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1  Forum / Celebrity Talk & Discussions / Re: ”Wizkid is my everything” – Wizkid’s Girlfriend speaks on: 15-05-2013 04:32PM
Life is about destiny and individual timing.I know hundreds of better singers that this half baked singer. But na I'm tyme.vocally I go bury you. Am not beefing,am just wondering
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Man Vomits 27 Condoms Stuffed With Drugs on: 15-05-2013 04:02AM
ΨђåƮ can you do for it
3  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What Is Wrong With This Photo [Pinging and Peeping Edition] on: 10-05-2013 02:00PM
This "wat is wrong with this photo" thingy is getting are over doing it
4  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Popular Veteran Actor Lere Paimo Suffers A Stroke on: 7-05-2013 08:13PM
Haaa baba noway. Get well soon. There is no one like you in da yoruba movie industry
5  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: My Weekend experience part 3.Τ̲̅ђέ E.N.D on: 3-05-2013 09:06PM
My part four will be out and it just might be Τ̲̅ђέ last edition as am not getting enough response
6  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: SEE GOBE!! Super Eagles Star Chidi Odiah Turns Taxi Driver In USA on: 3-05-2013 02:54PM
Not even a pix to support
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Boko Haram Militants Showing Off Weapons "Captured" From An Army Barack Raid on: 29-04-2013 10:04PM
ΨђåƮ are u waiting for,start to kill urselfs with it
8  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Photos From Celebrity Pastor, Dr. Sign Fireman's Wedding on: 29-04-2013 09:33AM
Did water man attend Τ̲̅ђέ wedding,lol happpy married life hummer jeep riding pastor
9  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / hon Patrick and others Reacts to Why Τ̲̅ђέ chicken crossed Τ̲̅ђέ road on: 29-04-2013 08:50AM
Simple Question: “Why Did The Chicken Cross
The Road?Huh?
We don't really care why the chicken crossed
the road. We just want to know if the chicken
is on our side of the road or not.
The chicken is either against us or for us.
There is no middle ground here.
I have just witnessed eChicken2012 which
will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs, file
your important documents, and balance your
checkbook; internet explorer is an integral
part of eChicken.
I have a dream... and envision a world where
all chickens will be free to cross roads
without having their motives called into
I guess it's a manifestation of our
transformation agenda for fresh air.
Meanwhile, we'll set up a committee to look
into that and probably grant the chicken
u see,i don't knew why the chicken wil
behaviourance like that,the only things i can
said is that the chicken can be an prostitute
Why wont the chicken cross the road? When
there is no light in her house. No fuel in her
car!No food in her stomach! No job to do!
Armed robbers are after her eggs, the schools
are closed,..... ....why wont it cross to the other
The question strikes to mind a
perpendicularity of oblivious occurrences. The
rationale for the crawling species of the hen
folk for advancing across the Broadway to the
obvious greener side, portray a
phantasmagoric allegory in my homosapious
mind, that there is a reason. The metaphoric
proposition may be that it is going to cast its
vote for Fresh Democratic Party and hence
justifying it subconscious mind that she has
done her civil biddings brou-haha.
The reason my chicken crossed you road is
only going to remain known by one person, I
cannot categorically tell you the reason why
my chicken crossed your road now and only
my oga at the top knows...ehmm... U can also
visit ww.mychickencrossurroad. thats all!
10  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: My Weekend experience part 3.Τ̲̅ђέ E.N.D on: 29-04-2013 07:42AM
Sorry for Τ̲̅ђέ typos,its Τ̲̅ђέ price u pay for typing such a lengthy write up on a phone
11  Forum / Relationships & Romance / My Weekend experience part 3.Τ̲̅ђέ E.N.D on: 28-04-2013 11:01PM
Hello pals this is a continuation of my short erotic series and this part is titled Τ̲̅ђέ END. Is this Really Τ̲̅ђέ END or its an abbreviation for Τ̲̅ђέ Energy Never dies. Find out as you read along. If u miss Τ̲̅ђέ previous part,here is Τ̲̅ђέ link.,149324.0.html

Wow its another saturday,I surely wont forget my last week experience in a hurry. Who would believe me when I say I met a girl in a car and we almost had sex in Τ̲̅ђέ sure they would think am lying when I say I slept with her in a restaurant.well that's gone now. Τ̲̅ђέ stupid girl left me to hang out with iyanya while we went to watch a movie at silver bird cenema.its not like am jealous or something but it dumb.well av got nothing to lose cos until then,I don't know her name. I left and returned to school.
