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1  Forum / Politics / Re: 'Tinubu Has No Solution To Nigeria’s Problems' - Ex House Of Reps Member, Usman Bugaje on: 21-02-2024 12:38 AM
These bunch of Northern idiots didn't say pim upon all the atrocities committed by the kinsman Buhari.
Buhari rule for 8 years and fed us with the government of nepotism.
All these fools were shouting Sai Baba at the time.
But now that power has shifted from their region. They're now frothing in the mouth . You just don't like the power to move from the North.  Whether you like it or not. Tinubu will use his own 8 years. If you are not happy. Then go abd hug a wet transformer.
What Buhari and Emefiele destroyed for 8 years. You're expecting Tinubu to rectify it within 8 months.....What a delusional hope!
Emefiele was printing money to patch the economy  during Buhari's regime. I didn't hear Tinubu say during his campaign that he's a magician.
2  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: 'Nigeria Has Never Been This Bad, Please Look Into The State Of The Nation' - Laide Bakare Begs on: 19-02-2024 11:15 PM
Why are you not happy? You shouldn't be complaining. 
At least you have a lot of men servicing your potopoto private part.
We saw it on video the other time. I'll advice you to be using feminine wash. Otherwise the stench would be terrible.
So, you have no course to be angry.
3  Forum / Politics / Re: ‘Tinubu Rigged His Way Into Power To Kill Nigerians’ – Rights Activist , Aisha Yesufu on: 18-02-2024 11:43 AM
Quote from: Dopybadass on 18-02-2024 10:31 AM
My candidate is not evil, he is civilized, educated and a genius, but tribalism and more stupidity will not allow you people to let him to fix Nigeria in the best ways he can, but your own candidate it evil, bloody, rigger, forger, fraudster, drug addict, imbecile, and a clueless psychotic bastard, are you happy now, bingo
I could tell you're still nursing the wound of your candidate being severly flogged in the last election.  Be careful it doesn't turn to electoral diabetics. You people are always playing victim's card. Let me tell you now. Your candidate will never rule Nigeria.  He's a dumb ass. Instead of you all morons to troop out and vote for him. You're sitting on the social media, cursing and abusing people.
You lack spirit of sportsmanship.  If you lose a football match. Then the winning team must be killed. Enough said. I don't have time to join issue with you never do well people who eat and sleep here. Very soon now you'll be frothing in the mouth cursing people with god of thunder.
4  Forum / Politics / Re: ‘Tinubu Rigged His Way Into Power To Kill Nigerians’ – Rights Activist , Aisha Yesufu on: 18-02-2024 09:23 AM
Quote from: Dopybadass on 18-02-2024 07:08 AM
You are the disgrace here, may thunder fire your existence of manhood, bastard what else do you have to say, always supporting evil, this was how you supported buhari till he left power, e no go better for your wife and your children
Dopybadass the only disgrace here is you. I think you need to be civil and comment here as someone who has brain in his head.
Opinion is like air which everyone is entitled to it. You could air your Opinion here without cursing and swearing on other contributors. Does it mean that anyone that rule Nigeria apart from your own candidate is EVIL????According to you,  Buhari is evil while Tinubu is evil too. Are you saying only your candidate has the technical know how to rule Nigeria? See how you're cursing innocent children here.
That doesn't depict someone with a sense of decency and civilisation in him at all.
All you need to do was write your own opinion without cursing or swearing at another writer.
5  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Portable's Babymama, Ashabi Simple Celebrates His For Valentine's Day After January Feud on: 15-02-2024 11:11 PM
The wife of a mad man. I'm sure if Portable was looking lijd that and roaming around the market with no money. This desperate fool would not touch him.
That's why someone said, some women are by - product of money.
Desperate Oniyeye,  iyawo were.
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigerian Man Completes Trek-A-Thon From Delta To Lagos To See Rapper, Olamide on: 15-02-2024 09:16 PM
Olamide. Please I'm pleading on his behalf.  Do something to lift this guy up.
God will surely reward you beautifully Amen
7  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Portable Slam Nigerians Celebrating Super Eagles’ Win Against South Africa Amid Hardship In The on: 8-02-2024 10:52 PM
Another voice from an impending patient of Aro Psychiatric Hospital.
8  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Super Eagles' Win Over South Africa Is By Luck – Daniel Regha on: 8-02-2024 09:27 AM
Mr Regha. Just to let you know. In a game of football,  you need luck at times.
Sometimes the best team don't always win. Are you saying when Liverpool and Chelsea won the Champions League,  they were the best team...Hell No.
What matters at the end of the day is the team that triumph after the final whistle. If you remember.  At the beginning,  no one gave the Super Eagle any mentioning among the possible winners. Let's assume, they have what it takes to get to this point in the competition....Luck. Daniel, don't douse the flame or celebrations amongst the Nigerians at the moment.
