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21  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Ooni Of Ife Has Married A New Wife, The New Woman Is By Far Hotter Than His Current Wife on: 25-02-2016 02:14AM
What a shame. I don't know y Bukky will be forced out of her marriage. Na God dey give children  o. No be human power!

Poster u headline is so biased! U dont pray 4 this to happen to u I guess.
22  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Olori Wuraola Ooni Of Ife's Wife Prepares to for New Role Has She Starts Dressing in White on: 25-02-2016 12:28AM
Bayonel3, does it mean d king is taking a new wife?  As in 2nd wife?  I thought Olori Bukky Lambata Adeyeye is d first and last wifey. How come?  Where did Zynab surface from? I'm confused o.
23  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: You Wont Believe This Is Olajumoke The Bread Seller In These New Photos on: 24-02-2016 08:45PM
Wow! I can't believe this is Olajumoke. More pls. Thanks poster Grin
24  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: POVERTY: Vulcanizer commits suicide, leaves behind wife and two children (Graphic Photo) on: 21-02-2016 10:29PM
Some people can do dat to him n make.itlook like suicide. SMH
25  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What Is Wrong With This Photo? (Bleaching Mother Edition) (Page 2) on: 15-02-2016 04:31AM
It's a pity d innocent baby will not have d chance to meet her real mother but d fake "White-African" omo jati jati Grin Grin Grin

Heaven go fall if to say na oyinbo call us dirty. Omo-ale Grin
26  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What Is Wrong With This Photo? (Bleaching Mother Edition) on: 15-02-2016 04:26AM
U asked a question nio I'll answer u. FYI bims, "black is prettier"

U asked if anything is wrong with u: of course yes! Ur brain is working backwards 4 calling black colour dirty. U will definitely need mental health evaluation b4 u do something nasty to dat innocent baby of urs. Oshisco
27  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: BADOSKYY! Nollywood Actress, Eniola Badmus Stuns In New Valentine Photos on: 15-02-2016 04:04AM
O tun nję ferrero rocha mo ti I lęni?  SMH
28  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Olajumoke The Agege Bread Model and Her Husband Gets Luxury Apartment In Lekki (Photos) on: 13-02-2016 03:19AM
Na wa o Grin Grin Grin na so d husband abandon fork, con dey use that "Ewedu spoon" dey eat eba. See as he open mouth Grin Grin Grin eeyah! Pęlę, ko móraa Grin U will get used to it. Congrats 2 u both
29  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Olisa Metuh Bought N500M Banana Island Property Says Witness on: 10-02-2016 02:13PM
The #500 million naira house bought by Linda Ikeji will soon be linked to the corruption mess during Jonathan administration (campaign thingz). Just make sure u keep d remaining money in case they finally mention ur name.
30  Forum / Politics / Re: (List) Order Of Supremacy Of Yoruba Monarchs - Ooni Of Ife Is The Number 1 on: 8-02-2016 05:11PM
Quote from: victor   on  8-02-2016 04:18PM
no.1)  the great Oba of Benin is not counted as a yoruba king.
no.2)  the Great Benin empire covered the whole of yoruba land up to lagos.
so it will be fallacious to grade the Oba of Benin under any yoruba monarch.

I think he made a mistake. Oba of Benin is part of the Obas cuz Oduduwa had seven children and Oba of Benin is one of them. D Alake of Egba land "misyarned" on this. He should correct himself b4 promoting unnecessary discrimination.
Why did u think the Dein of Agbor land is supporting the Ooni? It's because they are from the same Father  (Oduduwa) and mother.
The Obas should be 7 in numbers and not 5 Ok?
31  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Rare Photo Of President Obasanjo During His Military Days on: 7-02-2016 02:48AM
Buhari is a very handsome man. I can sight u beside Obasanjo  Long may u live
32  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: HE'S BACK! Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon Reacts To Obasanjo Prostrating Before Ooni Of Ife on: 7-02-2016 02:37AM
Still I don't understand but to guess at d end of it.

This is what we call "JARGON" in my profession. He'll fail woefully here. Thank God u r in Nigeria where we tolerate this. I love u anyway. I wish u can blow d grammar verbally.  Grin
33  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: HE'S BACK! Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon Reacts To Obasanjo Prostrating Before Ooni Of Ife on: 7-02-2016 02:34AM
Chai! I thought I can read English with my PHD  but this one pass me.

I read it for 30 mins and migraine gripped my right eye.
34  Forum / Education / Re: Check Out 7 English Words Nigerians Use Everyday Which Don’t Exist In The Dictionary on: 5-02-2016 10:54PM
Quote from: Timothy Eazy on  5-02-2016 10:25PM
They are true but Naija na Naija he dey our blood atleast we are opportuned to instalmentally go slow during wake keeping,  dia is no cunny way of using touchscreen phone u can't disvirgin it u must touch d screen.

35  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Tennis Star, Serena Williams Stuns In "Boyfriend" Shirt At A Dinner Date - Photos on: 5-02-2016 04:21AM
Quote from: mr gogo on  4-02-2016 05:55PM
lol she look like shemale

She male? ??

36  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Flavor's Babymama, Anna Ebere Cuts An Angelic Look In Traditional Attire (Photos) on: 5-02-2016 04:11AM
Quote from: reaper on  4-02-2016 11:24PM dear. Beautiful u

37  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Congratulations To Winners Of Naijapals December Personality Of The Month Contest on: 1-02-2016 07:46PM
Congrats to u all. Glad 4 u all. Peanuts or not it will cover something tangible. Let's be appreciative.
38  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Meet The Woman Who Says She’s A Cat Trapped In A Human Body on: 30-01-2016 02:45AM
Quote from: oworen obong on 29-01-2016 07:50PM
Woman If true true that you be cat make you come my kitchen I get plenty rat where I for like make you kill for me before this virus come meet us.

 Grin   Grin Grin kill lassa fever instead?
39  Forum / Politics / Re: "I Respect Obasanjo But He Introduced Bribery To The National Assembly" - Melaye on: 29-01-2016 05:00PM
Quote from: victor   on 29-01-2016 03:27PM
only a naive Nigerian would praise these Senators and Reps. they are a bunch of corrupt,greedy, ineffective money guzzling touts.

Thanks n God bless
40  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: New Ooni Of Ife Commissions 7 New Buses & Begins Free Health Care Services In Ife on: 29-01-2016 04:37PM
Good one. But can we see d buses u bought for 56 million Naira? Openness is d key to end corruption.
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