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1  Forum / The Buzz Central / I can’t understand why my father married 27 wives – Femi Kuti on: 12-10-2013 06:40AM
The 2013 edition of Felabration,a week-long concert which celebrates the life and times of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti commences from Monday, October 14 through 20 at the Afrikan Shrine, Ikeja, Lagos. In this interview,  Femi Kuti, the eldest son of Fela went down memory lane, recounting the story of his late father, his music  and ideologies. He also talks about what the fans of Afrobeat music will expect at this year’s Felabration among other issues.


We learnt that Rita Marley will be headlining this year’s Felabration. Why is she not here today?

She sent a message few days ago that she was not feeling fine, and might not make it to the event. However, she will be represented at the festival by the head of  her foundation, Rita Marley Foundation.

What’s the financial implication of organising this festival?


We have no major sponsors at the moment. Fortunately, most of the artistes are performing for free. We have been very lucky that the likes of King Sunny Ade, D’banj, Wizkid, Pasuma, and many others, have been performing for free. This year, they will grace the stage again. But we usually pay a token to the up and coming artistes as a way of supporting them. However, Nigerian Breweries Plc  has promised to come on board next year as a major sponsor of the event. We are hoping that as from next year, Felabration will not be talking about financial difficulties.

What’s new in this  year’s Felabration?

I think what will always be new is the enthusiasm of the crowd. The festival runs from Monday through Sunday. It kicked off last Monday with school debate. Wuri Modern College won the competition  last year. The Felabration usually kicks off with school debate because we are trying to introduce new  things other than music. There will be symposium where the likes of Femi Falana, SAN,  will be in attendance. The  festival will kick off properly next week Tuesday. It will run till Saturday and closes on Sunday.

Is  Bob Marley’s son still going to  make it to the festival?

I think he’s having problem with obtaining visa. He has agreed to come and the contract has been finalized. We are waiting for  him to obtain his visa. If he succeeds, fine. We  are expecting a lot of Afrobeat bands from America, Ghana and other African countries. Our local artistes such as Tuface, Kwam 1, Davido, Wizkid, Eedris and other superstars including myself will be on duty.

Apart from finance, what other challenges are you encountering?

I think the major challenges are finance and security. We would love a situation where we would pay the artistes handsomely and dictate the pace for them. But now, they dictate the pace for us. The artistes  decide when and when not to perform on stage. Felabration bends to everybody’s rules. The next thing is to get the museum working. Apparently, Lagos State government  has purchased the piece of land beside the museum  which we use as car park. But we are still looking for major sponsors that will drive the museum. We have big dreams that we want to put in place.

With this year’s Felabration coming up, would you  say  you have achieved the dream of setting up the festival?

Definitely. We are all Nigerians and we know what it means to run a festival at that level for 13 years. I think we have to be applauded. It’s a feat that hasn’t been achieved in Nigeria. All the great festivals we know in Nigeria are no longer functioning. We have never heard any security challenges in the past 13 years. With the crowd of over 10,000 people attending the festival, I think we have to be commended.  Now, Felabration is observed across the world, especially in major cities of the world. The event my sister, Yeni started has grown big and stronger.

One would have thought that the Fela broadway show would have boosted the festival?

I’m sure you know what it cost  them to  be in Nigeria  then. They are a cast of about 50 people. By the time you talk about their flight tickets, accommodation, and so on, you would know what I mean. I think it was the Lagos State government that sponsored their trip to the country. Eventually, what we are going to be focusing on is discovering new talents and more bands. I will like  a situation where we do not have only hip-hop artistes on stage.

Fela’s biopic

*Fela celebrated

Aside Felabration, what is the family’s stand on Fela’s biopic being produced by an American company recently?

I don’t know about it. There are many things I don’t know about. I know that they have been working on the biopic for the past five years.

Andrew Dosumu, a British Nigerian director was chosen to direct the biopic and Nigerian international actor, Chiwenta Ejiofor is being touted to act Fela in the biopic?

It is the same biopic that we are talking about. This is a biopic that has been in the making for about five years now. I’m sure you know it is not the kind of film that you can produce overnight. They have to capture the burning of the house, the soldiers…If they are going to do a movie of that magnitude, it’s going to be a great movie. It is going to take time. They have been talking about this movie for ages now.

Does the family have any plan to do that?

No. We are only going to give them  the license to do it. We have a legal team that deals with all of these things. My own duty as a member of the estate is to give the approval. I have signed the contract several years ago and I know, it will take another two to three years before this dream will materialize.  I know that the first contract we signed for five years ought to be renewed if they have not completed the production of the film within the time frame.

They started talking about the film when my father died but eventually the contract expired. So, they had to renew a new contract. This is because there is no money in the music business. That’s why the family has been very lenient when discussing with all these people because we all know about piracy. Everybody is downloading Fela’s music, so you have to be very understandable. We have a good legal team  that handles all these stuffs for the family. Of course, we have to protect the integrity of the family

Fela and his music

Looking at it holistically, do you feel comfortable that a Nigerian  who has practically lived abroad all his life is playing the role of Fela?

I’m sure if they do a movie, it will be great. Now, let us look at the broadway show. Critics say that it was too Americanised. They did not want to show Fela’s story from the Nigerian perspective. They wanted the American and the international market to understand the Fela story. See how Fela was misunderstood even when he went to the United States.  It was after his death that people started evaluating his music. What he was doing? He married 27 wives in his lifetime, how dare he? This man was against feminism.? They gave him different kind of names. He was completely misunderstood because he wore pants, he smoked marijuana. He had issues. He had serious issues whether  we liked it or not. At his death, people were celebrating him but in his lifetime, he was broke before he died.

What they did was to tell the Fela story for the average international market to watch and understand it. If  you did watch them, you would notice that the dancers could not dance the Afrobeat music. For you, the man was speaking American English. But you would have every reason to believe that the Fela you know was not being acted but if you look at it from the neutral perspective like you didn’t know Fela, you would understand the story and even weep for him.

The day I watched it, I cried. I cried because I knew where they were coming from and I saw the audience. Probably, they have not heard about Fela, the Americans were saying, it made them want to listen to his music to know more about Africa. It opened their minds to so many issues. Now, they are studying Afrobeat in many of the schools and universities in America, Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, everywhere. There are over 20 American bands playing Afrobeat at the moment.

