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1  Forum / Religion / Re: Is it a sin not to pay tithe to the church in christian faith? on: 8-04-2009 02:29PM
It is a sin infact if another thing can be use to qualify sin it would have been better just as some people had said refering to Malachi, "you are rubing God" he says we should do this and see if he won't open the windows of heaven for us. He ask us to this and their is a promise that follows it. It is very important to pay tithe cos by doing this he will bless us the more
2  Forum / Education / Re: can you abandon a 1st class degree 4 a hobby. on: 8-01-2009 03:34PM
I agree dat education is d best legacy but i tell you when the interest get into your head too much u will be force to drop out. You dont need to go to school before things work out d best thing is to go 4 what u are crazy about and u are cork sure u'll make it through it for example d guy who created facebook, even yahoo left school to do what they want and today they are making cool money with the idea thy have on their head.