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1  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Man marry 4 wives in one day..... pure madness. on: 9-10-2009 02:35PM
As long as there is money in ones pocket , what can you do , Its common practice among the Ngunis in Africa , I know that the only sin the man commited was to  marry four women in white wedding ,had it been he married them one by one i know people woulnt be making such a fuss about it .

Not only in Southern  Africa does this happen , it happens all over the world , I am sure U all agree ,just that the life we live cannot be measured with the one our forefathers lived, but thats life , and it prevents a man from having more galfriends and chaet in hiding
2  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Would you keep a rape pregnancy? on: 9-10-2009 01:32PM
I will definitely keep the baby , All I know is every situation one finds his or herself in ,Is God'way of testing your faith , It wont matter how the child came through but what matters is the child is there? i mean for the poor woman the chances of her having a child were slim but somewhere , somehow she met this situation and she fell pregnant .

if my husband is like that he wants me to abort , then I wont do that a gift is a gift.
3  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Is it possible for a guy to abstain for over a year without having sex??? on: 8-10-2009 08:54AM
Quote from: Henry_Julian on  6-10-2009 09:17AM
What ever we make up our mind to do is very possible.

All that is required is the committment to carry it out and through.

Yes you can abstain from sex for a year and beyond if you want to but me I KNOW FIT EVEN FOR TWO DAYS!

You can Dear All  that u need is to acknowledge it yourself , The possibility of It Lies in You , y ou are the one to have it so you may aswell decided otherwise .
4  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: I cant stand this man on: 8-10-2009 08:50AM
Thank You All For Your Responses . i know that it takes a haert that cares to no that one needs someone to encourage them . So I guess I knew what I had to do from the start , Atleast I still have my pride , I ddnt agree to go out with him on conditions that I had set for him before , And he still said he isnt that bad, I mean he is about to be 30 and yet he claims to have no gf .

My Heart isnt broken I had no hopes to redate ( If theres somethin like that) Him cuz he is clueless on what relationship got to be , He is not Independent enough to handle himself so I cant allow myself to go out with a man who is like that and on top lie to you.

So My Great pals , U r advices I keep and I know that I get to use them when situtations turns sour .

Thanks A lott GUYS
5  Forum / Relationships & Romance / I cant stand this man on: 7-10-2009 08:34AM
Well i left this guy late last year , and we maintain the friendship ,there were no hard feelings between us , So Early this year till recently he has been communicating thru calls, smses and so on so apparently to him he was sure that I m on too him too, So he asked me if he could come visit me i agreed . i treaded him as a visitor ,though we slept on the same bed ,there was no intimacy .

So we talked about us the whole weekend ,and all he wanted was for me to take him back ,, I also asked if I can trust him he said yes . So I told him that I do care but love it will take me time , he said Patience is Virtue . So early hours of monday morning at around 1 am to 2 am ,someone send him call back on his phone , he diddnt want to respond , cuz he said he had no airtime. So I gave him my own fone to use after making the call he wanted to remove the details esp the number i grabbed the phone and switch it off . So he then left to his place which is another province , After work I decided to call that person he called , Guess she happen to be the galfriend who was told lies that they are going to see friends in another province. So i spoke to her asked her and she was too nice to tell me the truth .

I was not going to take this guy back , first he is a liar , second is he is so stingy he can starve himself hoping a woman will sponsor him . So I know it was wrong of me to speak to the gf but I did this to prove to that guy he lies
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Meet Dr. Mercy Gabriel : The female taxi driver in Abuja on: 17-09-2009 07:58AM
Hey Guys In Naija ,We have many female CAB DRIVERS in South Africa, From Yr normal minibus to metred taxis , So I think Africa Is fast becoming a continent where women re taking on the so called male dominated industrries , For instance in South Africa, Women drive Passenger Buses,  Tractors, Trucks and Hearse Can U really Believe that Women Power Fellow Africans .Even if Dr Mercy is got a job , she may also love this one  .