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1  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: The Family Zone on: 3-01-2011 04:50 AM
my dear,go 4 what ur heart tells u,he is nt ur blood show 2 him in styles that u like him by making some visable moves dat will make him kw u cares 4 him,moves like kiss him,always engage him in affair talks it can be movies u have seen and finally also be alone wit him and ask him 2 rub cream on ur back am sure after all this if he has equal feelings 4 u,u will find out,wish u good luck but be careful nt 2 propose bt do  make him be the one to say it,if u want him 2 have respect 4 the relationship,but tell him in ur actions, cos it speak louder than voice.
2  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: sex jokes on: 2-07-2010 07:30 PM
pple q up to patronize a prostitute each spring up on the woman was 1000 naira some big men spring more than hundred time b4 they come bt wen it got a poor man who has only one thousand naira only,he raise himself and spring once and continuously wit removing it bt was squeezing deep in,wen pple got tired on Que and ask him why are u not trough he reply i had only 1000 and am on once and i want 2 enjoyed my money