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11521  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Men in the delivery room on: 7-04-2009 04:18PM
Quote from: Recoverd on 16-02-2009 04:57PM
;Dso dats wat u get up 2 eh u no dey tire?good 4 u hanywayz i feel if a woman wants a man 2 be wid her in d labour room he should i mean it;s equal rights here 9months no be small ting u both produced it 2gether sperm and egg abi so wats wrong wid him being there while she delivers there child a beautiful creation brought down from god. Cheesy
11522  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: HOW DO YOU KNOW IF SOMEONE REALLY LOVE YOU? on: 7-04-2009 03:42PM
Well u can never be certain whether one loves u or not some don't even know what love is or wat it means?there still has not been a perfect definition of love also there are different types of love Roll Eyes you may be friends wid some1 and u may love them they also love u but not in d same way u know?u need 2 know wat love is first?i guess everything in a life is a risk love is one u can never know. Huh?
11523  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: LIFE ITSELF on: 7-04-2009 03:03PM
HUHHuh? Roll EyesSounds like ur speaking in proverbs or something just answer d question in d simplest way possible because we no get u. Tongue
11524  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Beyounce becoming Sasha Fierce-is it true on: 7-04-2009 02:38PM
Ommmmm i wanted 2 mention dis earliar dis is how u spell *beyonce* not beyounce about ur topic i don't think she is becoming sasha fierce if i am understanding wat this is she has got dis sort of character2 her i cant't remember wat they call it which she calls sasha but i don't think she will become her well i dont know anyway. Tongue
11525  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: everytime on: 7-04-2009 02:22PM
Quote from: Danitotropsy on 28-03-2009 09:14PM
Na only hug u go gv am,em say mk u cal am.just tel am mk him send u #1000 credit.
Lol MENNNNNNNNNNNN it's still funny sha you dis pet u turn topic upside down anywayz i undertsand u must be very, very ,very lonely Sad Cheesypeace out

To u princess u feeling happy when u seeing a couple 2gether holding hands is perfectly normal i mean it,s 2 lover's connecting 2 each other through d hands it's a beautiful sight it's shows dat they are proud 2 let people know there 2gether and don't want 2 let eachother go as 4 me i like it when i c people happy it makes me happy u know sometimes when people laughing u also feel like laughing also besides how many nigerians do you know dat hold hands in public?it hardly happens?why?anywayz dats wat i gotta say. Wink
11526  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: What are the things that make u trip 4 a man/woman? on: 7-04-2009 01:49PM
So you guys r saying personality abi?so if he got dat u no need his money eh?u go eat his personality?r u guys sure dats d only thing im not suggesting anything here  Grin I JUST HOPE ALL OF U R BEING REALLY AND TRUELLY HONEST Roll Eyes Undecided C YA.
11527  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Teen sex on: 7-04-2009 12:09PM
Quote from: Danitotropsy on  7-04-2009 12:03AM
Quote from: PreetyInstinct on  6-04-2009 11:19PM
trust naija parents now,they believe teling there children about it wil spoil them.
well that's d problem they need 2 stop all dat because who will they blame at the end of the day?the child abi when u don't teach them the media will all their friends whichever they will find out some way.
11528  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / What are the things that make u trip 4 a man/woman? on: 6-04-2009 11:55PM
What is it about a guy or gurl dats grabs ur attention makes u start salivating desireing them sexually ,physically,emotionally and all dat?Is it all about wat they wear?the way they walk?wat cologne they use?there backside,Bosom s,physicall assets?is it the way they walk?the way they talk?if u could not see that gurls nice round shape she was in rags or even just covered up from head 2 toe would u still want her?if this guy was not shaped up well nice smile and all dat will u still go 4 him?is it all about looks?wat are ur turn offs?anywayz sha lets talk about it peace out Wink
11529  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Teen sex on: 6-04-2009 11:19PM
11530  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What do you think about body piercing ? on: 6-04-2009 10:50PM
Well nah ur body so do watever u like wid it but there r some peircings that r just disgusting and disturbing like the big whole and dangly ear dat one is so ewwww just 2 name one some places r just undecent some go rather wild when it comes 2 exploring,experimentig and all dat i mean there have been a few piercings that have come 2 mind but dats 4 me 2 know alone :Dno be dat 1 ooo....what does d bible say about it?u guys no even mention dat 1 anywayz every has a choice do watever pleases u Smiley
11531  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: My girlfriend taught me on: 6-04-2009 10:18PM
It's Don Jazzy Again  ;Dblah blah blah i agree wid u eagle tired of dis if she was dat anxious and unsure about her man boyfriend watever then maybe he  he wasn't right 4 her was she dat insecure? damn how old is she sef?did she say wat should she do?as in if she should box her gf or wat? hehe or she still dey investigate d guy?whether he go come back love her or wat?or maybe she think say juju dey 4 his eye?i think she has serious issues he was so quick 2 love her gf so does dat not tell her enuff abeg move on wid ur life jare it's like she use her own hand spoil her garri but at the other it was not meant 4 her in d first place u know wat i mean? ::)alright peace.
11532  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What should a man do to make his woman ALWAYS GO CRAZY about him on: 6-04-2009 10:00PM
Ok i have seen some of the posts some r reasonable some just revolting i could not be bothered 2 see all so.....wat do i have 2 say about this?well i guess every1 is different so every1 expresses how they feel in different ways besides how would u know if she is crazy about u ?not dat i want 2 base this on sex but do u want her 2 be so crazy about u dat she will make love 2 u day and night?u that want's ur woman 2 be crazy about u r u crazy about her?how crazy do u want her 2 be about u?crazy can me a lot of things u no even put whether na crazy in love or wetin?do u want her 2 be so crazy about u dat she becomes obsessive?calling u every second of the day, watching ur every movement,is it just 2 make u feel good and 4 d fun of it.
