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In my thinking, Achebe decision is the best, for rejecting the stupid award, who are they givingthe award to: those sponsoring boko-haram or what? And those of you who are busy insulting the elderstateman, including Mr President should go and learn the ethic of how to talk to elders.

What nonsense award when there are important issues & problems that are about dividing the country that remains unsolve, and instead of the president & his men to think the way out on how to get the problems solve, he busy wasting his time & our resource on things that are unimportant for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please, really need help from female on this site and your suggestion will highly be appreciated. My fiance is having serious itching in her private part and she has gone to the hospital, the doctor recommended FLUCONAZOLE which is a very strong antibiotic for her and the itching stop for just six month and now it have started again causing us serious pains. When we call the Doctor, he said the illness is very difficult to treat and he recommended another antibiotic for her pending when he will be back from outside the country. We really need you submission. Thank you in advance for your suggestion. 
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Quote from: nony227 on 25-04-2011 07:44 AM
it is a lie plz can i know where the girl is from?plz dont just sit and listen to side talks.
Imo state
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Quote from: popo2009 on 24-04-2011 04:17 PM
@Poster you are a lying bastard
Dont start such thingh here please.

u are a senseless idiot. I only asked 4 ur opinion abt what i heard. Idiot
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It's not true! Am a product of polygamy, it is never a good experience. Sincerely, there are some pastor that are really sent by the devil to cause confusion among the children of God. So people should try and filter whatever doctrine they are being told in the church. 
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Please i need help seriously, am 28 yrs old guy dating a 26 yrs old Igbo girl, we love ourselves very well & we are planning of settling down 2gada & to be frank with you guys-i have never love a girl b4 eva though i hav dated some girl in d past. The major problem now is dat am 4rm the middle belt & she is an Igbo girl & all my friends are saying dat Igbo first daughter are not allow to marry outside their tribe & that my girl parent will do anything to keep us apart & dis is seriously disturbing me causing me sleepless night. Eva when i discuss with my girl about it, she said it's not true & re-assure me of her love 4 me, dat it's me she love & dat she didn't want to marry someone else & her heart will still be with me. My relationship in d past didn't work bcos i always hide my real identity but my girl now know virtually everything about me likewise myself & she is a dedication Catholic member. Please & please pals i need help bcos dis is eating me up & am tempted to double date in d event where d worse happen (my girl parent opposing me), at dsame time am afraid my girl will be highly disappointed in me if i cheat on her & even if she didn't know, i can't stand the guilt. Your kind & mature advice will highly be appreciated. Please help!