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thought they reported she was pregnant.
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Dear Men,if you are going to criticise a woman's figure or any other aspect of her appearance please make 100% sure that you are Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp.
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Quote from: aliuniyi on 12-03-2011 02:16 PM
I am 50, I am married . My husband has a sex mate he has been going out with for 17 years and he brought her home recently. We all sleep in the same room, on the same bed and my husband has sex with her in my presence. He told me about her sometimes back that he wanted her to have a child for him. The issue of having sex with her while I am present started last November. Whenever they are making love, I never react but last week, they nearly pushed me out of bed. Later, I told my husband to stop messing around if he is not having a child with her again. Really, he likes sex but I have tried my best to satisfy him despite the fact that I don’t really like it. He served in the military and had many women then. I don’t know this woman’s mission, please help me.
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nice one.