goat is a doe nursing three or more kids.
8. Don't overfeed bottle babies with milk. Calculate proper feeding amounts based upon kid's body weight. Overfeeding on milk often causes Floppy Kid Syndrome and dead kids.
9. Don't free-choice grain feeding. Goats can founder, develop ruminal acidosis, and a host of other rumen-related problems caused by overfeeding grain.
 10. Don't restrict hay intake. The rumen needs long fiber to generate heat that keeps the body warm and allows digestion of food.
11. Don't push goats to gain by feeding diets heavy in processed grains. Goats don't marble fat like cattle, but instead layer fat around internal organs and under the skin when they are fed more protein than they can metabolize into muscle. Goats lose weight fast and gain slowly.
12. Apply pesticides only as directed on the labels. Stop and read all warnings, directions, and precautions carefully before using any pesticide.

13. Do not spray animals in a confined, non-ventilated area.

14. Do not apply pesticides to kids less than 3 months old. Use light applications on KIDS 3 to 6 months old. Dudu dust can be applied to kids majorly with fleas

15. Do not treat goats just before slaughtering –check the time interval recommended for the pesticide used.

16. Store all pesticides in their original container away from food or feed and out of reach of children and pets.

17. Wear gloves (or plastic bags) to avoid any contact with the skin.

18. Wear protective clothing, goggles and face mask to avoid any chemical splashing into the eyes or mouth. If there is any contact, wash immediately with soap and water.

19. Clean sprayers immediately after use.

20. It is extremely dangerous to reuse an empty acaricide container. The containers should be punctured or crushed. The containers should then be buried in an isolation area at least 50 cm below ground surface.

21. Wash yourself and your clothes well with soap and water after treatment is finished

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3  Forum / Business / Raising Goats For Meat: A Very Lucrative Venture A To Z Ultimate Guide For Beginners on: 31-03-2021 06:26 PM
Interest in meat goats has increased dramatically in Nigeria in the last few years. An increasing demand for goat meat, spurred by an increase in beef prices has demonstrated a need for increased commercial meat production. In addition, importation of new breeds has stimulated a breeding industry which needs herds to produce purebred breeding stock. You can get these purebreeds from us. For details, we can be reached on 08167999151.

The above opportunities have stimulated a number of people in Nigeria to investigate raising meat goats. However, many of them are not familiar with modern meat goat production techniques. Because the interest in meat goat production is new, there are few experienced goat producers in Nigeria, so here are a few tips to get you off the ground.

Evaluating Your Resources

The first step in meat goat production is to do an honest evaluation of the resources you have to devote to the project. Here is a list of resources you need to consider:

* Personal: What is your attitude towards goats and livestock in general? Do you like them? Are you comfortable working with larger animals? Do you realize that raising livestock is a 24/7/365 commitment, no matter the weather, time of day or other family, social, or work obligations? Is your family supportive of the decision to raise goats? How will you take vacations? Can you set up your farm to allow you to have your desired level of "quality of life?"

* Land: How much land is available and what is its productivity? Poor ground may support 2-4 goats per acre while better pasture may be able to support 6-8 goats per acre. If you are adding goats to cattle, you can add 1-2 goats per head of cattle. Goats will eat the weeds cattle dislike, thus improving the grazing for the cattle. Improvements like better forage species and rotational grazing can increase stocking capacity. Remember, it is better to have too few goats than too many – too many will put a strain on your resources.

* Buildings: Do you have buildings to house the number of does you want in the winter, along with their kids and any replacements you will have. You will need about 20 square feet for each doe. For example, with a 55-doe herd, you would need about 20 x 55, or 1,100 square feet for the animals. (The exact amount will depend on your production system.). Dry (non-lactating) does need only modest protection, even in winter, if they are well fed, while does with January kids need more. Most old dairy barns, machine sheds and outbuildings can be converted to excellent quarters for goats. But remember, goats should have an open, cold, dry barn rather than a tight, warm, humid barn.

* Machinery and Equipment: Do you have the equipment to clip pastures and clean barns? Or, will you be hiring out labor? If you are harvesting hay, do you have that machinery? If you only need about 100 tons of hay, it may be cheaper and easier to buy the hay than to make it. What about goat equipment? You will need proper fences (high-tensile electric), holding pens, sorting pens and chutes for restraint. You will also need small pieces of equipment for foot trimming, ear tagging, trimming show goats and possibly for shearing if you choose Boer goats.

* Labor: Do you have the time to properly care for the animals? You should check on your goats twice a day. Refill feed and water, if needed. During these checks, take a few minutes to stand and observe your goats. If you know what normal is for your goats, a sick one will be quickly found. Timeliness of goat management tasks is very important. You must have time to do the jobs when required and not put them off until next week or next month. An example of this would be your ability to evaluate your animals for internal parasites and respond if worming is necessary at that time.

