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I dont know if any of you are aware of this but there are black libyans...actually alot of them. I use to have friends from libya and when i first met them they though i was libyan....they are also being killed by the non-ethnically black libyans by the way....
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Quote from: djosh4cesc on 22-12-2010 08:36 PM
Quote from: destiny247 on 22-12-2010 03:17 AM
Uwa bu aja. Iga anu maltina? maltina. inuchakwa maltina ikwuooo ugwo maltina..
i ga ta pepesu pepesu pe.itachakwa pepesu ikwuo ugwo
eyiii! lol
ndi ebe m di too much! k'm gwa unu ezi-okwu egwu nka na-tuto plenty o!!
Pammy Udubunch for life.

but if you are talking about naija club bangers.
Check out:
Wande coal, D'banj, Timaya, Bracket, P-square..

but music from cote ivoire
1. Arafat dj- kpangor pour bouger
2. Bebi Philip-swinguita
3. Dj Kedjevara- tchouchou tchouchou
4. Dj Eloh-Bobaraba
5. Dj Consty-glissment
6. Aladji- coupe decale
7. Jessy Matador- Decale Gwada
8. Arafat dj- zropoto
9. Shaggy Sharoof-sans guebe
10. Shaggy Sharoof-Boumani
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still hasnt happened

wwtltu had not logged onto naijapals for a week?
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loving down
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