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1  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / The little boy and his grandma on: 3-05-2009 04:32 AM
A little boy about 2yrs old. He has this bad habit. He alway swear at his grandma in the public.
This day he and his grandma went to her friend's house So the little boy came over to his grandma and told
her F**** you grandma and her friend was there. She told her friend that the little boy is learning  to talk. Afterward he kept doing it
and his grandma alway said the same. One day his grandma church sisters was coming to her house for women prayer. went they got there about to prayer the little boy told his grandma that she is a bitch and a blooding ass. She was so ashamed. They a fellow church friend told her that the little was learning know to say his prayer