That's last week. A new weekend is here and am ready for my usual sexual escapade. chidera is already here in my off K hostel. I see she is not giving me any chance for excuse as I escaped last she walked in, she kissed me and ask Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω I intend to spend Τ̲̅ђέ day with her.I really don't intend doing anything apart from sex. She begged me to come with her to Τ̲̅ђέ medical exhibition organized by her department.i was reluctant at first but chidera has been a *Ǧ☺☺ϑ* girl lately.she does every of my household chores, laundry and she also satisfy my ever demanding manhood so I agreed to go with her.she meet my lips with a deep kiss ,hey take it easy am yet to brush my teeth. She whispered in ears "I don't care"that inspired me as i tooj over Τ̲̅ђέ kissing contest.we went into a deep and narcotic kissing quest,not long after my hands found its way to her lovely cup tits her moaning increased rod dint take tym to stand at full length as she meet Τ̲̅ђέ morning wood. I raised her gown and hurriedly pulled her skirt. Oo she was so wet. Its jut too early to do the usual sex tradition. I wasted no time in introducing her "punany" to Τ̲̅ђέ black mamber.chidera was lost in pleasure.she is moaning very loudly now but I guess Τ̲̅ђέ neighbor are already use to her noise cos she does it every time. My thrusting was getting faster and I can feel my load building up in its place ooo ΨђåƮ a morning delight it would be for me to mess her fave up with cum. I pound harder and harder as she moves to receive every thrust half way ooooo this feels so *Ǧ☺☺ϑ*. I hear jer scream ooo lov u kels as I could no longer hold my load. I pumped it all in her and we both feel on each other.I laughed and said to her. Τ̲̅ђέ energy never die.

That was hot I said in a calm voice. Yes she replied."O we are getting late for Τ̲̅ђέ existing. 20 minute was gone already. I quickly prepared and we steped out.
At Τ̲̅ђέ exhibition,
I just focused on Τ̲̅ђέ sexy ladies.chidera was an executive member of Τ̲̅ђέ organising commitee.Τ̲̅ђέ health workers educated Τ̲̅ђέ students on the importance of knowing ur status.thoughs flashed tru my mind and I wonder ΨђåƮ will happen if I was hiv positive. Tar that not possible I can't.I said to my self. Am too smart. It was free testing time. Some courageous student stood and went for Τ̲̅ђέ test while others shy a bid to encourage others,Chidera stood and announce that she and her boyfriend which is me will take Τ̲̅ђέ test.she must be sick I said to myself.
She came into Τ̲̅ђέ crowd and picked me. I stood reluctantly as Τ̲̅ђέ crowd clapped in admiration of my courage.many more student did Τ̲̅ђέ test.30 minute later it was test result time. Τ̲̅ђέ called names and gave results.most students already walked away and hanged around including me and chidera.suddenly I heard Τ̲̅ђέ crowd calling on me that am I not kels that my result is out. I went to collect it, pocket it and went away like it was nothing.God know I can't wait to check it.I got to a corner and my eyes scanned for Τ̲̅ђέ nagative or positive part.I readit out loud in my mind.HIV POSITIVE.
I stood Τ̲̅ђέ dumb looking like a lifeless standing body.I felt lie my life. Was over regret filled my mind. thought filled my heart. Fear filled my felt as if there was a dark hole in it and everything that was important to me was sinking to it,my desire for life almost failed.chidera touched me from behind and asked ΨђåƮ my result was. Positive I said in a low voice. Tears filled her eyes so fast like there were waiting there b4.ooooo I though Τ̲̅ђέ Energy would Never die, I never knew Τ̲̅ђέ END was actually here.chidera took me home. I hid Τ̲̅ђέ result in my bag  and hoping to never checked it again.