Over the years and given what is happening in the country today, will you say your father has been vindicated or  misunderstood while he lived?

I will answer in the affirmative. He was grossly misunderstood for a purpose because he saw corruption and he knew what corruption was going to do to the country; those involved in corruption wanted to get away with dictatorship and corruption which was what he was against. And because he used his own unconventional way of protesting, it didn’t go down well with the authorities.

Then the authorities controlled the media up to a point until after Daily Times, when other media houses started springing up because we have to remember that it was only government newspapers and TVs  that we had then. So, the story was told from the government’s perspective until The Punch, Vanguard and other magazines were established. Fela’s story could be seen from another point of view.

We have to understand where Fela was coming from in the 60s. Where did the problem start? What was the cause of his problem? And maybe, because he was already a stubborn character, he was going to make matters worse and that was his character and that is the character that people now love.  What kind of man was he, that many people ran away from him, or even compromised him. But  he didn’t have to go through all those beatings? So, I think, he was purposely misunderstood but yes, he has been vindicated.

But you are a different specie?
Femi Kuti performing

Femi Kuti performing

I would say, I am probably more diplomatic because I have learnt from what I saw of him. First, you have to understand the political climate which we live in. Let us remember who voted for Obasanjo? Except if we want to be dishonest with ourselves, Obasanjo won the first election, clean and clear. What would Fela have done if he was alive and this same Nigerians still went to vote for this same Obasanjo? Didn’t they hear Fela sing about this man?

Then, it is still these same Nigerians that were criticising this man and they know it. Let us look at our incumbent President. He was declared wanted by the EFCC when he was governor of Bayelsa State and you voted for him. That case was pending in court when Yar’ Adua  made him his Vice. Opposition parties should have objected to his selection. But they didn’t. Again, his former boss late Yar ‘ Adua whom he served under  had a seven point agenda. Where is it today? Jonathan promised that if anything happened to him that he would follow his footsteps. Has him followed his footsteps today?

There are many things you have to understand as Fela’s son. Did Nigerians not hear what Fela talked about? Are they not feeling the same pain that Fela felt when he was alive? Nigerians are still voting for the same corrupt politicians.

Are you worried that government has not been able to honour your father after his death?

Not at all. The people will always honour my father and he will always be celebrated worldwide. Even Lagos state has honoured him. Even if the family doesn’t celebrate him, Fela has gone beyond the shores of Nigeria. As we speak, New York, Paris, England, Japan, Australia, New Zealanmd, China, Malaysia, among others still celebrate him.

At over 50, some people say it seems you have become more sexually active?

That is not true, I am no more sexually active. When you see a beautiful woman, when you reach my age and you have responsibility like myself, you  will know what I am talking about. Before now, as a young man, you would want to go after her.   There are many nights I go and sleep alone not because I don’t have girlfriends or want a girlfriend, when I think of the responsibility I have  in my life, I will immediately have a rethink.

The women in my life also have responsibilities. I can tell you that the mothers of  my  children, we stay together, we are very serious. You could say we are husband and wife but I don’t believe in marriage. I just don’t understand why one man will say I pronounce you man and wife, in that case. I pronounce myself man and wife. I am very different from my father but in a lot of ways like him.

Like I couldn’t understand why he married 27 wives. When he married them, he divorced them. I didn’t have a problem with my father’s wives but my mother did.  When the problem started in Kalakuta, for us it was fun. Many things have changed. Of course I am very much sexually active but when I consider the problems my shoki has given me, it dies quickly.
2  Forum / Politics / Why workers are now happy with President Jonathan on: 12-10-2013 06:31AM
Nwadila Chukwuemeka Wogu, the Minister of Labour and Productivity has had a challenging but made phenomenal strides in his beat since his appointment in April 2010.

In this interview, he articulates the challenges he has faced, how President Goodluck Jonathan has quietly motivated the Nigerian working class and how the counsels from his elders at home led by Governor Theodore Orji have kept him on course.

What is the relationship between the working class and the leadership of the country?

Cordial. Despite what has happened in the education sector with respect to ASUU where discussions are ongoing, but because of the labour friendly president we have and what we have been able to do with the support of the president in the Ministry of Labour and Productivity, we have been able to achieve cordiality between the tripartite partners, which include labour, employers and government.
*Chief Emeka Wogu, Minister of Labour and Productivity

*Chief Emeka Wogu, Minister of Labour and Productivity

So, the relationship between these three partners in the tripartite arrangement is cordial and effective. A lot of changes which we have brought into the ministry, moving the paradigm shift from adversarial approach in labour administration to a more developmental approach is yielding results.

That is why you have less strikes, less of shut outs and all that and we have been very proactive in matters concerning labour unions and employers and government.

But why has the ASUU strike lingered on?

ASUU is one of the unions in the education sector. Apart from ASUU, you have the Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union, you have the National Association of Staff Unions, the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, among others. ASUU prior to the inception of this administration has had strikes that in some cases lasted six months and it has been an intractable problem in the education sector.

But when Mr. President came in, he came in with the purpose of revamping the education sector and putting an end to the incessant strikes in that sector and it is on record that what led to the present strike was an agreement entered into in 2009 and the current position now is that government has been discussing with ASUU and has commenced the implementation of that agreement after a committee was put in place for implementation. Again to show good faith, a committee of the Federal Government headed by the governor of Benue State was put in place to implement the needs assessment report of the earlier committee set up by the minister of education.

Then, there was the government side led by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, I am a member of that committee including the Suswam Committee. These committees were all put in place with the sole purpose of implementing that 2009 agreement despite some noticeable difficulties with the agreement. So, first of all, government agreed to implement it and to invoke a particular paragraph of that agreement that has given powers to both parties to sit down and renegotiate.

So, if ASUU calls off the strike based on the level of implementation…implementation is not foreclosed, it is a continuous thing and it is the same Federal Government that set up the Needs Assessment Committee that went round the universities in the country and found out that there is a big rot. And part of cleaning up the Augean Stable was to set up an implementation committee and the initial N100 billion has been pumped in and distributed among the universities according to their needs.

So, need is one important fact in this whole issue. Then another one that has become contentious is Earned Allowances. By the nomenclature, the allowances must be earned. So, it is the function of the university councils to determine who has earned what and for what period.

