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1  Forum / Forum Games / Re: Words ending with *ing* on: 28-11-2007 10:47 PM
2  Forum / Forum Games / Re: CAN YOU SOLVE THIS RIDDLE?? on: 3-09-2007 01:23 AM
I'm gonna take a guess and say that the man was standing on a block of ice.
3  Forum / Forum Games / Re: Numbers. on: 21-08-2007 08:50 PM
5 min.(not big on makeup)
 how many times do you pray in a week?
4  Forum / Forum Games / Re: Most spoken word award (MSWA) on: 31-07-2007 08:35 PM
hi, hi mommy(only to my mother of course), whatup
5  Forum / Forum Games / Re: When Was The Last Time You: on: 31-07-2007 08:32 PM
this morning(I said good morning 2 him)

when was the last time you rocked out to a good nigerian song