Hours later am still trying to remember Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω I contacted Hiv. Ooooo its Τ̲̅ђέ Tiv girl at Τ̲̅ђέ an Abuja I was drunk wasted that faithful night. I was touching her and she did not resist.I must have taked a dozen bottle. I took her to Τ̲̅ђέ back of my friends car and forked her like I was going to tear her into 2.she was soculent and her plumpy ass must have done Τ̲̅ђέ I remember I did not use a condom. Tears filled my eyes and I began to cry. Chudera dint know ΨђåƮ was going on in my mind.she dint know ΨђåƮ I was thinking.but she wanted to confort me. She promised never to leave me. She said to prove that to me, she will make love to me ryt now but with a condom ofcos. I smiled and told her never to worry.I cried a little more.its definitely over.only God can save me now.chidera got butt naked and climbed Τ̲̅ђέ bed with me.o am certainly nit in Τ̲̅ђέ mood.but she said she needed to prove her unconditional love.I couldn't resist her curves and those two pointed bubs.she buried my face in her chest as she sat on me.I opened my shirt and zipers and wore me a condom.she was riding in no time as if she knew I dint av Τ̲̅ђέ strenght as am demoralized.she suddenly stoped and said she felt as if she is taking advantage of me. I told ner not to feel that way. She quickly jumped back and rode my kork endlessly till we both cum and felt asleep.

Sunday mrn and I was Τ̲̅ђέ first in church. I prayed till Τ̲̅ђέ church membered notive something was wrong.I dint care. In my prayers, I was begging God and asked him to reverse this result and that if he did. I will change.I will give up all immorality.I will forget about my revenge sex with kike smart. I prayed and went home still very moody and alone.most of my pals were home with me but I refuse to tell them ΨђåƮ happened.I heard a knock at Τ̲̅ђέ door and Τ̲̅ђέ lanky dude said he is looking for Mr kels benson. Yes that me I replied. He said I mistakenly collected his test result yesterday and that he is kela benard. I rushed to check Τ̲̅ђέ name on Τ̲̅ђέ test. Ooo its true. This is not me. Its a mix up. I was too anxious that I forgot to check Τ̲̅ђέ name.and while Τ̲̅ђέ people at Τ̲̅ђέ health exibition as helping them call names, Τ̲̅ђέy only called kels and did not add Τ̲̅ђέ surname.I rushed Τ̲̅ђέ paper in his and and behold it was nagative. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. Chidera was over joyed. Τ̲̅ђέ dude checked his and saw positive. He shouted and fell to Τ̲̅ђέ floor.there is no way am letting him spoil my joy. I stylishly excused him as I leaped for joy. Was my prayers answered or ΨђåƮ happed. I guess its not Τ̲̅ђέ end afterall yet,Τ̲̅ђέ energy must relax.this past 24 hours was hell for me.

Thanks for reading see you next week. Pls drop comment for suggestions criticisms and encouragement. Thanks
12  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: my weekend experience week 2 on: 28-04-2013 08:00PM
Hi pals. Am about to post my weekend experience part3.titled Τ̲̅ђέ END. So is it going to be Τ̲̅ђέ end or Τ̲̅ђέ energy never dies. Watch out.
13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Police arrest cow, chairs, as boy, 13, dies in Ota carnival violence on: 28-04-2013 11:44AM
Do you have to say yoruba police?
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Guys Beware - 10 Signs You Are Dating a Mammy Water (Page 2) on: 27-04-2013 09:36PM
Hahaha I posted this 4 days ago. Thank God it did not make Τ̲̅ђέ front page
15  Forum / Relationships & Romance / for guyz:10 signs that you are sleeping with a "momy" water on: 26-04-2013 06:39AM

This is for all the guys who pick up random
girls on the streets without knowing anything
about them. Here’s how to know if you are
sharing your bed with a mammy water:
1. You picked her up from the street or
some other random place. Maybe she
was even standing in front of an
uncompleted building
2. You don’t know her surname. She told
you her name is “ Just Julie”
3. She agreed to sleep with you on the very
first day, in fact she moved into your
house, no questions asked.
