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1  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Assuming a lady you Love so much disappoint you, How will you react? on: 21-06-2010 03:47 PM
Assuming a lady you Love so much disappoint you, How will you react? Please be sincere
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Be good. on: 23-04-2010 02:08 PM
Remember, what ever you sowl you shall recieve
3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: NAIJAPALS VS FACEBOOK WHICH IS HOTTER???? on: 16-04-2010 09:18 AM
Though i am on both but sincerely naijapals is tha BEST
4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: WE'RE UNTO OF D MATTER on: 16-04-2010 09:12 AM
No talk that, we have graduates there. The issue is that every discilpine has a technical language
5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: which university is the best in nigeria on: 16-04-2010 09:05 AM
UNIVERSITY OF NAIJAPALS. Because na evry body the study there
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: A day for naijapals' members on: 16-04-2010 09:01 AM
I will be expecting that day
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Pastor sells son on: 16-04-2010 08:59 AM
He is trying to do like Abraham that tried to sacrifice his son
8  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: MARRY A NURSE AND STOP BEING MY FRIEND on: 13-04-2010 04:06 PM
Do what you want to do to satisfy your conscience. Not all the nurse are bad but the Bible 'says if a man find a good wife he found a good thing' stick to the klady of your choice
9  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: a J.A.M.B. question on: 13-04-2010 04:00 PM
There is nothing wrong in that because you  serve the same God. Is the  muslim serving satan, please stop discrimination
10  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Can you have sex in the church on: 13-04-2010 03:54 PM
That is bad, make u no try am ooo. NA SIN
11  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: IS SEX A SIGN OF LOVE on: 13-04-2010 03:00 PM
It is a sign of Love. If a lady iritates you when you see her. you will not even want to kiss her not to talk of sex
12  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Who is your spouse to you on: 13-04-2010 02:53 PM
Men will say i can't wash for my wife, i can't cook for her but she can do every thing for you. IS SHE YOUR SLAVE
I can't joke with my wife but you can joke with Girl friends, but when you need Sex you come to her: IS SHE AN ALOT
I don't allow my wife to have friends, but you have soo many friends who you keep: IS SHE A PRISONER
Men be realistic. please reply
13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / IS NIGERIA A STATE OR A NATION on: 9-04-2010 02:12 PM
This is a question to student and  people in the world
Send your opinion
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: what is Nigerians problem? on: 9-04-2010 02:08 PM
YES: Our problem is BAD LEADERS which leads to MALADMINIATRATION. What can stop all this is God intervention to the state
15  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: I’ve matchmade 35 couples, linked ladies abroad, says this beautician Mrs Domic. on: 9-04-2010 02:04 PM
Tell her to keep it up, God is thetre to reward her
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Why do most women go to church just to display dressing? on: 9-04-2010 01:58 PM
Women are born to show, and to tell people they are around when they are in a place, So do not be suprise of their show
17  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Yoruba people are dirty! on: 9-04-2010 01:39 PM
The trueth of this matter is, some of the Yobas are dirty while some are not, it depends on personal hiegene and the kind of environment it is, The Yoruba living around Ibadan will not be surprised seeing them dirty and some places like that
18  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Fashola To Fight Crime With N90b on: 9-04-2010 01:27 PM
Na Lagos we dey, no one came to lagos to count bridge
19  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Igbo's only on: 9-04-2010 01:18 PM
20  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Please i need an advice on: 1-04-2010 11:11 AM
I do not inter vain in relationship, but pray to God al mighty for a greater intervention
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