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1701  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigerian FG waives visas for nationals of Kenya, Seychelles (Page 3) on: 4-02-2011 09:54 AM
Of what use is this to the development we so much crave for? Kenya & Seychelles? What do these countries have to offer us? Do Nigerians have enough of key amenities to extend to the citizens of these (poor) countries? I think there are more pressing issues GEJ should concern himself with.....
1702  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Landlord Stabs Tenant’s Wife Over N4,000 Rent on: 3-02-2011 12:43 PM
Quote from: buroma on  3-02-2011 11:00 AM
when sence too much . e dey kill. if you collect rent then pay accordingly. dont try to play on others inteligence. most tenants  play on the  can see from the report that she was not taking the landlord serious,she was rather trying to mess him up. which the landlord over-reacted to. how can you be living in peoples house without adequate plan for payment. if one income cannot pay for the apartment he rents he should move out to a cheaper apartment that he can pay for. There is no need for all this kind of trobles. we must pray to God to help  us build  our own house. onece u never build ur own house even land lord increase rent yearly you dont have option rather than to pay or move out to a less costlier apartment. the conclustion is struggle to buil a house no matter how small or how poorly located it is and live in it with comfort and peace of mind.

Cutting off the head is not a panacea to matter what, the landlord shouldn't have stabbed her! There is a law that guides landlord-tenant relationships for crying out loud! Guess he's too damn illiterate to know the proper thing to do. U said people should struggle to build their own houses irrespective of the u know how much a parcel of land cost? How many people can afford decent meals not to talk of buying lands and building houses? Would u rather build a house in ur village and live there even if you work here in Lagos all because u want to avoid landlords? Have u seen anyone who wouldn't prefer living in his/her won house to being a tenant in some tout's house? Abeg! If wishes were horses............
1703  Forum / Family / Re: It's Not Easy Growing Up... (Page 4) on: 3-02-2011 10:43 AM
I remember being made to read & understand books meant for higher classes...e.g. in pry 3, I had to read and understand books meant for pry 4....being made to write and pass some exams @ an early age...never had time for fun....but I would have loved to grow up with my dad whom I lost at the age of 1yr 11 months.....
1704  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Landlord Stabs Tenant’s Wife Over N4,000 Rent on: 3-02-2011 10:27 AM
For just N4,000, he's paying N50,000 plus whatever the hospital bill might be. He should thank his stars the victim is still alive....he must be a tout, untrained and uncouth silly ass who inherited the house which is his only means of responsible man with other means of livelihood would stab anyone over N4000.00. If I were the Judge, in addition to whatever punishment is meted out to him, I would ensure the tenants continue living in that house free of charge for as long as they wish and the stupid landlord (sic) must sign an undertaken that no harm would come to them...some people are not just fit to live among other human beings....
1705  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Lost In Transit: Dubai-Based Nigerian Family Disappears On Way To Asaba on: 3-02-2011 10:07 AM
This is so pathetic...I agree the man acted rather too slowly...and if on that day he thought the wife's phone was switched off because she was tired, why didn't he get across to his mother-in-law whom his family had gone to visit? I think the guy lived too long outside Nigeria to know how unsafe this country can be...and it's so irritating that no arrest has been made. The man who introduced the driver should at least be in police custody answering some questions by now and the car-hire outfit's owner because the driver is a representative of the outfit. More so, didn't the driver give guarantors before he was employed? Through his guarantors, some facts may be found out about the and large, I pray they are found safe & sound....
1706  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: My mom would have died prematurely if I’d married Timaya –Empress Njamah on: 2-02-2011 04:51 PM
If I were her, I wouldn't say a thing like this publicly....just my opinion.
1707  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: WTF??? 72-Year Old Teacher Seeks Divorce (Page 7) on: 2-02-2011 04:13 PM
There is fire on the mountain.....
1708  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: WTF??? 72-Year Old Teacher Seeks Divorce (Page 7) on: 2-02-2011 04:10 PM
There is fire on the mountain........ Kiss Huh?
1709  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Angry Mob set Zenith bank ablaze after police shot a pregnant woman dead on: 2-02-2011 03:46 PM
I do not agree with the mob setting the blank ablaze - I wouldn't have cared if it was the idiot murderer that was torched! & if all these illiterate police guys must continue to carry guns then let guns be legalized and made available for everyone! Nigerian Police? So pathetic!
1710  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Bakare: God Told Me To Run With Buhari on: 2-02-2011 01:52 PM
Quote from: veldana on  1-02-2011 05:47 PM
D story too long abeg. i'll read u later.

