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81  Forum / Religion / Re: ‘Characters’ In BBC’s Documentary On TB Joshua Unknown To Us' – Synagogue Church Reacts on: 9-01-2024 08:28 PM
Haaaaaa denial ke?
82  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: BBC Can’t Destroy TB Joshua’s Legacy With Dirty Lies – Yoruba Actress, Madam Saje on: 9-01-2024 08:26 PM
Saje is just an old illiterate Igbomina woman.
His affiliation to MC Oluomo has made her husband Rafiu Balogun distant himself from her.
Who is she in the world of intellectuals? Was she a member of SCOAN? No
Did she ever set her foot on SCOAN? No She's suffering from PEOSM (Post Everything On Social Media) syndrome. 
She just felt that MC Oluomo bought a smartphone.  Then she's a social critic. She can't tell her head from her ass.

83  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: “We Are Hungry” – Yoruba Lady Begs Igbo Traders To Return To Lagos (Video) on: 7-01-2024 06:02 PM
Quote from: gogoman on  7-01-2024 12:02 PM
She look like those married yoruba women that fck chukudi by the side to get pea nuts money Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes useless women
Go around Shogunle in Lagos.  You'll see these type of smelling honeypot like life phyuking Emeka and Ebuka at the back of their shops for stipends.  What she missed is the small dole they give her after phyuking her. To look after her fatherless child she has.
84  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Bigvai Jokotoye Calls Out Man Who Made S3xual Comment on Video Of His Daughter Speaking Yoruba on: 7-01-2024 01:00 PM
That guy should be shot immediately.  What inform his comment?
Does that idiot know the difference between a minor, a teenager and an adult?
85  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: “We Are Hungry” – Yoruba Lady Begs Igbo Traders To Return To Lagos (Video) on: 7-01-2024 01:02 AM
If they have strong influence in Lagos market. Why can't they stayed in their region and develop Aba, Onitsha and
Owerri  markets.
The last time they're served with quit notice in Idumota.
They were crying to the palace of Oba of Lagos. There excuse is "We built and develop Lagos" If you're bold enough. Then pack your goods and go and develop Aba and Onitsha.  Instead of developing other people's land. The only thing you do is go home and take yeye chieftancy title and run back to Lagos.
90% of your titled chiefs are in Lagos. Ebubedike 1, Omego 1
You only travelled home during Xmas to oppressed the suffering and down trodden ones.
So, shut up.
86  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Foluke Daramola, Other Yoruba Actresses Blasted Over ‘Horrible’ Outfits To Kwam 1’s Party on: 6-01-2024 09:12 PM
K1 the Mayegun of Yorubaland.  The Olori Omo Oba Akile Ijebu indeed.
What world are you making better? What example are you laying for the Omo Obas.
You're just copying Tony Elumelu with your concept of White Party. So, also is Sule Alao Malaika copying you in everything you do.
A man over 60 years of age encouraging porno ways of dressing at his party.
Anyway you're just using the party as another way of raiding the pockets of your music lovers.
87  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Popular Kannywood, Actor Funky Mallam Slams Gov. Sanwo-Olu For 'Arresting Soldier Using Police' on: 6-01-2024 07:24 AM
Funky Mallam, Foolish Mallam or whatsoever.  You're chatting gibberish. The offence is totally outrageous.  No one should be above the law.
All the agencies of the armed forces are supposed to be law abiding not law breaker.
The governor employed the job of the law enforcement agencies to arrest them.
Then, why are your talking nonsense? Who should the governor called to arrest these bunch of law breakers, a pilot?
We all could smell an undertone to your criticism of the governor.  I'm sure you're thinking there is tendency the arrested soldiers are of Hausa origin. You're indirectly condemning the arrest of your Aboki brothers.
Whether you like it or not. They'll be made to face full wrath of the law. If you like go to Daura and wake Buhari up from his sleep about it.
What do you expect from the governor.  To allow them continue floating the traffic law. Then call the Civil Defence to come and chase them after they've left? What nonsense!!
88  Forum / Politics / Re: We Won, They Failed! Rivers Gov. Fubara Taunts Predecessor, Wike During Crossover on: 1-01-2024 01:46 PM
You're just a typical example of a coward or a local champion.
You're frothing in the mouth within your timid supporters now.
But when they took you to Abuja to sign an implicative undertaking.  You're behaving like a rain drenched chicken.
89  Forum / Politics / Re: I’m Qualified To Be President Of Nigeria Says Osun Gov. Adeleke on: 29-12-2023 02:43 PM
Really!!!! What laudable programme have you started in Osun State since you've been announced as the state governor by the Supreme Court?
Your only achievement is gallivanting up and down Nigeria in your brother Deji Adeleke's private jet. This you're doing in an attempt for Deji to use this to siphone the state purse by the time the state would be invoiced for the use of his jet.
90  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: "Dating A Man Who Can't Help You Financially Is A Waste Of Time" - South African Lady Says on: 29-12-2023 11:22 AM
Useless Miss Dudula
I'm not surprised you're saying this. Most of your men are jobless layabouts.
They blame foreigners for the economic situation of their country.