So, government has made an initial disbursement of N30 billion according to universities and what we were expecting to get is a feedback. Assuming University XYZ got so, so amount of money, the issue is was it enough to offset what had been earned by the university teachers in that university? If it is yes, then are there outstandings? If the answer is no, then you know that they have fully discharged.

If there are balances coming out as a result of payment then you know that what was disbursed to them was actually more than what they need. So, I think that is the next thing we should be talking about in addition to getting lecturers to go back to school. However, one thing is that the striking university lecturers, students, the Nigerian public and government, everybody is agreed on the fact that there is need for this strike to stop.

So, despite the divergent opinion about the level of implementation of the agreement, there is convergence of opinion among everybody involved in the signing of the agreement and even those outside on the need to call off the strike.

Some have insinuated a political colouration to the strike. What is your perspective on this?

In all aspects of life, whether it is domestic, whether it is in the church or community or union administration, there are bound to be politics in everything we do. But because of the secularity of Nigeria and democracy you cant stop anybody from…My own take is that sensitive unions, and in fact some unions that are intellectually inclined like ASUU should be insulated from politics. Their members should insulate themselves from politics because when we had a bipolar arrangement in the world when you were either a Marxist or a capitalist, most of them tended to be Marxists, but we have gone beyond that and I think the best thing is for ASUU members to insulate their members from politics.


Given the situation in the country, do you think workers would want a continuation of the administration?

Let me begin by saying that all our policies are pro-workers, pro Nigeria. What people don’t understand is that the majority of patriotic Nigerians are found among the working class. What you see is that people who have access to media and the people you call the elites are the people who are in the struggle for power. But the common man on the street, the commuter who commutes by train from Kano to Lagos is so happy with this administration and they are rooting and yearning for Mr. President to continue beyond 2015 as their president.

The people who ply the roads are so happy with Mr. President. The man who had not received fertiliser for a long time is so happy with Mr. President’s transformation agenda with respect to agriculture. Ditto power. When you go to areas that were well known for Okada business you will find out that they have all abandoned it and gone back to lucrative businesses because they now have energy. Go from Aba through Uyo, Onitsha, Asaba you will find out that people have gone back to what they used to do. Since you came in here, the light has not blinked and if you go to places like Umuahia, Aba, there is an improvement in energy supply and there is a push to get it even better.And when these things are happening and as Minister of Labour and Productivity, the impact on the Nigerian economy is that more jobs are being created. So, Nigerians are happy and even the Subsidy Reinvestment Programme which has about eight components are all labour intensive. They have created jobs.

The Community Service and Women and Youth Empowerment which is domiciled in my ministry has created 3,000 jobs in each of the 36 states and the FCT. We are at the verge of recruiting an additional 2,000 each when we sort out the budgetary difficulties we are currently facing. The maternal component of SURE-P is another one that is creating jobs. So, because government has put in the best policies that have stimulated growth in the private sector, a lot of jobs are being created. It is because of the policies that have been put in place that you have the private sector players like the Dangotes setting up industries that will employ thousands of jobs, you also have Inoson Motors in Nnewi and also, you see the textile companies are returning because of the current injection of funds by Mr. President. You also have this ongoing campaign buy Nigeria, create jobs. So, for me, all the furniture in my house were all made in Lagos by a Nigerian company and so, I am proud I am patronising Nigerian made goods.
3  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Mother, 28, strangles two-day old boy to death on: 12-10-2013 06:29AM
Benue State Police Command has apprehended a 23- year old mother, Joy Iember Iorzua for allegedly killing and dumping her two- day old baby boy, at the River Ujiiragbo, in Gwer local government area of the state.

Saturday Vanguard gathered that the suspect  was arrested at Mbasa-Mbakine Gee council ward by members of the vigilante group operating in the community  who handed her over to the Police in Aliade, the local government headquaters.

According to our source, the suspect who lived along Ayua-Num street, in Aliade town, was delivered of the baby a week ago and two days later, she allegedly strangled the innocent baby to death.

”After killing the baby, she wrapped his remains in a polythene bag, put him in a carton and dumped it at the popular UjiiragboRiver.

”The dastardly killing was however exposed when members of the vigilante group on patrol in the area, got wind of her action and her intention to escape from the community for fear of being apprehended.

”They trailed and arrested her after which angry members of her community descended heavily on her before handing her over to the Police at Aliade.
”The truth is that this is not the first time this type of allegation is being leveled against her, and that was what prompted the angry reaction of the people who were outraged by her action”.

When contacted, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, for Aliade, Suprintendent of Police Bitrus Madani who confirmed the arrest, disclosed however that the suspect had been transferred to the state command headquarters for further interrogation.

Madani who expressed dismay at the increasing crime wave in the local government area vowed that the Police would not relent in its task of ensuring the safety of lives and property of the people in the area.

4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Former Plateau State governor, Chief Solomon Lar, dies on: 7-10-2013 10:42PM
Report reaching us says first civilian Governor of old Plateau State and pioneer the National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Solomon Lar, is dead.

Details later…

5  Forum / The Buzz Central / Top 10 highest paid Nigerian singers/actresses on: 7-10-2013 10:34PM
In time past, music and acting were seen more as passion rather than a profession.  However today, it has gone beyond passion and has become not just a vocation but also a money spinning machine. The entertainment industry has put food on the tables of these entertainers as well as opens up other areas of earning to them. Despite the unending that debates D’banj earns more than Tuface and PSquare,  research  details of Nigeria’s top earners

The singing and dancing duo, Peter and Paul Okoye, are unarguably the richest in the entertainment industry. They won the KORA award for Best Africa Artiste 2010 and the award came with $1m (N156m). Shortly after that they landed an endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications worth about N240m for four years. As if that wasn’t enough, they had one of their greatest international gigs and an American tour of seven cities, which earned them a whopping $1m (N156m).

The duo built two houses within six months valued at N300m in the same neighbourhood and named it Squareville. They in addition own a hotel and two multi-million naira factories in Jos among other investments. The bulk of their earnings come from concerts and endorsements. The duo has sold above 14 million copies of their CDs since 2005.

Peter and Paul Okoye, who together form one of the biggest pop bands in Africa, recently also, confirmed that they have acquired a home in the city of San Francisco, Northern California.

