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1  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Why do some of our 9ja men think it's okay to have 2 wives? on: 18-06-2008 11:26 PM
  Hi y'all, I know you will find this interesting, but I really want to know what y'all think.

 My maternal greatgrandfather had 7 wives, my grandfathers, on both side, had 2 wives. Huh? I ask myself " how in God's name can you love more than 1 person at a time?" What really baffles me most is the women, what exactly do they want out of that kind of relationship? What kind of love do they have for their so call "husband"? I know definitely it's not love, but why would any lady in her right mind want to be with some1 that already has a wife?

 As young as I am, I mean I've had quite a few experiences in life, and I can tell you it wasn't it at all. I tried keeping 2 guys at one point, but believe me it wasn't easy, even though it was part of growing up, if you know what I mean  Wink and I was much in love with one than the other. It wasn't fun at all.

 Please my people, I need you to tell me why do we see polygamy as an "alrighty" thing?

More relevant questions for the for the guys:
What do you think the wives would think of the husband?
Would the hubby think they genuinely love him?
Would he be happy?
How exactly is he planning to make it work out amongst them?
Why in the first place, did he decided to get a second wife?

Just so you know, my great and grandfathers are dead, I would have love to hear what they have to say themselves- WHY?

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