The truth is, your able men are lazy and don't intend to work. They preferred to work under white minority for stipends.
They've devices Operation Dudula to chase investors away from South Africa.
They'll then, in turn, take over their businesses. Illegal means of acquisition of business.  But these idiots can not sustain these businesses.  Because they're born retarded and lazy.
91  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: See Reactions From Nigerians As Soun Knelt Before Pst Adeboye For Prayers on: 19-12-2023 07:49 AM
What is happening to Yoruba culture and traditions these days??
In Yoruba culture,  it's forbidden for an Oba to kneel or prostrate for anyone. Whether private or public.
What do you expect? The institution of Obaship in Yorubaland these days are littered with foreing country failures.
USA, UK and Canada. Once they realised they didn't achieve anything after staying too long abroad.  They'll bribe they're ways into the throne of an Oba in any Yoruba town.
These people have distanced themselves from the Yoruba culture for so long.
Stop selling the Oba throne to foreign country failures.
92  Forum / Politics / Re: "We Need To Attract Foreign Investors Not Chase After Them" – Peter Obi on: 19-12-2023 07:37 AM
Just as you attracted Panama while you're Governor of Anambra State.
This Watermelon head Peter Obi should be stopped fro. Going around the world pretending to have the requisite to be elected as the solution to the economic situation of the country.
He hasn't got the foggiest clue. He's just going round whipping up sentiment about Igbo presidency.
93  Forum / Politics / Re: Peter Obi Reveals How He Was Threatened For Rejecting Mind-Blowing Offers on: 19-12-2023 07:24 AM
Peter Obi the pathological liar
94  Forum / Politics / Re: I Don't Deal With Uncommon People – Peter Obi Hits Back At Senate President, Akpabio on: 19-12-2023 07:22 AM
Peter Obi. Did you say you don't deal with uncommon people??
Will an uncommon person adjudged someone who came third as the winner of any competition?
You're the uncommon person here. Unless your brain is in Intensive Care, you'll not have that uncommon sense of judgement.
95  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: VIDEO: MASSOB Leader, Ralph Uwazuru Accuses Tinubu Of Deliberately Refusing To Free Nnamdi Kanu on: 19-12-2023 07:16 AM
Stop threatening thunder and firestorm.  Nothing would happen if Kanu is jailed.  He committed a treasonable felony offence against a state called Nigeria. No state would allow his sovereignty to be threatened.
Secondly,  comparing Sunday Igboho's case to Kanu to me contradict common sense.
Igboho was not arrested by Nigerian government but Republic of Benin. Also he wasn't detained on treasonable charge but immigration case.
How on earth would somebody compare the two cases?
The day the Igbos stopped playing victims card is the day they'll move their tribe forward.
Nwazurike is just seeking relevance in the absence of Kanu.
Lastly,  please tell Simon Ekpa to come down to Nigeria and agitate for his Biafran Nation. Cowards stay away to campaign.
96  Forum / Politics / Re: "Everybody Knows I Was The Winner Of 2023 Presidential Election" – Peter Obi on: 19-12-2023 06:42 AM
Shut the phyuk up Mr Watermelon head Peter Obi.
You lost fair and square. You came distant third. You only followed it to the Supreme Court simply because you're scared your Obidiots would kill you if you concede defeats to Tinubu from early stage.
You're a bloody loser. Stop playing the gand you and your supporters love playing.....Victim's card.
You're popular only on internet and your supporters  have withdrawn into their shells since your loss.

So, stop going around the world pretending you're robbed in the last election. You came third and in your own calculations and in any contest. Does coming third transform to be the winner?
97  Forum / Politics / Re: Immediate Past APC National Chairman Abdullahi Adamu Announces Retirement From Politics on: 17-12-2023 05:53 PM
You're a bloody fool. You're one of the cabals and Buhari loyalists.
You milked the country dry during Buhari regime.
Now you simply can handle the mantle of leadership being transferred to the South Western part of Nigeria.
You hated the Yorubas with passion. Before emergence of Tinubu as the party candidate.  You were heard saying Ahmed Lawan had been endorsed by Buhari. Just to show your hatred towards the Yorubas.
I'm sure you'll be back in politics after Tinubu's tenure.
Bloody ethnical bigot.
98  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: VIDEO: "My Triplets Always Ask Me Why I Can’t Stand" – Gospel Singer, Yinka Ayefele on: 13-12-2023 09:37 PM
That made me emotional.
99  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Aare Ona Kakanfo Of Yorubaland, Gani Adams Picks Ex-Beauty Queen, Joy Onojaife As 2ndWife on: 11-12-2023 09:12 AM
Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland indeed.
If I may ask. What is the significance of this man's title to the Yorubas??
All he does is use the status to enrich himself.  Turn himself into a demigod amongst the Yorubas.
Has he ever publicly fought for any injustice against any Yoruba?
Maybe I'm wrong.
100  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: "Why I Am Hated In The Music Industry" - Nigerian Afrobeats Star, Burna Boy on: 9-12-2023 10:12 PM
They hated you because you stole lots of Fela's style.
You eat marijuana like vegetables.
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