There is crazy and there is CRAZyyyyy let's say if she is crazy in love wid u this kind of thing can sometimes become suicidle when a woman loves one 2 much she could end up killing herself,killing u,or both it could even lead 2 much more and go much deeper dis kind of relatonship can be hard 2 get out of  she could even end up mentally ill and really crazy  :oat the end of the whole thing anywayz let me not go 2 far wid this and not be 2 dramatic i think all u can do is have her best intrests in mind find out wat her likes/dislikes,hobbies,intrests are treat her like a princess motivate her share her dream wid her complement her whenever u can listen 2 her when she speaks do everything u can  2 make her happy but always remember 2 stay true 2 urself don't try 2 be wat u r not at the end of the day u can't really force or make any1 feel wat they don't u may  hve money now and u shower it on her 2day and dats wat she loves u may not have dat money 2 morrow so wat happens?your guess is as good as mine the gurl simply walks out of ur life we see dis in lot whether in movies,reallife,magazines u may even end up d one crazy after all of it try 2 not 2 focus 2 much on the materilastic and vain side of life because all is vanity upon vanity nothing ever last just search ur heart and u should know wat is best 4 u. Smiley
11533  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Valentine's palaver!!...Girl 18 commited suicide on: 6-04-2009 08:47PM
Some of u guys r talking about sex here where does it say anything about her having sex?wat has a gurl hanging herself 4 her boyfriend got 2 do wid sex?how do we know she had sex wid him?everything hasn't got 2 be about sex u know anywayz who am i 2 say whether or not she did or not there is no proof about anything well i think her killing herself just because her boyfriend supposibly dumped her and was going 2 go on a valentine wid another girl that was not enuff reason 4 her 2 kill herself infact there is no good reason 2 kill urself i mean god has a purpose 4 everyone and she just threw it away just because of a guy he probably does'nt even care any less about whether she is allive or not as soon as he followed anoda gurlwhat can we even call dis?what can we say dat she was nieve,hopelessly in love,stupid well i would say she was 2 daft she had not even had d chance to even enjoy life she was still very young i mean d way people r killing thereselves is just uncalled for2 think of it she is 18 should she not be reading her books?wat a shame i wonder where god shall put her heaven or hell well i guess dats 4 god 2 judge peace out.
11534  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / What Does Sex Mean to You? on: 5-04-2009 07:45PM
What does sex mean 2 u?When u think of sex what comes to ur mind?What do u imagine?Is it just something of pleasure,lust,obsession?Can u live without it?How often do u think of it?Is sex really an expression of love?Did Adam & Eve have sex? :oDo you have to love or respect d person u have sex with?Should we be experimenting with different styles in d bedroom?Why do pple have one night stands?Why do u hve sex?Is it food 4 u?Does it boost ur confidence?Why is it that when a virgin looses her virginity to a guy she becomes clingy 2 him?When u see a hot woman/man walking down d road do they remind u of sex?What comes to ur mind does a person need to dress transparantly or undecent 4 u 2 desire them sexually?Is all just a game and piece of flesh 2 u?
Is it a competition 4 u?Do you boast about it with friends?Is sex only 4 married people?If everyone stayed virgins and tried abstenace maybe there would be no such thing as STD,HIV,and all the other ghastly diseases/sicknesses?Should all the blame be put on the graphical,sex explicit images from d media.Is sex another word for porn? ::)When u call some1 sexy wat does dat really mean?Does it mean that they r sexuirable?Is an orgasm important while having sex?Do u have 2 be attracted 2 some1 2 have sex with them?What are ur limits?Do u have any policies when it comes 2 sex?How far are u willing 2 get sex?Would u ever sleep with a member of ur family/best friend/stranger/mamiwater Grin/driver/same sex as u e.t.c? Roll Eyes

Why do parents shy away and not talk about it with their children?Is it because they think they know already,r they not dat good at it themselves,they don't want them 2 know what they get up 2 groose Lips Sealed ;Dr they are not dat educated,is it really ungodly to talk about it?This all needs 2 stop let's talk about it sex is something that is overated a lot now some of us r endulging in such acts for the wrong reasons ,some r addicted and don't even know it,some will do anything just 2 get it from whoever they desire sex has infected and poisoned so many peoples minds that it's just an everday thing 4 them ask all these questions to urself and share wat u think.
11535  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: what is the strangest thing you have encountered on NAIJAPALS on: 5-04-2009 06:15PM
I just arrived so I haven't and i don't hope 2 but im surprised dat I hve not become famous yet Embarrassedjust kidding NO is my final answer peace. Smiley
11536  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: VIRGIN MARY on: 4-04-2009 09:45PM
Well I guess d men should kinda speak up I mean It's directed 2 u .....well yes I do think a man appreciates a virgin wat reason does he have not 2?he will have much more trust 4 her because he knows dat she has self-discipline and love of rightousness u r giving him a part of ur body dat u hve never shared wid any other person.Being a virgin is a thing of pride so even if he does not cherish u u can still lift ur head up high and be proud of urself opening up ur legs 2 any man all in d name of love,lust,experimentation watever will not only but cheapen u in d eyes of man i mean if dis man really loves u he should be proud of u because some r just c something they like and there aim is just 2 get it noth thinking about wat it may evolve but i guess at d end of the day d choice is yours. Smiley
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