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Stephen.............Okay, Amebo

NEWRUMOUR (1571) ...................You Dey MAD too ....Olofo
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Akpos a Ghanian, jst got admission into 1 of d nigerian institutions, at d 1st day of lecture the following conversation erupts.......
Lecturer(a female); lets bgin by reviewing xum nigerian history, Who said "I shall return to die in d land of my fathers?" she saw a sea of blank faces xcept 4 akpos who had his hand up,
Akpos; "KING JAJA OF OPOBO 1875"
Lecturer; "very good" who said " The land use act will feed the nation?" Again, no response xcept frm akpos "Obasanjo 1976" The lect snapped @ d class " class u shud b ashamed akpos who is new to our country knows our history dan U do" the lecturer heard aloud whisper "GHANA MUST GO" who said [email protected] she demanded, Akpos; "Buhari 1984" @ [email protected] point a student @ d back of d class scornfully said "Hmm u think u r smart" d lecturer glared n asked "All right!, Now who said [email protected]?" akpos said "Babangida to Abiola 1992" Hmmmm a student @ d back smiled n said " i dey laugh ooow" Akpos smiled back n said "Obasanjo to Atiku 2001", Now furious anoda student yelled; "Oh yeah!, Eat this" akpos smiled n replied "Indian mistress to Abacha 1998" Now wiv almost mob hyseria xum1 said "U little poo, if u say anytin again i ll kill U" akpos frantically yelled @ d top of his voice "Chris uba to Ngige 2004" d lecturer fainted, as d class gathered around her on d floor, xum1 said "Oh poo, we're in Big trouble nw" akpos whispered "chimaroke Nnamani, Ayodele Fayose n Lucky Igbinedion 2007" xum2 angrilly said "Dnt ans him he is a fool" Akpos smiled n said " Obasanjo to IBB 2011" Now, d lecturer managed to get up n asked akpos "Who are u show yourself.......... Akpos jumped n said "Jonathan to BOKO HARAM 2012"
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which paper is this ?
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The Yoruba's wil gleefully refer to FOLAYEMI's Mum as either Mama Fola or Iya Yemi. No problem for FUNMILOLA if people call her mother Mama Funmi or Iya Lola.My Friend named her child ESUPOFO and I addressed her as Mama Esu she screamed, bind and cast out. Ah, immediately I apologised and addressed her as iya Pofo.... lo ba tun gbana je!!!!

اللهم ربنا آتنا في الدنيا حسنة وفي الاخرة حسنة وقنا عذاب النار

To all our muslim brothers and sisters worldwide barka de sallah
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Osheee padi mi....i no mind those Olobe dem
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Liar, Who post RAM b4 ?
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i can see dat u really luv eating yeye fud, even ur profile pix define u..chop chop (Ijewuru)
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lol she dey hear RAM
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na wa o, Conductor self dey toast
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i see am too buh i just comment coz e too dry, u try though  Tongue
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guess u don't understand d Joke u need interpreter
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CRAZINESS :- Is when you buy BLACKBERRY PORSCHE of #350,000 and landlord dey pursue your mama cos of 12k HOUSE RENT for village.

FAITH :- Is using the last money on you to buy wallet ( Abegiii ).

STUPIDITY :- Is having SIX BIG CARS while living in a rented apartment ( Eko for SHOW, Lagos mumu ) .

WEALTH :- Is when you buy a first class return ticket to UK just to pick up a forgotten wrist watch ( Money speaking ).

WASTAGE :- Is buying a big MANSION at Asokoro in Abuja and only your Mai-guard and House Maid dey live there ( Political armed robber ).

TROUBLE :- Is slapping a soldier in front of a quater guard in a barracks ( You may not live well enough to tell the story ).

IRONY :- Is having the chairman of an Okada Association driving a Range Rover Sport ( He cannot come and die na ).

FOOLISHNESS :- Is taking a #5,000 cab to watch a film of #1,000 at Eko Hotel...( Abegiii! Why you no fit wait for the pirated copy now ).

LOVE :- Is buying suya for your girlfriend while you eat only the onions with tears rushing from your eye ( You love her abi??? Hunger never deal with you ).

MADNESS :- Is when a lady flirts with a Rich HIV/AIDS victim so as to get money to buy BRAZILLIAN HAIR ( Hmmm....Life don tire you abi??? ).

DIRTINESS :- Is when Cockroach, Rat, Ant, Spider becomes your Roommates and you say '' God created them for a purpose '' ( Na lie! Na money wey you go use buy trap, insecticide no dey ).

STINGINESS :- Is when you finish reading this and you didn't LOL nd like d post
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A man wit AK47 ran 2 a church & pointed d gun at d congregation
demanding "who is a child of God here, let me send him 2 heaven? D congregation remained silent nd he released one of d bullet on d roof.
congregation shouted "Its d pastor, he alwayz says dat he is a child of God". D pastor replied Wat kind of conspiracy is dis? Evryone here knws dat i am d son of Philip & d grandson of Okeke Omigbo *lol*
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U guys r in position to kiss my ass wtwwwhww
15  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Old meaning of sorry on: 3-07-2012 11:37 AM
Old meaning of sorry. “I won’t do it again.” New meaning of sorry. “Damn I got caught, next time I need to be more careful.  lol
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You deserve..............May God be with you and never forget we too lol
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9ce one
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This one make sense die.
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nice one