Popularly known as the ‘Kokomaster’ or Mr. Endowed,  Dbanj is one artiste that has got the penchant for making money. He certainly has very strong passion for business because Apart from music, Mr. Endowed has other businesses, which include the Koko Mansion, a TV reality show; Koko Lounge, an upscale hangout in Lagos and UK; Koko Foundation, a charitable organization and the recently-launched Koko Mobile, under his label Koko.

The bulk of his money comes from endorsements – his endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications cost N70m. He has a multimillion naira endorsement with an energy drink, Power Fist; a deal with the makers of Virgin Colour soft drink; and another multi-million naira deal with a popular jeweller . He has a deal running into millions with Chris Aire, as the face of his watches and another one with UAC Foods. He collects between N5m and N7m as performance fees for local gigs; $80,000 to $150,000 for African shows; £40,000 to £60,000 for UK shows; and $50,000 to $60,000 for American shows.

Like Don Jazzy, D’banj also bagged a recording deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music; this will not only boost his career, but also churn in more cash. D’Banj once said, “I work hard so that money, awards, endorsements, bookings and kokolets chase me.” He is presently the owner of (DKM) records, where Davido is signed.

Innocent Idibia, popularly known as Tuface, who was once a member of the band, Plantashun Boyz, is believed to be one of the richest entertainers in Nigeria. He has two platinum records in his kitty and it is been speculated that he is worth over N1 billion.

This is by no means a surprise as he has had endorsement deals with brands like Guinness, from which he earned N20m and also Airtel, which earned him N22m in 2012. He was also said to have earned N30m from the producers of Phat Girls movie, and charges between N4m and N5m per show. The artiste has invested heavily in real estate and stocks, where he earns big bucks. He once said he was set to recover all the wealth taken from Africa.

Don Jazzy:

Michael Enebeli, also known as Don Jazzy, co-founder of Mo’Hits (now owner of Marvin Records) is reputed to be one of the best and most sought after producers in the showbiz world.

At age five, Don Jazzy already had eyes for the microphone as he was always in the studio. He was a member of Good Morning Kids, a group created by his father. Don Jazzy is also known for his business dexterity.

She started her acting career as a child actress in the then-popular television soap opera “Ripples” at the age of 8. She was also featured in several commercials, some of which included Pronto beverage and Omo detergent. In 1998, at the age of 19, she made her debut in the growing Nigerian film industry with the movie “Most Wanted.” As an upcoming actress, trying to carve a niche for herself, she went through various minor roles before her big break.

In 2002, she starred in the movie “Sharon Stone”, and her fame shot beyond the shores of Nigeria to the rest of Africa and several European countries. One can say that through the buzz, Genevieve reinvented the Nigerian film Industry, introducing Nollywood to the rest of the world.

But with fame comes wealth, she has accumulated lots of money throughout her career. At the moment, she earns no less than 1.4 million naira per movie. Her endorsement with Lux and many other multinational companies makes her arguably, the richest actress in Nigeria.

In recognition of her immense contribution to the Nigerian film industry, Genevieve has been presented with numerous awards, some of which have been in Dublin, London, and the United States.

He is arguably one of the brightest entertainers that has come out of the comedy industry following  his multi million naira deal with Globacom which has put him ahead of his contemporaries, Basketmouth has reached the peak of his career and has subsequently been an anchor on MTV where he features celebrities on his show.

These days to have Basketmouth anchor your event and perform for about 30-45 minutes, you will have to pay at least a million naira and he anchors at least two events per week. He is definitely the biggest earner in the comedy industry.

Omotola Jalade: Ekeinde
Popularly known as Omo sexy, this actress is worth about 60 million naira and she has certainly paid her dues in the industry.
Omotola, who now charges N5m per movie has turned down scripts worth N3m and the recent one, a N2.5m role which Ireti Doyle took over. “Omotola got a whooping N5m for her role in the movie, ‘Amina’ whilst she earned N4.5m for her role in ‘Ties that Bind’ after a series of negotiations. She has also built a formidable music career that takes most of time, apart from the new reality TV show she just debuted.

Ini Edo:

Ini Edo  began her film career in 2000, and has featured in more than 50 movies since. She has also gotten an endorsement with Glo as an ambassador which churned in millions of naira. She has also received various endorsements with reputable companies, among which is a deal with Noble Hair worth N40million. She is currently a producer and director.

Banky W:
Also known as Mr. Capable, Banky W has proved to Nigerians that he is capable of being among the richest entertainers in the industry. He makes the bulk of his wealth from gigs and is said to charge between 2.5 million naira ($15,800) and 3 million naira ($19,000) per show, and performs three to four times each week.

He is a brand ambassador for Estisalat, one of Nigeria’s telecommunications giants, where he featured in their popular commercial, 0809ja for life. He also featured in Coca Cola-Nigeria’s World Cup theme song and Microsoft’s Anti-cyber Crime Initiative. Banky W is an entrepreneur and has invested heavily in businesses that are fetching him good money. As a philanthropist, he founded the Mr. Capable Foundation, where he provides tuition fees for indi

WizKid another young talent making wave in Nigeria and the world . He is one of the fastest rising Nigerian musicians around, at 23 this versatile act is believed to possess the qualities to take over the music scene especially with his recent collaboration, which earned him great collaborations with top world entertainers such as Akon, Young Jeezy, and Kardinal Official.

He signed a multi-million naira endorsement deal with Pepsi. Wizkid‘s new endorsement deal worth about  $350,000 US dollars.
Wiz Kid is believed to have signed an undisclosed multi-million dollar deal with Akon’s Convict music label and the deal has set the young artist as the 4th richest artist in Nigeria at the moment. He also earns from weekly shows. Though the details of his earnings are not explicit, he is sure a top earner.
6  Forum / The Buzz Central / Beverly Osu Gives A Shout Out To Her haters From Tanzania on: 7-10-2013 09:38PM
 Seems Bev went back with Angelo Collins to Tanzania after her birthday party  because she wrote
on Instagram that Tanzania is so beautiful to behold..but right before she posted that with this picture,she gave a shout out to una her
She wrote

 ''Am a moving train u cant stop me ..Got God my father,A principled man
                                     and a hard working team.. '' 
*Lol,this pikin sabi find trouble sha...haters make una lef am hand abeg,she dey find attention .lol
7  Forum / The Buzz Central / Couple Arrested For Trying To Steal EVERYTHING In Their Hotel Room on: 7-10-2013 09:31PM
A UK couple have been arrested after they tried to steal everything in their hotel room. Laura and Christopher Barnett lodged at Morgans Hotel six months after their marriage for Christopher's birthday, before trying to steal everything in their room, which included Egyptian cotton sheets, pillows, paintings and even the flat screen TV.

