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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: 24 Years Old Uni Ilorin Student Commits Suicide After Losing Bike To Robbers on: 12-01-2012 01:21 AM
However, we learnt that the deceased had packed his belongings from the house and deleted all the contacts in his mobile phone and left no suicide note. the boy was killed! those that killed him is familiar with him that make's them to delete all the contact on his phone for no trace. he was looked in the house after his death.  Committing Suicide, taking his life, i think he will not think of the phone,
2  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Too Much Money: Miss NIGERIA, Sylvia Nduka Shows Off Her Louis Vuitton Suitcases (Page 6) on: 9-01-2012 11:42 AM
the hair on her head is not her real hair, so what are the beauty on her? she need to be natural to be called must beautiful. i thank God say i fine pass her with no hair on my head.
3  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What will you do if your wife beat your mum? (Page 6) on: 9-05-2011 01:48 PM
You`re a woman, know this, hatred may be act of jealousy! you know that women loves surprises, try to filled the gap! you know what i mean? try to know what she love,what she needs. give her gifts. make her feel the greater love than his right daughter or son can give her. to me first the man has a rule to play. Educating his wife, if she is not following, then you may know that she is not a good woman, talk-less to be a wife. because if you loves me, you must keep my words and lean examples from me. shutting on my mum shows dishonored to me, the husband. beating my mum,to be frank me and my wife, we don`t need to talk it even in the Church.
4  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What will you do if your wife beat your mum? (Page 4) on: 9-05-2011 01:15 PM
It is not normal for a daughter in-law to beat a mother in-law. mothers is always to be respected, tolerated and submission, not to drag words with them, especially when you notice anger on their face. you know the best thing to do, do it don`t show weakness. but if such happens. men`s ''never make the mistake to call your wife in the presence of your mother to find out the deference's'' doing so will cost more fire to the matter. after knowing from your wife or from your mother, the cause of problem, educate your wife how to run away, when ever such point charge. mothers they love good & sweet words,make them friend. you can change matters with understanding. even if that person hates, she most find reasons to love you.
5  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Igbo Parents And Traditional Rites Of Their First Daughter? (Page 10) on: 30-04-2011 06:41 PM
you want to marry to girl good & fine! have you met with the parents? have you share this with your own parents? what is your own person interest in that relationship? the truth is you to discuss about your personal vision and share positive ideas not not coming coming up with negative teaching based on hatred or whats ever. tribe has nothing to do with this. every character is individuality. that i has the same surname with you those not make me to be you.
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: ‘Why I killed my gay lover'- Rafael Ikechukwu on: 30-04-2011 05:01 PM
You stupid prostitute HOPEA23! you add hope to your name? you should know call yourself HIV! bastard girl. in this matter "Gays matter" what brought your foolish sayings about tribalism? calling Ibo`s. well you don`t know any thing about your existence. is people like you that create unnecessary attractions that cause problems in Nigerian today. please dear foolish HOPEA23, if your father pregnant a Goat to give your birth, stop showing yourself as coward  in your judgments. if you hate Ibo`s that your problem. but know it this, that which you think bad about Ibo`s is right in your fathers home. is not all the Ibo`s that commits crime. when one single person did bad thing you open your silly mouth to call the Ibo`s.
7  Forum / Politics / Re: Eleven Bad Decisions That Jonathan Has Made That May Go Against Him on: 17-04-2011 02:00 PM
please dear Naijapals posters. stop posting your foolish thought online. what are you teaching? you has local farmers? but still the cost of living is still very expensive. what are your thinking concerning the poor? to feed a mail in a local restaurant is from N150. compare it with your salaries. what are you gossiping in the name of politics? lean from those that thought you politics. they still on importations to support their reserve. as a nation what is your research to help that great nation? food is a problem in Nigeria market today. your`re happy that it is only one person in that great nation that has the licence to import rice? how much is the cost of 1kg in Nigeria market?. you fool! it is very good for food to be free importation to easy the cost of living in Nigeria.
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Son Confesses Killing SSS Operative, Mother, Siblings on: 17-09-2010 09:22 AM
Nigeria has no police, it is only Nigeria police force, So it is possible for them to come up with stories from force. prove they were not working. please remove that word investigation! they force the Guy to say up stories. they only know how to make money from their victims. please new pastor ( fake missionaries )don`t use this to fool people saying the guy is possessed. you were another problem that Nigeria has.
9  Forum / Politics / Re: Why are nigerian suspicious of one another on: 22-03-2010 01:33 AM
some parents busy plant evil to the mind of many Nigerians. low mentality, non educated ones going about teaching people to hate without cause. fear of God is not in us Nigerian.busy talking nagative things. just that they think about other tribe to be bad or that they were not one. gudgment among ourselfs, God is about to gudge Nigerian with our ways this time. those at home wait to hear news and those outside prepar to cross more borders. till wickedness,hatrad and envy been cast out of many minds.
10  Forum / Politics / Re: WILL BIAFRA COME BACK AGAIN? on: 22-03-2010 01:13 AM
please dear Nigerians, foolish talks can`t change any thing to positive state! please talk good that you will live to see good, you all that present yourselfs, tribe or personal culture, think about the mind of non intelligents among in this site. that use your talks nagatively in their domains, do you really love that nation Nigeria? or yourselfs? from our fathers till this present Nigeria people talk to others with respect and regards which is very bad omen! how can blind leading the blinds? other countries of the world has religions even in numbers but look in our home the too religions that we have every time is gal and war! why is all this? we hate ourselfs still we want to be one? we let jealous to control our unity. self ego. reading some of your comments makes me to think that some of you were still alians to your homes! stop and think
11  Forum / Politics / Re: WHICH OF THE TRIBES IN NIGERIA LOVE MONEY MOST? on: 22-03-2010 12:06 AM
you need a job that may keep you busy so that you can think normal! what concerns tribe to love of money! you fools that called the igbos may God deny you, your hopes! is people like you that goes about creating trouble in nigeria! you abbeymac009,25_vivi,askoftpbox and Yetundetessy,your fathers were lee men. go and read the history of nigeria then you can come out to say foolish things from your silly mouth!about a tribe,when men is fighting women never been there is only gorseping all you négative people of Nigeria stop jealous,envy and talk sense some times. think how you can be a help to your people not a cause!