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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: - Nnamdi Kalu on: 3-06-2014 07:25 PM
Kalu, you are a disappointment, one would have expected huge expertise of integrity from  a being like you. I don't need to ask how old  you are, because with your sense of reasoning i can deduce that you are a pre- civil war product.
 That is to say you knew and know  nothing about the Nigerian civil war, because if you do, you will not agitate and hunger for war. There are better ways of asking for things that are legitimately yours.
 Now listen if you have ears, Nigeria of today is quite different from what it used to be in terms of talking about integration. You are an Ibo man from the East, I am an Edo man from the south  married to an Ibo Lady, my son is  married to an Hausa lady from Kano. Now Mr Biafran if there be war in our beloved Nation who am i going to fight with  connections  I have with the North and the East ?  What would other Nigerians  with the same  situation as mine of  or with same  kind of status do ?
 There are many Ibos born in Kano that if you ask them today to relocate to the east ,will be destabilised, disorientated  and even psychologically  affected forever.
If I may ask, is it the time to make such statement as this ?" No Human Being Will Remain Alive , ( Are you God?Huh?) If They Don’t Give Us Biafra before December 2015" Who are you to boast about tomorrow??? And if heads will roll according to you, whose head will be the first? I SUPPOSE YOURS Grin followed by some heads that I would n't want to mention because I have courtesy and respect human beings and for elders especially.