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Quote from: dotty on 24-06-2009 11:23 PM
[/left][/left]Nowadays, many celebrities and notable people in the society are surprising us by their innovation which has helped to distinguish them from their peers.
By deviating a bit or much into fashion or clothing, television shows, establishment of foundations, community development projects, etc, they exhibit a reasonable level of social responsibility.
Kokomansion, a reality TV show, an initiative of Afro beat singer, Oyebanjo Daniel Dapo aka D’banj, is the latest development in this scene so far.
The show aims at finding the ideal African woman amongst a number of young women lodged in a large house (Kokomansion) for a stipulated period of time.

Now, there is a big controversy about the show; the search for the ideal African woman.
I strongly disagree with this because there are several faults about it that must be corrected.

First, we must not mingle the definition of an ideal (let’s leave African aside for now) woman with the kokolet in as much as D’banj, the kokomaster is involved. They are two separate entities.
The virtues or features of an ideal woman cannot be overemphasised. It can never be in any way compared to that of the ideal kokolet being hunted in the real sense. It is like word and opposite.
No ideal woman of real value or good moral standards will allow herself to be debased by such a travesty of a show.
The ideal woman is immaterial.
She is a scarce commodity in this present age, she is hard to find.
She loves to keep a low profile (doesn’t mean she is a shyster anyway).
Once again, her virtues cannot be overemphasised.
Most probably, we would be having the unideal women on the show because no ideal woman will allow herself to be bought so cheaply with a diamond ring, a cash prize of N5m and so on.

Evidently, the ulterior intent of the show is for self-aggrandisement; the public sales of D’banj’s ID, ‘kokomaster’ and other labels as koko, kokolet, etc, making this whole ideal woman idea a perfect adaptive camouflage.

Also, the show proves to be an effective method of multiplying his harem of kokolets.

Again, for a show of high sensitivity as this kind that calls for decency and sanity, D’banj is very much inappropriate to host it as we are aware of his status as a single and more importantly, his excessive inclination towards women.

I suppose his efforts will be more appreciated if he engages in projects that will add value and improve the quality of life in more meaningful ways, especially with the current state of general decline in the country and in the world as a whole.
If you ask me, I may suggest water projects, scholarship programmes for students, skill acquisition programmes, and rehabilitation for orphans, destitutes and the have-nots in the society.
bros u talk 2 muc
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the 1st best plantashun boiz artist that is doin very well is 2fae
followed by faze
and blackfaceis nowhere near
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Quote from: stealth_biatch on  4-07-2009 11:02 PM
what situation ??
chris brown beating rihanna up
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handsome- dbanj
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i dont like the song . the only thing that made it good was 2face
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wha is wrong with timaya sef. when did they break up Shocked Shocked Shockedhttp://. and w did he do that in the church , he could have waited till laer on.and hes always singing about god what kind of behaviour is thta. i am dissapionted Angry
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teeco da laffing guy look like you,      Grin
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teeco dis laffin guy look like you