They were caught when the couple tried to argue their way out of a pay-per-view movie by saying their room didn’t have a TV. A staff was sent to go and check their room and met it almost empty. They were arrested and they later confessed to the crime. Christopher was sentenced to 16 weeks in Jail, while Laura his wife was given one year community service.  Awon ole, lol

8  Forum / The Buzz Central / Olympic Medalist, Phillips Idowu Banned From Driving In England on: 7-10-2013 09:20PM
Former British-Nigerian Olympic Medalist, Phillips Idowu Banned From Driving In England
 Former British Nigerian Olympic triple jumper Phillips Idowu has been banned from driving for two years after getting behind the wheel while drunk.
The 34-year-old, from Epping in Essex, pleaded guilty to driving his white Land Rover in the town's Bridge Hill while two and a half times over the legal alcohol limit.
Chelmsford magistrates also ordered him to do 50 hours of community service following the incident at about 9.30am on September 20.

His solicitor, Joe Life said: "He just got in the car because circumstances forced him to leave the house in a hurry and he was driving a short distance."
"He planned to stay at hotel which was under a mile away to get away from the circumstances which had unfolded at the house."

Described as "unemployed", Idowu has no income and is currently living off savings, the court heard.
He had asked to be fined rather than given community service as he had a work opportunity abroad starting next month.
Magistrate Jeremy Bachelor ignored the request, however, ordering him to complete the unpaid work within the next 12 months. He was also fined £145 and ordered to pay £85 costs.

Idowu won a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and World Championship gold in Berlin the following year.
He was tipped for gold at last year's London Olympics but suffered a leg and hip injury and failed to make the final.
9  Forum / Sports / Messi hits jackpot! Now world’s highest paid player on: 17-12-2012 04:50PM
Lionel Messi is ready to sign for life at Barcelona with a deal that would give him the highest club wages of any footballer in Europe’s top leagues.

The player’s father, Jorge, has already opened negotiations with the Catalan club over extending his current contract, meaning he will stay at Barcelona until he is at least 31.

Lionel Messi

The deal is expected to be structured so that it increases yearly, rising to £12.5million a year net before bonuses. Messi, 25, signed his last big contract in the 2009-10 season with then sporting director Txiki Begiristain and his vice-president Marc Ingla.

That contract is heavily incentivised with his pay, after bonuses, in any given season automatically becoming his basic pay for the following season.

President Sandro Rosell is keen to extend that deal by two years to ensure he stays at Barcelona before fulfilling his ambition of a swansong in Argentina before he retires.

The player’s net take-home pay before bonuses is estimated at £9m year, behind Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s £12m and Samuel Eto’o, who earns £16m at Anzhi Makhachkala.

Although his bonuses, as well as sponsorship, invariably take Messi past those players, the new deal could see his basic pay leave him clear of the field.

It would also see him pull away from Cristiano Ronaldo’s estimated £9m annual earnings before bonuses. That will annoy Ronaldo’s camp, who have been frustrated by Real Madrid’s failure to start talks over a new deal for the Portugal forward.

The Chelsea owner will offer the Colombia striker a five-year, £200,000-a-week contract but his dream of landing the world’s most wanted No 9 could be thwarted by Real Madrid.

A bid of €60m (£48.8m) will land the striker, who destroyed Chelsea in the European Super Cup in August, but Real president Florentino Perez is committed to meeting that asking price at the end of the season.

Just as Messi is beyond the reach of the Chelsea owner, Real’s determination not to miss out on Falcao – as they did Sergio Aguero – threatens the Russian’s chances of landing his latest top target.

A gentleman’s agreement between Real and Atletico has in the past stopped the former from signing the latter’s players but Perez was criticised by fans for allowing Aguero to join Manchester City last season. He is up for re-election this summer and needs a big signing to help him win.

Despite the Madrid clubs’ understanding, Aguero was bound for Real before the start of last season until differences over which agent would be used scuppered the deal.

That will not be an issue as Falcao is represented by Jorge Mendes, who already manages a host of Real’s top players, including Ronaldo.

Perez was at an awards ceremony in midweek with Falcao and was filmed without his knowledge joking with the player and goalkeeper Iker Casillas that he would pass the striker a serviette with the words ‘do you want to sign for Madrid?’ on it.

This is a reference to the note he scrawled on a napkin for Zinedine Zidane when the two met prior to the Frenchman signing for Madrid from Juventus.

Perez was alerted to the rolling cameras by Casillas, who told him: ‘Be careful, president. They are filming.’

The man who landed Zidane as well as Luis Figo, Ronaldo and David Beckham in the team that became known as the Galaticos wants another earth-shattering signing to send out a message to football’s new money.

Messi’s Barcelona team-mate David Villa, another former Chelsea target, could also be on his way out of Spain after being edged out at the Nou Camp.

The 31-year-old was the last of former president Joan Laporta’s signings and is on a €6m-a-year deal that runs until 2014. He has started six league games this season.

The top 10 richest players

1 Lionel Messi (Barcelona) £27.5m
2 David Beckham (Free agent) £26.2m
3 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) £24.3m
4 S amuel Eto’o (Anzhi Makhachkala) £19.4m
5 Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) £17.2m
6 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris St Germain) £16m
7 S ergio Aguero (Manchester City) £15.7m
8 Yaya Toure (Manchester City) £14.7m
9 Fernando Torres (Chelsea) £13.9m
10 Kaka (Real Madrid) £12.9m
10  Forum / Sports / Eagles coaches frown at Nigerian League on: 17-12-2012 04:48PM
Super Eagles players started arriving at their Abuja camp yesterday for the Nations Cup preparation in South Africa next month.

But the coaches have frowned at the country’s football calendar which rested the league at the time it should have been on to put the local players in good shape for the Nations Cup.

This is also in contrast with the leagues in other countries. It is of serious concern to Stephen Keshi and his crew because some key players in the team that they are building play in the local  league.

