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Quote from: jigaxsol on  2-01-2011 03:36 PM
Simple and perfect.

How is a persons Body yours ? Na you Create am..what gives you the slightest belief  to think it is within "YOUR" Right to control a persons Freewill..if you dont like a person for who they are Physical..My friend that means the person was never meant for you anyways...
2  Forum / Family / Re: guys Would you allow your wife to get a tattoo? on: 2-01-2011 09:50 PM
Quote from: jerryonye on  2-01-2011 05:21 AM
Quote from: marysmile on 27-11-2010 12:25 PM
NO. tattoo qualifies ruggedness more than gentleness

The marriage vow said that I will love and cherish my wife, and I do nto cherish tatto, I hate it with passion and beside God and Bible is against making marks on the body, so I do nto want it, and if she has it before marriage, Honestly, she will remove it or else, No Marriage, Simple.  Her body is mine to cherish. not tatto

Hypocrisy really does come in various forms ...Tattoo is the sign of the Devil..No shit..? in which Bible or Holy Scriptures did u pick that one from...everyone likes to condemn what they in their  gross Ignorance do not understand because it helps you sleep better at night and you can wake up everyday telling yourself Im "Righteous" .. you might as well tell every female member who ever wore Jeans in your family that they are unholy because Trousers are for men only ..Live and let if person wey get Tatto no offend you or do you wrong ..Who on earth made you his or her Judge ?
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.This Subject and all the people say "Heaven Forbid" making all kinds of self righteous comments need to grow up and step out of the "Dark ages" ..there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a tattoo I have one my wife has 5 yes u heard me I did not stutter 5!!..the Important thing when getting a tattoo is the "Meaning of it"and what it Symbolizes to the you...rather than how it looks I have a Psalm tatted on my arm because to me that Psalm symbolizes a lot in my life is ony when Tattoos are overdone with grotesque and meaningless symbols then it tends to loose its appeal...