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1  Forum / Religion / Re: Is betting a sin? on: 28-04-2015 06:58 PM
Do what pleases God at all time
3  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: 20 Year Old Nigerian, Ola Raji Stabbed To Death In Peckham, UK on: 28-04-2015 06:14 PM
4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Angel of Death Appears in Chile's Volcano as it Erupts (Photos) on: 28-04-2015 06:12 PM
5  Forum / Religion / Re: These Top Nigerian Pastors Are Candidates Of Hell Fire – 7rys Old Girl (Page 4) on: 5-01-2015 01:52 AM
Whatever the seven years old girl said is none of my business, what concerns me is my personal salvation which is to be work out with fear and trembling.
6  Forum / Religion / Re: “God has anointed me to lead a revolution against Islamic jihadists” – Oyedepo on: 5-01-2015 01:45 AM
Quote from: ksurrina on  5-01-2015 01:27 AM
Which God anoints you Servant of the Beast. The Beast is not a God thou him thinketh himself to be such. He is a MAN destruction to everyone who worship him and eat from the flesh of the wh*re of Babylon. It is the Lord God who Anointed His Holy Prophets. The Wrath of God is what God have to give to disobedient and ungodly people as you. God have no CURSE unto Him. It is the Lord thy God who gives CURSE I am sure that Moses let us to know this and that the Son of man within the Words of Jesus told the devil that it is the Lord thy God one is to Worship and Serve Him ONLY. No wonder Nigeria is living Hell because they worship people as you instead of the TRUE God by doing His Commandments and Trusting in Him via reading His Words. O Nigeria when shall you comes from HELL when there are more for Hell than Righteousness the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God living Born Again Spirit is Spirit exalting the Name and Work of the Lord our God Jesus Christ. Hugs

You are good for nothing fool.
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: 19yr-old boy for rapes nursing mother in Edo on: 9-08-2014 09:56 AM
If found guilty, he should be castrated and jailed for a minimum of 8yrs imprisonment
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: CCTV Suggests Patrick Sawyer Intentionally Brought Ebola Virus to Nigeria on: 9-08-2014 09:53 AM
Quote from: winace on  8-08-2014 05:47 AM
Exactly my point poster. There's more to dis. I said it on of d post here yesterday dat dis Sawyer guy did not jt cum to Nigerien for any conference or whatever. He was sent by d goons in d in america to spread dis disease to put our govt under pressure either to change dat evil homosexual bill or to divert our attention from their sponsored boko haram activities. May GOD help us his children. Amen

Your comment has proven your shallow reason of thought. What has ebola virus got to do with homosexuality and boko haram
9  Forum / Politics / Re: Letterman Obasanjo Leaves PDP Due To Leadership Choice, Writes Another Letter on: 12-01-2014 11:01 PM
Baba shege too de. if to say na obasanjo still de power, all dis boko haram for don boko die.
10  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Plane Crash: Suntai Survives, In Critical Condition on: 27-10-2012 01:50 PM
Governor, plane, crash.
11  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Teacher ‘had sex with student in her car, exchanged 12,000 texts in four months on: 20-07-2012 05:34 PM
Quote from: Treasure2 on  3-03-2012 12:52 PM
Answering the call of nature abi.
Stupid nature call
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Baby Born With Brain Outside His Head (PHOTO Included) on: 20-07-2012 05:31 PM
This is cancerous tumor
13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: New Yorker Questioned At Airport Over ‘Unusually Large p*n**s’ on: 20-07-2012 05:30 PM
Quote from: lanudja on 20-07-2012 05:21 PM
Measure 9 1/2 inches while flaccid and 13 1/2 inches when erect.. Hmmmm wetin person no go hear...
The man don go enlarge him penis make e 4 de destroy women womb
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Twin Sisters Share The Same Husband on: 20-07-2012 05:26 PM
Quote from: zeigbo on 19-07-2012 07:01 PM
Grin E sweet die
The truth be say na nonsense
15  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Twin Sisters Share The Same Husband on: 20-07-2012 05:23 PM
Quote from: dlimelite on 19-07-2012 04:06 PM
I bet they have threesomes everynight.
You conclude so quickly although, is possible and enjoyable
16  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Church Pianist Threatens Chris Okotie, Disrupts Service on: 20-07-2012 05:17 PM
Quote from: vantheo on 19-07-2012 11:01 PM
so where in the story did they say he commited adultery. These naijapals admins dont have sense at all
They derived pleasure from ridicuing people. dumbasssss poster
17  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Raw Video:Man Buried Alive by Syrian Army on: 26-04-2012 06:30 PM
Quote from: teebaz990 on 26-04-2012 03:08 PM
This kind of crime was never committed in libya b4 America, France,Britain and host of others step in. What is keeping them away from syria. AAaaaaaahhhhhh there is no oil in syria  Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
Your lack of information has retarded you to this comment. Russia and china have veto military intervention in syria. Secondly, syria is an oil producing country. Furnish yourself with authentic info.
18  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Raw Video:Man Buried Alive by Syrian Army on: 26-04-2012 06:24 PM
This is what russia and china is supporting
19  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Using Alcohol and Cigarette Is Not A Sin - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Page 19) on: 23-04-2012 02:39 PM
This poster is a bloody liar, for this reason, he will die violently. U guys should go and watch this video from It is better to know who is lying between pastor and poster. I just watch it now
20  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Naison Zulu, 72-year-old man jailed for molesting his 94-year-old mother on: 4-03-2012 10:59 AM
naw waooo. him just disvirgin him old mama again
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