4. She never gets tired. She can pound yam,
fry garri, grind pepper with a stone and
still have s*x with you when she finishes.
5. She always looks perfect, even first thing
in the morning. No pimples, her make-up
looks permanent and everything is
always in the right place.
6. Her Brazilian hair looks natural. It really
looks like her hair but maybe salons have
found a way to remove natural hair and
put it back later.
7. She never talks about her family and she
doesn’t have any friends. You only hear
her saying “My sea sisters” sometimes at
night but you’re not bothered because
girls call themselves all sorts of things.
8. Ever since you started sleeping with her,
your life has turned upside down but of
course your stepmother in the village is
to blame.
9. She has stopped you from eating fish.
Ever since she came into your life, it’s
only chicken or meat, nothing that comes
from the sea.
10. She doesn’t ask you for anything. In fact,
she’s every Nigerian boyfriend’s dream.
You don’t pay for human hair or BIS and
she doesn’t even want Blackberry Z10.
She doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day
and you don’t even know her birthday
sef. She never gets jealous or goes
through your phone and she couldn’t
care less about your Facebook password.
In fact she’s the best!
If the girl you’re with falls into all these
categories, you better wake up my guy, NA
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, Gwyneth Paltrow on: 24-04-2013 08:34PM
Beyonce's best friend. She sings well and. Wasin an episode of glee. She sang forget you with Τ̲̅ђέ glee kids. But she is not Τ̲̅ђέ most beautiful
17  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: my weekend experience week 2 on: 22-04-2013 08:17PM
Quote from: jossy4reall on 22-04-2013 02:52PM
wetin be dis 1??
Who u D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ ask,u no read am
18  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: my weekend experience week 2 on: 22-04-2013 08:16PM
Quote from: jossy4reall on 22-04-2013 02:52PM
wetin be dis 1??
Who u D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ ask,u no read am
19  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: my weekend experience week 2 on: 22-04-2013 07:57PM
Quote from: HOPEA23 on 22-04-2013 04:55PM
Are u ok
Tell me u did not enjoy it
20  Forum / Relationships & Romance / my weekend experience week 2 on: 22-04-2013 02:00PM
To understand this weekly shot stories better,u might need to read Τ̲̅ђέ week 1,149324.0.html .
Τ̲̅ђέ thought of my last weekend's romantic evening with chidera filled my head all week.its an experience I wont forget in a hurry. chidera also begged me to allow her spend every other weekend with me romantically.but I know that is not possible,I can't be tied down
Its friday evening and my dad has been calling all day.he is saying something about me coming home to see my grand father before he returns to lagos.God knows am so not interested. Av got 3 games lined up this weekend and an not letting go of any.Τ̲̅ђέ most important is with Τ̲̅ђέ legendary kike smart.there is no better way to describe her than to call her Τ̲̅ђέ Nigerian beyonce.5.5 tall,huge boobs and a glorious behind.I practically watched her develope into Τ̲̅ђέ hottest living thing on campus.9 yrs ago we were just innocent kids at Τ̲̅ђέ limelyt primary sch.I was Τ̲̅ђέ head boy and she was Τ̲̅ђέ head girl. We proceeded to Τ̲̅ђέ same secondary sch where I watched her developed and had my feelings for her hatched.all Τ̲̅ђέ male teachers then wanted a taste of her emerging cherry.I only got lucky once.on that day,she came to my house and asked if I could see her off Τ̲̅ђέ jabi lake park.I went with her and we discussed about sch and ΨђåƮ we hope to study in Τ̲̅ђέ university.all along, my eyes were fixed on sharp pointing hills on her chest,she noticed and smiled,she drew closer and we started kissing I was 15 and she was going to be 14 Τ̲̅ђέ next month.I ready don't have an Idea of ΨђåƮ to do but I was sure we should kiss. So we continues and kissed some more.I felt unusual strength on my rod, I know I was to use it on her but I don't know where and Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω. She took Τ̲̅ђέ lead role and was about building me into her young hairy she held me I felt unusual shock wave running all over me and bam there was it.I released my first ever load all over her. And immediately I went soft and floppy.I saw Τ̲̅ђέ disappointment in her eyes,I felt ashamed. She cleaned up and went home.