“The way they run our league is not helping us”, Keshi lamented few days ago.

“The Nations Cup is in January and our league is off. Our players in the local league need to be playing but they are not.

Making the national team strong concerns many departments – the players, the coaches, the FA, the League etc.

It is not just about the coaches. Let it be on record that our league has not helped us but we will do our job to the best of our ability. We will do a good job for the Nations Cup and I’m hopeful that we will have good results.”

Local Eagles will start training today in Abuja. Norway-based Fegor Ogude will join them. In few days time Keshi will release the list of the foreign-based players for the camping in Portugal from where they will fly to South Africa.

“The condition of the local players will make us concentrate on fitness training now,” one of the coaches said yesterday adding “the league is not on and we know that their physical condition will be suspect now.”

The Baribote League Board was sacked last week and it is hoped that incoming board will consider international football calendar before scheduling the Nigerian league.
11  Forum / Sports / Ancelotti’s fortunes swing again as PSG go top on: 17-12-2012 04:46PM
As Carlo Ancelotti approaches the completion of one year in charge of Paris Saint Germain, the Italian’s position appears to be on stronger foundations after guiding the club back to the top of Ligue One, just weeks after rumours circulated that he was on the way out.

The 53-year-old former Juventus, AC Milan and Chelsea handler is far from certain of remaining in the Parc des Princes hotseat next season and will not take heart from the fact that his predecessor, Antoine Kombouare, was shown the door last winter when the team were also top of the pile in France.

The Qatari-backed club are impatient to see immediate success after buying the capital outfit 18 months ago and investing millions to put PSG shirts on the backs of Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Brazilian defender Thiago Silva, amongst others.

A 1-0 victory over seven-time champions Lyon on Sunday, returned PSG to the summit albeit on goal difference and a win at home over Brest on Friday will send them into the winter break as half-term champions.

“We lost at Nice but since that game, a lot of things have changed,” said Ancelotti, in regards to their four-game winning streak that included topping their Champions League pool which guarantees a more favourable draw on Thursday for February’s knockout stages.

“We have to be more solid and more consistent but we have a team that can do something this season,” he added.

“Football has shown how strange it can be, because noone thought we would be on top of the league right now.

“However while it is important to be on top right now, it is more important to be on top at the end of the season.”

While Ancelotti has already built a hugely successful career and is one of a select group to have won the Champions League both as a player and manager, his list of honours count for nothing, with owners who are reportedly interested in Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola or Arsene Wenger to take the team forward.

“I haven’t read the papers,” said Ancelotti following the Nice defeat that put both his and sporting director Leonardo’s jobs’ in jeopardy.

It was the Brazilian, a close friend, who initially brought in Ancelotti to replace Kombouare on December 30, 2011.

Results in recent weeks have given Ancelotti a stay of execution but winning the title for the first time since 1994 is almost mandatory and a run deep into the later stages of the Champions League is also expected for a return on the millions invested by club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

“I think the title will be decided between the three teams currently on top and I think the French championship is going to be very interesting over the next months”.

Interesting for the neutrals, but decisive for the future of Paris Saint-Germain and Ancelotti who must put silverware back in the club’s trophy cabinet or face the wrath of his success driven owners.
12  Forum / The Buzz Central / Court Extends Order On Striking Plateau Workers on: 17-12-2012 04:43PM
A Nigerian industrial court has told striking workers in the central state of Plateau, that it will not lift the restraining order imposed on them.

The National Industrial Court imposed the order 7 December and today, it extended it, pending the hearing and determination of the substantive case.

The court presided over by Justice Babatunde refused attempts by the state government to commence the hearing of the suit as there was no proof of service on the leaders of the workers union before the court.

He urged the state government to seek amicable resolution of the trade dispute and invoked section 20 of the National Industrial Court Act 2006, which recommends out of court settlement between parties, with a view to ending the Seven months old strike in the state.

The court also ordered for the publication of the next adjourned date of January 7th 2013, on two national dailies, one week from today, copies of which must be deposited before the court registry as proof of substituted means of service against the organised labour who were not in court

Speaking on efforts aimed at amicable settlement of the matter, the Secretary to the state government, Prof. Shedrack Best, said government had made concerted efforts through the state house of assembly, Plateau state Elders committee and religious leaders, made to reach a peaceful resolution of the dispute
13  Forum / The Buzz Central / Navy begins probe; victims’ bodies deposited at FMC Yenagoa on: 17-12-2012 04:36PM
The Nigerian Navy disclosed, yesterday, that it had commenced investigation into the cause of the crash even as bodies of the victims have been deposited at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

A statement signed by the Director of Naval Information, Commodore Kabiru Aliyu reads: “The Nigerian Navy wishes to confirm that search and rescue effort has led to the recovery of all the four passengers and the two pilots on board its helicopter, NN 07 which crashed on December 15, 2012.

“The bodies of the victims have been recovered from the scene of the incident and the crash site has been duly secured to allow for detailed investigation. It should be noted that the report of the investigation would be made available as soon as possible.”

The names of the victims, according to the statement are, Mr Patrick I. Yakowa, Governor of Kaduna State; General Andrew Owoye Azazi, former National Security Adviser; Mr Dauda Tsoho, aide to Governor Yakowa; Warrant Officer Mohammed Kamal, aide to General Azazi; Commander Murtala Muhammed Daba and Lieutenant Olukayode Sowola.

Gov declares 3-day mourning

Also yesterday, Governor Seriake Dickson of Beyelsa State declared a three-day mourning in the state and directed that flags should fly at half mast in honour of the crashed victims. He also cancelled all the state government engagements.

Nigerian Navy Augusta 109 Helicopter that crashed on Saturday and erstwhile National Security Adviser, Gen Andrew Azazi (rtd.)and Governor of Kaduna State, Mr. Patrick Yakowa and

Dickson, yesterday, accompanied by former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha; Chief of Naval Staff, Dele Ozeoba; top military chiefs and senior Bayelsa government officials visited the morgue of the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa where the remains of the victims of the ill-fated helicopter were deposited.

