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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: If the whole world was listening to you, what would you say on: 2-12-2008 11:59 AM
i wuld say, let de whole world live in unity & stop descrimination
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: drop punch lines, motivational sayings, wise words, slogans, etc here on: 5-11-2008 03:44 PM
The aim of de wise is not 2 secure pleasure but 2 avoid pain!
3  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: which tribe they kills niaja image pass for abroad on: 5-11-2008 03:31 PM
until we start working as a Nation, sharing ideas on how and what 2 do 4  our country n not as separate bodies,  things will always remain bad.
we all belong 2 dis country 'Nigeria' no matter  Ur tribe, race etc. we cant separate n be able 2 agree n  make a change. So pls ma naija people lets make de topic much interesting by eliminating "Shelf" but address de Dilemma  as one people so we can defeat it.
4  Forum / Health / traditional or modern medicine? on: 10-06-2008 04:49 PM
4 me i prefere  modern medicine,though traditional is helpful at de infant stage (but when it comes to complications, u can't trust traditional medications, cos they  could be very risky u know!)
5  Forum / Health / Ahealthy life; on: 16-05-2008 05:13 PM
health is the most vital aspect of every liiving thing, it is therefore important 2 have a healthy life: in all that we pursue, wiat a minute how can one maintain a perfect healthy life? what if there were mistakes  along the way? is there a chance of rewriting them? what does this life realy entails without good health?....
6  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: The 22 things to do to drive men crazy!! on: 29-03-2008 10:40 AM
talk about his family each time u discusse
1. Do not say what you mean. Ever.
2. Be ambiguous. Always.
3. Cry. Cry often. Tell them it`s their fault.
4. Bring things up that were said, done, or thought months or years ago.
5. Make them apologize for everything.
6. Stash feminine products in their backpacks and in their books as cute reminders that you were thinking of them.
7. Gossip. Gossip about everything that walks.
8. Play Alanis Morissette`s "You Outta Know," loud. Look at them Smile.
9. Look them in the eye and start laughing.
10. Cry.
11. Get mad at them for everything.
12. Discuss your period in front of them. Watch them squirm.
13. Hold grudges.
14. Demand to be e-mailed. Often. Whine when they don`t comply.
15. When complimented, make sure to be paranoid. Take nothing at face value.
16. Use daddy as a weapon. Tell them about his gun collection, his quick trigger finger, and his affection for his "little princess."
17. Be late for everything. Yell if they`re late.
18. Talk about your ex-boyfriend 24-7. Compare and contrast.
19. Go everywhere in groups, especially the bathroom. Do nothing alone. Independence is a sign of weakness.
20. Cry.
21. Make them guess what you want and then get mad when they`re wrong.
22. Plan little relationship anniversaries, i. e. the monthly anniversary of the time you saw each other in the library. . . for five minutes. Then get mad at them for forgetting. Then cry.
[/quote] Cheesy