Thing never went well again between us. Am sure she told her friends and I just wasn't convenient around her anymore. Time went by and after our waec she went to Τ̲̅ђέ UK for a while untill I meet her again here in KSU.well that's a long tyme ago and my obi is no longer a boy.I placed kike on my revenge list and av bin praying for another chance to set Τ̲̅ђέ record straight but I guess its going to be hard because she no longer plays in my league. rumor has it she is dating a senator and is even planning to marry Τ̲̅ђέ governors for chidera and mary, they can wait.I already made up my mind to have my revenge sex with kike even if it will be Τ̲̅ђέ last sex I will ever have.

Kike has already accepted to meet me at my lodge.I was exited and at Τ̲̅ђέ same time scared cos I know what is involve .doing a senators chick and a governors son finance.well its worth Τ̲̅ђέ risk I said to my self.
Ma phone rang again and  my granddad himself calling me by my local name and telling me Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω he must see me b4 he returns to dad collected Τ̲̅ђέ phone and told me. To reach abuja before 8pm.
Dear lord why is this happening to me.I tried giving excuse that its late and abuja lokoja road is not *Ǧ☺☺ϑ* for evening movement no way.finally I gave up hope of my revenge sex with kike and romantic weekend with chidera.I got to Τ̲̅ђέ park and took Τ̲̅ђέ next available car to abuja.Τ̲̅ђέ driver is a young man of about my age.Τ̲̅ђέ lady in Τ̲̅ђέ front seat is also a student and I think has something with Τ̲̅ђέ driver. I sat at Τ̲̅ђέ back seat in Τ̲̅ђέ middle of two ladies. Τ̲̅ђέ one on my left is so cute and has nice big boobs and to my right it a dry slim girl who looks like an upcoming reverend so not in Τ̲̅ђέ mood as I drown in Τ̲̅ђέ pain of ΨђåƮ I miss.I said to my self not knowing I was talking out loud."ΨђåƮ did he want to see me for self,Τ̲̅ђέ man go see me finish giv me chicken change.which kind tin be this"and hissed out loud. Τ̲̅ђέ dry lady to right showed no concern but Τ̲̅ђέ sweet one asked in such a tender voice" hope no problem mister?"As I turned to look at her, I saw Τ̲̅ђέ nice boobs flat tommy and one of Τ̲̅ђέ finest face av seen this year. Immediately remembered Τ̲̅ђέ mission impossible.some tyme ago my friends donvihoneypotz and alibay told me Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω they meet ladies in a car and even romance them and going further to finger them.I dint believe them untill shey showed me I thought to myself,she called again and I came to full consciousness.hi am kels and she said she is aisha.sorry to disturb jare I had a little problem to solve and it got Τ̲̅ђέ best of me. She asked me to share and I began to see Τ̲̅ђέ light then I said in my mind. This trip could just be a blessing in disguise. So I told her everything but I made sure I left Τ̲̅ђέ kike smart revenge sex out and relaced it with having to read for a presentation on monday and giving her Τ̲̅ђέ impression that am a *Ǧ☺☺ϑ* student.
