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121  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Teenager sells her virginity for N50million Naira 200,000pounds ! on: 10-08-2010 09:57 AM
smart gal!
122  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: Headlines of the Day on: 9-08-2010 09:55 AM
creative, reporter pls dont go AWOL ooooooo.kip it up. u have brightened my day wch started on a low...
123  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Break A Caring Woman's Heart? on: 5-08-2010 12:51 PM
no b lie...only 2 discover d fake bling-bling wen im don wash....mscheeww
124  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Break A Caring Woman's Heart? on: 5-08-2010 12:18 PM
seeking greener pastures and regreting our actions...or beta still we go jam doz wey dey show us pepper and no send!
125  Forum / Naijapals / Re: Naijapals Anthem on: 5-08-2010 11:17 AM
great 1 Muse! kip it going...luv d sonnet and ur use of rhymes n meters! above all amen!!!
126  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What is worth fighting for? on: 5-08-2010 11:15 AM
none! fighting depicts u as irresponsible except u'r fighting 4 ur ryt or d ryt thing, but in a ryt manner pls!
127  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: I NEVER TOLD HER YOU LOVE HER! on: 5-08-2010 11:06 AM
@ chuks, e no izy sha butthere go everly b some platonic friends else 1 is a dog( u get). gals ,una dey tell una own...kip gyn man hanging, let him do d shopping and sending money n stuffs only 2 say "lets b friends".talk una mind 2 oooooooooooooo
128  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: I NEVER TOLD HER YOU LOVE HER! on: 5-08-2010 10:18 AM
i used to have such 'best friends' but sincerely i have stopped cos it hurts not...SAYING UR MIND! or so scared? i now believe in tell it as it is...the worst u can get is they leave ur life 4 gud and spare u some blushes..or they play along. Lets be bold GEES!
129  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: why are young girls much interested in dating married men than singles ? on: 4-08-2010 03:43 PM
130  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Can a Guy sincerely love a Girl and yet cheat on her?? on: 4-08-2010 01:11 PM
No! if u truly luv ur gal and she dey give u evry...wetin u dey find wit anoda gal?
131  Forum / Health / Re: As a guy what will u do if u catch your girlfriend pants down with another girl? on: 4-08-2010 11:54 AM
if u dont like it ...quit or u just have an open relationship with her!
132  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Picking Up Your Husbands Call "Good/Bad" on: 4-08-2010 11:52 AM
aint ryt 4 anybody 2 pick anoda's call bf,gf,hubby or wifey,even sis-bro,mum/pop xcept d person pickin up d call was mandated 2! it saves a lot of worries and as for those in relationship esp has been established b4 d walk down d aisle so i c no reason 2 worry.he'll always comeback 2 u xcept u aint doing sometin right!
133  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What name would you have loved to call you guy/girl. on: 4-08-2010 10:29 AM
dependin on d gal...i havnt dated so many chicks in d past but i als o hate 2 call 2 babes-past or present same name so its difficult... i have called dem-my love, cutie, lily,treasure,my Angel,baby,gorgeous,Dearie n am wondering what i'd call d next 1 who captures my heart and is so near? till she arrives..d names r neva scarce from my poetic lexicon! lol
134  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: THEY HAVE ALL SLPET WITH YOU. on: 4-08-2010 10:15 AM
just say hi and have my fun...if any1 is game, we cud have a romp later dat nyt!
135  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: I SHED TEARS AFTER READING THIS.... on: 3-08-2010 01:47 PM
@ mickeall, touchin...not just psy-dk and all dat. i beleive muchas each of us needs a fling here and there for a release or wateva...there's still a real life out there wit real emotions and stark realities facing US!
136  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: DOES SEX WITH NEW PEOPLE EXCITE YOU? on: 3-08-2010 01:10 PM
guy, u 4 no ask favor 4 wetin u fit confirm...babes, una get mouth.
137  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: A married couple was in a terrible accident. on: 3-08-2010 01:00 PM
d guy hate im moda inlaw so d woman dey peck im yansh Grin Grin Grin Grin
138  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: A Drunkard's dilemna on: 3-08-2010 12:51 PM
na self need for kitchen.evry dey happen dia!lol
139  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: Headlines of the Day on: 3-08-2010 12:39 PM
dat person wey say not funny..make him go hug transformer wey lyt dey.i go laff tire. guy u 4 enter journalism..
140  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Re: How much on: 3-08-2010 12:33 PM
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