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5501  Forum / Relationships & Romance / when should juniorknow about SEX on: 8-05-2009 05:34 PM
 Sex education: What age?YINKA OSASONAIt is good parents educate their children sex education. I believe children between the ages of twelve and thirteen are ripe to know the dangers in pre-marital sex, keeping boy friends/girl friends and the disadvantages in keeping relationship with the opposite sexes. It will guide them, protects them from being sexually abused, which could lead to unwanted pregnancy. If they are not pre-informed, they could learn it wrongly from their Colleagues which will be counter productive. SIMEON CHRISTABELSex education is necessary for children. They should know about sex at age nine in order to prepare their minds for dangers involved in pre-marital sex. Knowing more about sex will make them relate freely with their peers, opposite sex without having a bias mind and finally, it will expose them to the world around them. It prevents them from being deceived by anyone.MRS. ADEFIOYEIt is good to educate them when they are fifteen years of age. At this stage they are matured.. They understand things better than girls of ages five and perhaps nine.MRS. OYIN ONIMEYes it’s good to teach them from age twelve, or else someone else will.MRS. EMEGHARAIt is advisable to teach our young children what sex is all about, especially when they are still young or when they are still in formative stage, they listen to instructions. MRS. ATUNWAChildren starting from age ten should be properly tutored on what sex is, the advantages, when married and the disadvantages, especially when not ripe for such. Nowadays, things have changed; children, especially girls now grow more rapidly than before. Girls of ten or eleven year old already are fully mature in their body system. Delaying on letting them know the rules in sex might make them learn it the hard way. A stitch in time saves nine.HAJIA HAUWAOne major reason for high cases of crime and prostitution in the society today is nothing but neglect of parental role in homes. Many women see it as the duty of their husbands to teach the children, but we mother have more roles to play, because we spend more time with the children than our husbands. We should do the right thing at the right time in order to avoid future embarrassment and avoid bastards in our homes.MRS. OGUNWALENo responsible parent would want his or her child become a black sheep in the family. There’s nothing as good as putting our houses in order, these children are our future, the future of the society and their dream starts from home. It’s good we inculcate discipline in them, irrespective of our religion.MRS. AJANAKUThis is so obvious, especially to we parents. Our children should be taught right from home, it would be worse if they learn these things from the newspapers, internet, movies, friends or through other means. I believe they should be taught in school how and when they attain puberty stage. It’s worthy of note they know how to behave when attaining adult ages and so on. They should not get too mature before we decide to enlight them. It will be good to teach them when they are fourteen years and above.MRS. BOLA JOKOAs responsible mothers in the home, it’s our duty to enlighten our children on sex and the dangers of engaging in prematurely. Age thirteen is the ideal age for such education or their early years in the secondary school; by this time they are mature enough to comprehend and assimilate what you tell them.MRS. OGUNWALEIt is good to teach them, even right from their infancy. As-soon-as a child could speak, hear and understand what we tell them, I think there’s nothing wrong, especially from age five. The earlier we teach them, the earlier they learn and grow with it.MRS. FASILATWe need to teach them to be very careful when it comes to sex, especially the intimacy with the opposite sexes. This will prevent them from being promiscuous, or having unwanted pregnancy and so on. For female, we shouldn’t wait until they are full blown adult. They should be addressed as-soon-as they start having their monthly menstrual circle; they should know the reasons why they should abstain from pre-marital sex.MRS. IBRAHIMIt’s quite a good question especially for we parents. It’s our joint responsibility to join effort together to educate them, at age ten most especially for girls. For example, years back, children of age ten are still innocent about the happenings in the society, most especially sex wise, but nowadays the reverse is the case, they understand things better than the parents or the elderly ones. They are more exposed to the outer world.Children starting from age ten, especially female should know when a girl could get pregnant, why they should be careful about closeness with the opposite sexes. MRS. ABETUNDEIt’s good to start teaching them, most especially the girls at their early stage of menstruation. They should know that the more the number of men they have sexual intercourse with, the more the sexually transmitted infections they acquire from these men. Also, they should be mindful of the fact that pre-marital sex and indecency result to nothing. but destroys their future, bring shame to the family, result into unwanted pregnancy, and make you an object of ridicule among peer group.  
5502  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Chesos..he just squeezed my boobs on: 7-05-2009 06:48 PM
dat guy na one bad uncle oooooooooooooo. haba b4 u know  mmmmhhhhhhhhhh. make i shut up. because my nebor dog wey we no get woman dog aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh na man d guy d folow if 2 say in mama or cousin or neice dey na fire 4fire ..................babe make she take am sofly solf wit that guy
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my mum is the best in the world..........................thats such alie i beleive myself
i last saw her in 1992 one and only life not sweet.....such a nice mum....................indeed
 Roll Eyes
5504  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: 9ja's best label on: 6-05-2009 06:52 PM
naija music industry bloomed inthe 90s with the like of platantion boy et al evr since then we have had great artist comin ouy da country,even competing with the west( femi kuti) all these will not have been possible without the likes of baba keke family and walkin-stick holder donjazzys mohit so theese two great family are the pbest without a of impact in the music scene   Grin
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