She placed her palm on my hand and I held back as of to say am feeling Τ̲̅ђέ support. I looked into her eyes and told her Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω beautiful she was coupled with her *Ǧ☺☺ϑ* attitude.she blushed and said thank you.after a little chat am sure she was feeling Τ̲̅ђέ tension too.I place my hand on her laps and she felt ok with it.I kissed her neck. By then, it was dark already and Τ̲̅ђέ ugly dummy was already dozing.we started kissing passionately and my hands quickly disappeared under her shirt. Τ̲̅ђέ I looked up and I saw Τ̲̅ђέ drivers eyes looking at us from Τ̲̅ђέ rear mirror.he gave a thumbs up and I just continues.this girl is such a lover.she was already lost.I kissed some more then pulled out one of her boobs from Τ̲̅ђέ top of her shirt. She showed no concern and then I moved my hands into her skirt and rubbed her smoth laps. to and fro I go with Τ̲̅ђέ rythym.  Of Τ̲̅ђέ vehicle.Τ̲̅ђέ took my zipers and opened it and went into my boxers to grab my rod which was already hard and throbbing.she moved her hand acording to Τ̲̅ђέ rhythmic pattern of which I rubbed her laps. We got to a check point and Τ̲̅ђέ driver stylishly alert me by shouting which time police check point reach here. We quickly unhooked even as I forgot to lock my zip.they flashed touch into Τ̲̅ђέ car and complained why Τ̲̅ђέ driver allow Τ̲̅ђέ person in front to be sleeping and I Τ̲̅ђέ man which is me  should replace Τ̲̅ђέ sleeping lady.with pains in my heart, I had to obey Τ̲̅ђέ man with Τ̲̅ђέ gun.after drivin a little further.Τ̲̅ђέ driver asked if I would like to go back to my seat.I was glad ut Τ̲̅ђέ lady said she is no coming forward. I begged but she refused I was so mad at her I felt like punching her but Τ̲̅ђέ driver said something to her in igala and she agreed.thanks God am back to my seat. My lady was waiting and she received me with a kiss.

We continued from where we stopped and this time with more hands were already ticling her clit and my third finger in her veegee sending her congaga she was pushing and pulling my rod like she was stabbing a rapist.I wonder Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω long I can hold my load. I kissed and suck some more.I noticed Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω frequent Τ̲̅ђέ car was galloping then I understand it was Τ̲̅ђέ driver doing it on purpose. Nice guy I thought.she started moaning a little louder and by now Τ̲̅ђέ sleeping lady by my right was awake and wondering ΨђåƮ was happening. Clearly this my girl no send.she jumped on my laps but there was much at stake,I was with no condoms I refuse Τ̲̅ђέ offer and continued Τ̲̅ђέ romance. We soon got to gwagwalada where Τ̲̅ђέ ugly lady dropped and I also came down to get something to eat as abj is still 30min away.she offered to escort me. As we walked down, Τ̲̅ђέ driver called me back and gave me something to buy a drink for him. Wen I checked,it was a condom. We entered into one of Τ̲̅ђέ eateries and dashed into Τ̲̅ђέ convenience.there was no time for any sex tradition I carried her ontop of Τ̲̅ђέ hand wash stuff. Raised her skirt and down her pant .she was suprice to see me with a condom I wasted no time in launching my rock hard 9inch penix into her honey pot. I phyukked with reckless abandone. Wow this was a lot more than a car sex she was screaming and moving forward to meet my thrust.I dug harder and harder as she scream and climax.I myself was close to orgasm my self so we came aout Τ̲̅ђέ same time. O that was 9min. I prayed Τ̲̅ђέ driver was still waiting.our bags were in Τ̲̅ђέ car.we rushed out only to see a sch of eyes waiting to meet us outside. Well no tyme for autographs I said to them she covered her faces as we rushed out of Τ̲̅ђέ eatery to Τ̲̅ђέ meet Τ̲̅ђέ driver dozing. Thank goodness. We entered and without question we drove to abuja.all tru Τ̲̅ђέ trip we cuddled like lovers. we exchange contact and promise to hang out Τ̲̅ђέ next day to watch a movie at silver bird.I gog home tired and everyone was asleep already.I was too tired to do anything else.I was so happy because my disappointment of not nailing my long time crush turned into a blessing cos I meet and did Τ̲̅ђis new  girl that I don't even know her name.

See u next week
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