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Quote from: teephah on 22-04-2008 12:16 PM
All i need is your opinion on this issue,because i dnt have any.Waiting for your replies
This is a very hard question. Love is very strange and can hit a human in many feelings, but to marry a prostitute is only for the two that are to be married. I believe that you treat the other one in the relationship as you want to be treated and no issues of what the other person has done in their past. But if the prostitute will not retire at this profession then you will find yourself with trust issues. So ho ever the prostitute marries they better make enough money to support the two of them. Remember a prostitute is just like a actor or a actress the will tell you what ever you want to hear to be sure of their task at hand what ever that might be. Any man or woman that marries a prostitute needs to know up front and handle that issue in the start of the relationship so their is a clear understanding. This is a very good question but as you know love heals all. When you really love someone does it really matter at all.  Grin