* Capital: Do you have the capital or money available to get started? Are the goats going to be the sole support of the family, or will there be off-farm income? Regardless, the goat enterprise should be sustainable within 3-5 years. Finances are individual, so one cannot give much advice here. You need to carefully evaluate your financial resources before starting a goat enterprise. Compare goats with other alternatives.

Marketing Your Goats

The next step is to evaluate your market. You should not raise goats as a business if you do not have a profitable outlet for them.

* Commercial slaughter goats (sale barns, buying stations, goat pools, processing plants, on farm sales, meat products, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and schools).

* Breeding stock (commercial or registered). Sell to other producers – you need to know how to reach them: breed organizations,m, breeding stock sales, farm website.

* Show goats (breeding stock or wethers).

* The goat meat industry is driven by Muslims and is affected by the dates of various religious holidays shown below plus others. The dates for most holidays change from year to year. However, the Islamic holidays change by 11 days each year. This will call for a constant updating of a producers kidding season if producing for that market.

Developing A Health Program

New producers, in their excitement to start, often over look the importance of developing a strong health program for their herd. This begins with the selection of animals from healthy herds and is absolutely necessary for successful long-term herd survival. When establishing a herd, all producers should make every effort to purchase animals from herds that are free of Foot Rot, Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL), Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis (CAE) and other transmissible diseases. All purchased animals should be quarantined away from the rest of the herd for an observation period of at least four weeks upon arrival at your farm. This allows you to treat them for internal parasites and to learn of any serious disease problems before exposing your herd to them.

Goat Management and Health Tasks

Any successful goat producer keeps up with day-to-day management tasks, and does them properly.

§ Buck care: Can you care for bucks even during the non-breeding season?

§ Kidding: Can you handle a doe properly before and after kidding? Can you assist her as needed or recognize more serious problems? What do you do with a newborn kid?

§ Baby kid care: Do you know the basics?

§ Weaning: Do you know about the weaning process?

§ Vaccination: Can you recognize the important diseases? Do you have a vaccination schedule?

§ Internal and external parasite control: Every goat has parasites. Can you set up an effective parasite control program?

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4  Forum / Business / Why You Should Invest In Goat Farming Business on: 28-03-2021 10:39 PM
The advantages are more than the profit you would get if you started rearing goats. Take a look at this:

1. Goat raising is one of the simplest,  low-cost food production projects that a youth, widow, woman can do.

2. Because of the rising cost of beef, goats have become one of the most economical alternatives for meeting the protein needs.

3.Goats require low maintenance because they eat tree leaves, grasses, weeds, and agricultural by-products. 

4. Goats require less feed than cows.
About 10 local goats can be fed on the feedstuffs sufficient for one cattle.

All these put in place create market and where there's market you are assured of Money+2348167999151
5  Forum / Business / Re: Brachiaria Grass Is The Best Grass Fodder For Livestock on: 13-03-2021 05:33 PM
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6  Forum / Business / Brachiaria Grass Is The Best Grass Fodder For Livestock on: 13-03-2021 05:31 PM
Brachiaria Grass is the best grass fodder for goat, sheep, dairy, beef cattle  and all other farm animals.

● It has 22% crude proteins (c.p.)
● Popular rhode grass hay has less @13%
● Common napier grass has even lesser @9%
● 1acre produces 20 ~ 25 tonnes green grass.
● 1acre produces 600 bales of approx. 15-17kg
● Brachiaria is drought resistant
● Brows in all soil types and is a tropical grass.
● Increase milk production by up to 50%
● Weight gain on beef is by 0.9kg/day
● Grows to a height of 1½ metres
● Matures in 3months, is cut every 3 weeks
● Has a lifespan of over 15years
● Can be fed direct, (cut & carry or grazed)
● Is preserved as silage, very nutritious
● Also dried and bailed as hay
● Highly recommend.for all livestock
7  Forum / Business / How To Start Dairy Goat Farming Business In Nigeria on: 12-03-2021 05:34 PM
Dairy goat farming is very easy and simple. Successful and profitable dairy goat farming business doesn’t require any hard work. Even  children and women can easily raise them. For details, we can be reached on Whatsapp/Call... 08167999151.
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10  Forum / Business / Re: A-Z Ultimate Guide On How To Start Commercial Boer Goat Farming on: 10-03-2021 04:21 PM
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Quote from: ozome15 on 21-02-2021 09:13 PM
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16  Forum / Business / Goat Farming Business - A Very Lucrative venture on: 1-03-2021 07:54 PM
Goat farming Is among the most profitable ventures worldwide. You  don't lose anything. The milk is money, the skin is money, the meat is money even the poo is money. For high quality goats call/whatsapp 08167999151

Goats have a limitless market. “We cannot satisfy both the local and international demand for goats. This is why more Nigerian Youths should embrace goat farming.

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So true!!!
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Reputation matters a lot
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Quality speak for itself
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