Speaking with newsmen, the governor who struggled to control his emotion said: “This is a very sad day for our dear state and great country. This day we are reminded once again of our mortality. It is tragic and irreparable loss for this state, the government and the people of Kaduna State. Let me first of all express our condolences on behalf of the good people of Bayelsa State and express our condolences to the people of Kaduna State whose Governor came visiting to strengthen and deepen bonds of brotherhood.

“Let me also express our condolences to the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Chief of Naval Staff for the loss of those gallant officers.

“The right steps and decisions will be taken. As a government, to underscore our profound strength of bereavement I hereby direct three days of mourning in memory and in honor of the contributions and services and sacrifices of our departed heroes. Within this period,  all flags in Bayelsa State shall fly at half mast.”

Bodies of victims moved to FMC Yenagoa

It was reliably gathered that the remains of the crashed victims were deposited at the morgue of the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa between 2.30 and 3am, yesterday, by military personnel deployed to the mangrove swamp, the scene of the tragic crash which threw the riverside settlement of Okoroba into mourning.

According to sources, the bodies were conveyed to the Ogbia waterfront in Ogbia Local Government Area in a convoy of boats accompanied by military gunboats where they were received by a waiting team of military personnel and top Bayelsa government officials before the remains were moved to the medical facility.

The Ogbia jetty was reportedly cordoned off by military operatives mourning the tragic incident.

We heard a phone ringing at crash site—Rescue operative

Some members of the rescue team involved in the emergency operations that located the crash site of the doomed helicopter alleged that the mobile phone of the late governor was rigging when his body was recovered from the wreckage at about midnight.

A joint search party of the Joint Task Force known as Operation Restore Hope, the youths of the Okoroba Community, members of the Civil Defence Corps and the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) recovered the remains of the crash victims.

A security operative, who pleaded anonymity, said with the assistance of the youths of the community, the crash site was discovered leading to the evacuation of the charred corpses.

The source who confirmed that the victims were burnt beyond recognition, however, said a corpse, which burnt from head to mid-section, with the lower parts covered with blue colour native attire, was identified as the Kaduna Governor.

According to him, “when we brought the body out, we started hearing sounds of phone ringing from the left side of the pocket. We later discovered that calls were coming to the phone and it could be from concerned persons but no one answered.”

Yero sworn in as new gov

Meanwhile, less than 24 hours after the death of Sir Ibrahim Patrick Yakowa, Governor of Kaduna State, his deputy, Alhaji Muktar Ramallan Yero was sworn in by Chief Judge of Kaduna State, Justice Rahila Cudjoe.

Yero was sworn in around 1:10pm at the Council Chambers  of Government House Kaduna, with his supporters in boisterous jubilation in the midst of the tragedy.

In his acceptance speech, Yero said: “It is with heavy heart that I make this speech having just fulfilled a constitutional requirement of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The sad event that befell Kaduna State, yesterday (Saturday), is already public knowledge.

“Our amiable Govenor, Sir Ibrahim Yakowa has suddenly left us by answering the call of our creator. Indeed, from Him we all came and to Him we would all, one day, return.”

Indeed, between these periods is the previledge we have to serve humanity.

“We are living testimonies to the fact that our amiable Governor, Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa , who came, did serve humanity in various and diverse capacities, well, and has suddenly, without notice, retuned to our Creator. His humility, dedication to duty, fairness to all and a high sense of humour, endeared him to many, near all and far, irrespective of religious, tribal or sectional inclinations. No wonder, he as given the pseudo name Nakowa (for everyone).

“This vision of Yakowa, Nakowa was to Secure, Unite and  Develop Kaduna State. He invested so much on this and started reaping the fruits of his labour. He wished to consolidate and advance on the achievements so far made and hence tagged Kaduna State’s 2013 Budget, which he presented to the Kaduna State House of Assembly on Thursday, 13th  December, 2012 as the “Budget of Consolidation and Advancement. I sincerely desire to build on the good foundation that my boss has laid. I therefore covet your prayers and for God’s wisdom,  guidance and direction.

“I take this opportunity to commiserate with the wife and immediate family of Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, in particular, members of the Government of Kaduna State and the entire citizens of the state over this sad moment we have found ourselves in.

May God in his infinite mercies comfort us all. I shall later in the day state wide broadcast to the citizens of Kaduna State when more details of the sad event are known.
14  Forum / The Buzz Central / Yuletide: Abia Police suspends all officers’ leave on: 17-12-2012 04:31PM
Umuahia – To ensure effective security during the Christmas and new year festivities, Abia Police Commissioner, Mr Ambrose Aisabor, said Abia police command had suspended all forms of leave for officers.

The commissioner said in an interview with reporters on Sunday in Umuahia that the suspension would last till the end of January.

He said the measure was in line with of the command’s commitment to securing live and property during the festive period.

“We are in a festive period and many people are looking for money; they want to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a big way and we in the police force are aware of that.

“We know that at this time of the year criminal activities are bound to increase and we are not going to allow that in Abia this season,’’ he said.

“From now till the end of January, no more causal leave, all annual vacations have been cancelled and no sleeping at nights.’’

He said that officers could take some few hours to rest during the day, adding that in the night, starting from the commissioner of police to the least-ranked person, everybody would be out to check crime.

Asibor added that his target was to achieve the recent paradigm shift to visibility policing as enunciated by the Inspector-General of Police

“We want to ensure that businessmen travelling to Aba to buy things do so without any hitch,’’ he said.

Aisabor said that he had already deployed officers to all entry routes in Abia.
15  Forum / The Buzz Central / India 'gang-rape': Student, friend attacked on Delhi bus on: 17-12-2012 03:42PM
A 23-year-old Indian student has been allegedly gang-raped inside a private bus in the capital, Delhi, police say.

The woman was travelling with a male friend on Sunday night when they were attacked. They were brutally beaten, stripped and thrown out of the vehicle.

Both have been admitted to hospital. The condition of the woman is reported to be "critical".

Delhi is often called the "rape capital of India" - police recorded more than 550 cases in the city last year.

Correspondents say Delhi can be a very difficult city for women, with sexual harassment commonplace and rapes and abduction all too frequent. The capital's rape figures are higher than for other Indian cities of comparable size, they say.

Police have registered a case and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has promised "strict action" against those responsible.

The woman and her friend had boarded the bus from Munirka area and were on their way to Dwarka in south-west Delhi.

They were returning after watching a film in a mall in south Delhi, police said.