I agree with u entirely. Every 'unusual politician' tells u it's GOD who sends them or says they should contest.....God never fails and God only reveals what HE has already perfected so please Vice Presido Tunde Bakare, don't give us stories when the table finally turns in favour of GEJ o....abeg!
1711  Forum / Politics / Re: it sound strange.......... on: 1-02-2011 09:52 AM
Oh My God....Naija syndrome....
1712  Forum / Politics / Jonathan says he won’t contest 2015 elections on: 1-02-2011 09:50 AM
President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday said that he will not contest in the 2015 elections and that he will ensure that free and fair elections are conducted during the April polls. Speaking during an interactive session with Nigerians, primarily diplomats working in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the African Union (AU), the president assured them that if he is voted for the next four years, he will ensure significant improvement in key sectors of the economy like security, power, education, road, health among others.

“Without security there is no government so it is not debatable, it is something we have to address and we are working towards that with vigour. But if I am voted into power within the next four years, the issue of power will become a thing of the past. Four years is enough for anyone in power to make significant improvement and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything even if I am there for the next four years” he said.

Fielding questions from those present at the session on whether Nigerians abroad will vote, Mr Jonathan said “I would have loved that the Nigerians in Diaspora vote this year but to be frank with you, that is going to be difficult now. Presently, the law does not allow voting outside Nigeria and so this year, Nigerians in Diaspora will not vote but I will work towards it by 2015 even though I will not be running for election”, he said.

On the issue of security in the country, Mr Jonathan said the government is doing everything possible to arrest the situation adding that all those involved in the October 1st bombing have been arrested and are currently being prosecuted. He also said he ordered the release of the car dealers because they were just businessmen who could not have known that the vehicles were to be used for such heinous crime.

As regards road network and transportation in the country, he assured the audience that the railway system will soon be revamped because presently, heavy duty vehicles are destroying the roads. “Why we cannot have continuous road maintenance for now is because no contractor wants to go into it because of the continuous pressure on the road by heavy duty vehicles. That is why we are working to ensure that we revamp the rail”.

Care for Nigerian Diaspora

The president also addressed issues raised on having a database of Nigerian experts in the Diaspora, Mr Jonathan assured them that he is working on creating a forum for interaction between them and that the government will also develop a database, where experts needed to address the various challenges of the economy will be drawn from. He hinted that this is why the Diaspora Commission is being set up and the bill is already before the National Assembly.

The President also disclosed that the government is planning to review the country’s foreign policy to ensure that Nigeria gets maximum benefit from its roles and contributions to international organisations like the AU, UN and ECOWAS.

He further lamented that right now, Nigeria’s contributions are not being recognised adding that “there is need for Nigeria to have something in return for our investments. We are investing so much but it is not being noticed and there is need to reverse that trend.”

The President further assured that Nigerians working in international organisations and institutions will be issued diplomatic passports. Following this, he directed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Odein Ajumogobia to submit the list of those qualified within the shortest possible time to him.
1713  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Mandela Should Have Been Flown To Nigeria For Treatment on: 1-02-2011 09:03 AM
Hmmmm....of course we have the best medical centers in Nigeria....centers which are ghosts of their former selves and manned by ghosts of some of the best brains Nigeria once had....just like other key facilities which are all ghosts.....just like there are more ghost-workers than living ones in our public sector....well, some of us still believe in the Lord that is able to make dead bones rise again....and when this time comes hopefully, all ghostly amenities shall be brought back to life....

To Mandela, I wish u many more years in good health and peace of mind...
1714  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Snooker dispute sparks deadly clashes in Nigeria Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:14am GMT Pr on: 31-01-2011 05:31 PM
Quote from: chinazous on 29-01-2011 04:55 AM
Quote from: mamood on 29-01-2011 01:27 AM
I find this post preposterous. "Islam" and "snooker game" are incongruous. No sane muslim will fight for Islam because of snooker game. Your hatred for Islam makes you attribute any rubbish to Muslims. Keep on beating the drum of war, it will surely consume you all. INFIDELS!
you keep cursing people here and there.
why dont you start a non governmental organization to educate these people if you think you know better.
words without action is meaningless.

1715  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Naijapals is unfair to muslims !!! on: 28-01-2011 03:29 PM
Quote from: money-changer on 28-01-2011 03:23 PM
Quote from: divineproject on 28-01-2011 11:51 AM
Quote from: money-changer on 28-01-2011 01:10 AM
Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.

la ilaha illallah
la ilaha illallah
la ilaha illallah

Oga, I have been reading most of ur posts on this particular topic............unfortunately you have only been stating what we the Southern Christians have been complaining is not by force to worship your own way.  Nobody takes me or any of my household captive because we refuse to follow his/her religion.  And as I know the power in my spoken and written word, I hereby decree that all those who plan to kill Christians because they refuse to follow their religion(s) shall die even before they carry out that plan.  I make this decree in Jesus' name........Amen!.........and am angry while writing this, if I were those murders who murder in the name of God, I will make a change..........