So, congratulations to the Nigerian team for coming out triumphant in that game.
9  Forum / Sports / Re: Super Eagle Goalkeeper, Nwabali Wins Man Of The Match In Nigeria’s Victory Against South Africa on: 7-02-2024 10:46 PM
 Victory of Afrobeats over Grammy
Afrobeats 1 Grammy Awards 0
10  Forum / Sports / Re: AFCON: South Africa Govt Reacts To Concerns On Safety Of Nigerians on: 7-02-2024 03:46 PM
South Africa is Operation Dudula country.
11  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Video Of Iyabo Ojo Dancing After Lizzy Anjorin Was Accused Of Theft on: 7-02-2024 12:18 AM
This girl is showing dign of Bipolar inherited from her mother.
If she's in UK they'll have sectioned her under Mental Health.
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: No Wild Celebration Should Super Eagles Win S.Africa -Nigerian High Commission Warns Nigerians on: 6-02-2024 12:03 AM
Nigerians in South Africa should be careful of that Operation Dudula country.
Let's remind them they don't have monopoly of violence.
I'm sure they'll remember they have Shoprite here too.
13  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: "This Grammy No Sweet" – Timaya Reacts As Nigerian Artists Miss Out on: 5-02-2024 06:48 PM
Who organises Grammy? Is it not Americans?
You expect the Americans to give Grammy awards to Afrobeats artistes? No
Remember,  Americans style of music, Rap and RnB has been cosigned to the dustbin of history due to the emergence of Afrobeats
They're deliberately trying to show hatred toward Afrobeats. One could tell that Grammy organisers are not in anyway interested in African music. While introducing Tyla's music "Water" they were playing Fela Anikulapo's "Water" That's to show their lack of interest in Afrobeats.  They only gave it to Tyla as we're formality. To show their disguist to Nigeria the home of Afrobeats.
This was an act of showing their jealousy towards Afrobeats.  All we need in Africa is  corporate bodies coming together to create awards that's bigger than Grammy.
Then our artistes would not be crying for Grammy or using Grammy to judge their musical success.
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Bandits Demand Motorcycles After Getting N5.8m To Release Eleven Victims Kidnapped In Abuja on: 3-02-2024 07:52 PM
Woe betide whoever brought you to Nigeria.  You bunch of smelling nuisance.  You're lucky I don't have fighter jets.
I'll have fly over your hiding place and reduce you all to rubble.
15  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: My Star, My Queen - Portable Reconciles With Babymama, Ashabi, Declares Love For Her on: 3-02-2024 02:39 PM
Why would you leave Portable.  You simply can't do so. He's your life and God.
If you leave him, how would get any man to look after you and your child ?
Even if you find Portable sleeping with your mother, I'm sure you'll be smiling.
Your defence would be "Portable is spreading love between me and my mum"
You're not well brought up.
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: AFCON 2023: The Vision I Saw About Nigeria Vs Angola Match - Gospel Singer, Nathaniel Bassey on: 3-02-2024 02:05 PM
Here we go
17  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: VIDEO: Aunty Ramota Slammed For Snubbing Fellow Small-Sized Actress, Aunty Ajara on: 3-02-2024 02:02 PM
Quote from: Noah147 on  3-02-2024 01:17 AM
Very funny , people here judging and angry at Ramota. Wrong or right  ,I don't know.but let's always know that context matters when we watch all these lil clip online before judging.
I have seen numerous clips of Ramota throwing tantrums at a slight act of confrontation. I do not have any issue with them projecting her. But she has attitude and behavioural problem.
18  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: VIDEO: Aunty Ramota Slammed For Snubbing Fellow Small-Sized Actress, Aunty Ajara on: 3-02-2024 12:22 AM
I don't blame Ramota.i blame you all for taking Ramota to a stage she's now feeling she's the only girl with such conditions.
People should learn to abandon this girl called Ramota.
She is very temperamental and behavioural problem.
Let her stay at home for six months without any movie  role. Then common sense would fly back into her head.
You can tell how jealous she was for seeing Aunty Ajara. She's already suffering from inferiority complex.
Ditch Ramota and project Aunty Ajara.
Ramota would fly back begging for role.  To feature her in a 30 minutes movie. One has to beg and plead to Ramota for 2 days.
What rubbish!!!
19  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Yomi Fabiyi Berates The Low Quality of Condoms in Nigeria, Says His Son Was Born by Mistake on: 2-02-2024 07:28 PM
This boy Yomi Fabiyi is psychotic.
20  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Portable Warns Nollywood Actress Laide Bakare Over His Feud With Babymama Ashabi on: 2-02-2024 01:51 PM
Are you of stable mind Portable?
I thought you said Ashabi is not your wife but a glorified side chick with a child.
Now you're warning Laide Bakare to stay away from your wife who is doing movie.
Too much of Colorado, Tramadol and Loud doesn't do you any favour.
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