The couple were attacked by "at least four men", police said. Some reports said the attackers included the bus staff.

On Monday, senior police officer Chhaya Sharma appealed to the public to help identify the owner of the bus.

At a press conference, police showed the camera recordings of a white luxury bus which they said could have been the one used in the crime.

The incident has led to outrage in the city.

"This is a shocking incident. I hope that the guilty are punished for the heinous crime," Delhi's Women and Child Development Minister Kiran Walia said.

The chairperson of the National Commission for Women, Mamata Sharma: "Such incidents are increasing in Delhi. Police and government should be really alert.

"We will get an inquiry done and will also inquire with the police as to what action has been taken so far."
16  Forum / Sports / Re: Mario Balotelli: Man City striker takes club to tribunal on: 17-12-2012 03:36PM
You are right.
17  Forum / Politics / Re: ANC Mangaung conference: South Africa foils 'bomb plot' on: 17-12-2012 03:36PM
I think soooo
18  Forum / The Buzz Central / Newtown shooting: First Connecticut funerals to be held on: 17-12-2012 03:35PM
All 20 children who died were aged between six and seven

The first funerals are to be held for victims of Friday's shootings at a school in the US state of Connecticut.

Noah Pozner and Jack Pinto, both aged six, will be buried after ceremonies at 13:00 local time (18:00 GMT).

Twenty children and six women died in the assault on Sandy Hook school by a lone gunman who then took his own life. He had earlier killed his mother.

On Sunday President Barack Obama told residents at a vigil in Newtown the US must do more to protect its children.

He said he would use the powers of his office to prevent a repeat of the tragedy, adding that the nation shared the townspeople's grief.

"We can't tolerate this anymore," Mr Obama said. "These tragedies must end and to end them we must change."

He made no specific mention of new gun control measures, but BBC North America editor Mark Mardell says this is the strongest pledge a president has ever made to wrestle with the powerful gun lobby.
Idol's jersey

Jack Pinto will be buried in the Newtown Village Cemetery, and Noah Pozner will be buried at the B'Nai Israel Cemetery in the nearby town of Monroe, according to local media reports.

The family of James Mattioli, six, is also holding a wake on Monday.

Other victims' funerals will be held throughout the week.

Jack Pinto was described as a sports lover, and reports say he may be buried in the No 80 jersey of his idol, New York Giants football player Victor Cruz.

Cruz played in a game on Sunday with the boy's name written on his shoes and gloves.

Noah Pozner was the youngest victim of the shooting, described by his family as inquisitive and mature for his age.

The parents of Jessica Rekos have spoken for the first time. In an interview with TV network ABC, they said "she was the family CEO, she was the boss". Her funeral takes place on Tuesday.

The BBC's Zoe Conway, in Sandy Hook, says that as well as remembering the dead, the community is getting ready for the start of the school week, with teachers struggling to know what to tell their students.
19  Forum / The Buzz Central / Petroleum Minister Allison-Madueke Returns To Hospital In London on: 17-12-2012 03:32PM
Nigeria’s controversial Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison-Madueke, has returned to a London hospital to continue treatment for an undisclosed ailment that is believed to be cancer.

Saharareporters sources said today that Mrs. Allison-Madueke made the journey last week, and began a daily therapy.  She is yet to return to Abuja.
Her one-week absence from Abuja has emboldened those Nigerians who have been calling for her removal to further pressure President Goodluck Jonathan to sack her as Minister of Petroleum Resources.  She is frequently cited on allegations of corruption and mismanagement, but is also known to be a close friend of the President’s.
Recently, the French government impounded a private jet that was carrying Jide Omokore, a business associate of the Minister, on suspicions that the jet-a Bombardier Global Express XRS- belongs to her.

Investigations show that the jet was purchased by the Bank of Utah Trustee in June 2012 through the same process that was recently used in purchasing private jets for the governors of Rivers and Akwa Ibom States.
20  Forum / The Buzz Central / President Jonathan’s Effort to Purchase Another Hawker 4000 Jet Tied on: 17-12-2012 03:29PM
President Jonathan’s Effort to Purchase Another Hawker 4000 Jet Tied Up In New York Bankruptcy Court

In addition to the two new luxury helicopters ordered by President Goodluck Jonathan from the Anglo-Italian AgustaWestland at a cost of $40 million, as SaharaReporters reported earlier today, we have learned that the government made a deposit of another $9 million for a Hawker 4000 jet.

In 2012 budget an additional $12 million was budgeted to complete the purchase of the jet.

But that money is now tied up in court, as our investigation has revealed that the manufacturer, Hawker Beechraft, entered into bankruptcy proceedings in the US District Court of Southern New York last May.

Curiously, the purchase notice was initiated by one Group Captain Ma Yakubu, who gave away the $9 million using the address of “Nigerian Presidential Wing, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Presidential Air Fleet Abuja, Nigeria.”  His phone number and email addresses were listed as follows:  +234 8052088048 and Ma[email protected]

Our sources say this is highly unusual, as the purchase order would normally have emanated not from an airport, but from within the presidency, the Ministry of Aviation or the Nigerian Air Force.

Yesterday’s crash of a Nigeria navy executive Agusta 109E helicopter, which killed Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa, former NSA Andrew Owoye Azazi and four others, while doing private errands for presidential aide Oronto Douglas, demonstrates how public property is routinely converted to private benefit especially in a corrupt administration. 

The presidency currently has at its disposal about 11 jets, many of them running errands on a daily basis for privileged officials and their relatives.  When those are not enough, they call for similar equipment that belong to the armed forces, the Nigeria Police, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, and similar offices.

“Yesterday, the naval helicopter was abused throughout the day, like a free taxi cab, until it simply fell out of the sky,” an analyst told SaharaReporters.

The two helicopters on order by Mr. Jonathan will cost Nigeria $40 million, but it is unclear how many similar equipment may be on order around the world, or have already been bought or delivered, because government officials often account to nobody.  The tracking of most contracts is non-existent after they have been awarded.

SaharaReporters has written to Group Captain Yakubu in an effort to obtain further information about the aborted purchase of the Hawker 4000 jet.

The US District court has approved Hawker Beechcraft’s plan to emerge from bankruptcy as a slimmer corporation, also last week the court authorized the company to sell off its entire inventory of Hawker 4000 jets at $20 million each.

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