The Prophet said: 'This religion will continue to exist, and a group of people from the Muslims will continue to fight for its protection until the Hour is established.

1716  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: ~ Let's Kill English Langage on: 28-01-2011 03:24 PM
I were teared and hunger after reading dis post.....from d bottomless of my heart...
1717  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Snooker dispute sparks deadly clashes in Nigeria Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:14am GMT Pr on: 28-01-2011 02:31 PM
BAUCHI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Clashes between Christian and Muslim youths in central Nigeria triggered by a game of snooker have killed four people and led to the burning of houses, churches and mosques, police said on Friday.

Residents said the dispute in Tafawa Balewa, in Bauchi state, started when a man from the Muslim Hausa ethnic group refused to pay for a snooker game on Wednesday evening.

The snooker club owners, from the mostly Christian Sayawa ethnic group, threw him out but he returned with a gang of friends and tried to set the building ablaze, witnesses said.

Several houses and places of worship were torched as rioting broke out the following morning, leading the police to call in reinforcements from the northern states of Gombe and Kano and the local government to impose a dusk-to-dawn curfew.

"We cordoned off the area in order to prevent a spill over of the crisis to other places," Bauchi state police commissioner Mohammed Abdulkadir Indabawa said.

Bauchi lies next to Plateau state, where religious and ethnic clashes have killed more than 200 people over the past month, according to U.S.-based Human Rights Watch.

There have been almost daily clashes between Christian and Muslim mobs in villages around Jos, the capital of Plateau state, since a series of bombs were detonated during Christmas Eve celebrations a month ago, killing scores of people.

The tension is rooted in decades of resentment between indigenous groups, mostly Christian or animist, who are vying for control of fertile farmlands and for economic and political power with migrants and settlers from the Muslim north.

It is largely contained within one region of Africa's most populous nation and does not, on its own, risk derailing presidential, parliamentary and state elections in April.

But it is likely to escalate in the run-up to the polls and gives President Goodluck Jonathan's administration another security challenge on top of attacks by a radical Islamic sect in the remote northeast and the threat of renewed violence in the oil-producing Niger Delta, on Nigeria's southern coast.
1718  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Nollywood Magazine: Over photoshoping dey worry us on: 28-01-2011 11:32 AM
Quote from: lanudja on 28-01-2011 07:58 AM
Quote from: pholake on 27-01-2011 04:31 PM
Genevieve's 'brushed' picture looks like that of a doll to me...have u ever watched Barbie cartoon? So much like that.....just my opinion!
And hw do u look? U re nt half of her even if she is nt make up.

This is quite laughable. I am not talking about Genevieve or her beauty here...I never said she's ugly either. It's just a critic on the 'brushed' picture...of course no one doubts her beauty...please, u do not have to be aggressive in ur comments..
1719  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Senator Florence Ita Giwa Buys N31M Bentley on: 28-01-2011 11:20 AM
@ 63? When she's supposed to increase her good deeds in readiness for grave? Anyway, as some people God give am....
1720  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Naijapals is unfair to muslims !!! (Page 27) on: 28-01-2011 11:07 AM
Quote from: abbeyy74 on 28-01-2011 10:58 AM
Quote from: pholake on 28-01-2011 10:29 AM
Quote from: blings_is_back on 28-01-2011 10:13 AM
pholake are u a theologian?

Don't mind the guy jare...he thinks no xtian knows anything about Islam....I hate it when some people just compound issues unnecessarily. A whole lot of people believe Muslims are killers, instead of him to make an effort to disabuse people's mind like the poster did, he's busy worsening people's impression/belief. Some of them just read the Qua'ran without having an in-depth understanding of its meanings and applications. A lot were said which only applied to times of events of that period! Infact, I hate the stand of some of them on 2 issues killing in the name of fighting for the cause of God and the approval of polygamy.
fank u o [email protected] baby 4 talking some sense into that cows head,yeye son of a warrior,maybe he should go and enroll in the army and be in the front at the boarder so that their will be peace in the area where he is living and his type will not even have the chance of corrupting the other good eggs among them

Are we even sure he's a Nigerian and not from Chad or Niger? Plus, he can't be accepted in the army lailai...his kinds can't face that kind of war with sophisticated missiles...they only kill people who are defenseless and meek...they kill people who believe in peace and who do not share their idea of murdering for God....
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