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1  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Im so Tired, I don't know what to do. on: 07:11 PM, 21/07/2009
Here I am again. I am just wondering if I should just let go. The only thing is, he has no where to go. He always picks arguments with me, after I pick him up from work, just before we lay our heads down to sleep, he has something negative to say to me, I just say I'm sorry or try to plead my case and pray, and try to sleep. I was taught never to go to bed angry with your spouse. I would really like to have a friend to talk to because I'm tired of holding all of these things inside.  Sad I don't know, what to do.
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I agree with Sandie.
4  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Please guys, help me on this one? (Male or Female) on: 04:59 PM, 29/04/2009
Well, I have examined myself over and over again, and i have asked him as well. I have sacraficed in order to make him happy and to make sure he's okay with me. So I think its more of a psychological thing. I have noticed for the past couple of days he's been behaving so far so maybe the prayers are working. But only time will tell. Anyhow, i will just keep praying and if God wants me with him, that is where I will be, and if not I won't be. Thanks again my dear.
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Thank all of you for your help and comments. I appreciate. Sometimes when you're in pain you need someone to talk to. Thanks again for being there for me. Bless You!
6  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Should there be a law, legalizing same sex marriage in Nigeria? on: 07:14 PM, 27/04/2009
I think that same sex marriages shouldn't be at all, anywhere in the world. Now the statement that was made about the Nigerians getting caught up in the ways of the West (being gay) are not right. I think that the Nigerians that you are speaking about were already having feelings that they were gay or already knew that they were attracted to the same sex and upon coming to the West they discovered that they can be open about their sexuality and at home they can not. Being gay is a choice and I don't think it matters where you're from. Its an individual choice.
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8  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Please guys, help me on this one? (Male or Female) on: 04:21 PM, 27/04/2009
I am a bit confused. Just because your fiance(or a man who calls himself your husband) cheats on you does it mean that something is wrong with you? Or how do you handle the situation?, when he is cheating and you know he is but if you mention something that you know he tells you that you are useless, stupid, and insecure, and he says that nothing is going on, but you know better, evidence is all around and there are facts to prove it. At times you don't say anything to avoid an argument, but inside its hurting you because you don't want to go into a marriage where a man is cheating and lying to you in the name of God. Its just wrong, but help me on this one, What should be done?  Undecided
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