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1  Forum / Family / Men leaving their family in Nigeria to marry another Nigerian in USA on: 23-06-2011 03:07 AM
This is the story of my life i met my husband online and at the time he was in UK.  He told me has has been in UK for over five years, he is intelligent I thought. He told me he had a child by a woman she met about 6 to 7 years earlier but the woman had since been married to another man whom he said was a professor in Nigeria.
He professed to be a born again christian.
He looked handsome to me at the time. I met some of his cousins on some of my visits to London who confirmed that he was never married.
The same year we met, we decided to get married in London ans shortly after this my husband left UK for Nigeria to visit. He could not come back to UK because of Immigration issue.
My question to him then was that how did he manage to live in UK for several years without necessary papers?
However, I asked him to stay in Nigeria, I got a lawyer and expedite his coming to USA.
While waiting for his green card to come out in USA I visited him in Nigeria and I stayed in Hotel even though I have the option to stay in one of the houses i bought in Nigeria. I wanted to meet his family he introduced his friends to me as his family. Surprisingly, those he introduced to  me as his family were coming to visit me in the hotel I lodged myself in. And none of them offer that I visit them in their homes.
My husband told me that he has a master degree from York University in London and his first degree in Business from LASU.
When he eventually got his green card and came to my home in USA, I discovered that this scammer only had a grade 2 teacher training.
I do not have any problem with people's qualifications but my problem was he faked every paper and as I told him he can end up in jail for 21 years for forging documents.
I was upset but I gave him benefit of the doubt and asked him to apply to a community college and then transfer to a 4 year college and get a degree.
He stated going to college.
Another bombshell, was about two years we have been together, he was seeing a girl whom she told that he was not a\married I discovered that I attempted to throw him out at this time but his cousins and friends rally round and pleaded for him. And i let that go.
Another incident was my houses in Nigeria, he would ask me for money to fix this and fix that but would not account for the rent from these houses. that was a problem, he later told me that all the houses except one were vacant, since he has asked my family not to go to those houses. But after a big fight about the houses I asked my family to go to the houses, every house has tenants in them and they have paid 2 to 3 years in advance.
What really broke the camel's back was a misterous call I received from a little girl on my voice mail . she called me by my name and pleaded with me in Nigerian accent to inform me that his father is married and that I should leave his father alone. At this time my husband was home in Nigeria since he goes to Nigeria every 2 years and he would only tell me a week before he is leaving, since he knew that I could not make necessary arrangement to leave my work in a week to go to Nigeria with him as a manager at my work.
He came back from Nigeria I have no other options but to ask him to leave since i am a woman myself i would hate for a husband to leave me with the children and be living bid with another woman in USA.
I wish to meet this woman, his wife and pay her for pain and suffering she endured while her husband was with me in USA and to sincerely give her an apology.
The man's name is OLUKAYODE PETER AJAYI . he is an Ijesa. If I can use this forum to locate her I will be glad to pay her for the emotional pain she went through.