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Ignorance and denial is the main reason why many people still stigmatize HIV/AIDS pandemic. It is not te be treated as a provincial or state problem but rather a national problem. The  sooner the government start implementing strategies and other ways to curb the spreading of this disease, the better it is for every one! We are all affected by it irrespective of our rants and raving about it and its time to wake up and smell the coffee!!
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It seems there are many gay people in Nyja. The thing don itch them now!!!
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Quote from: otagermo on 21-05-2012 07:10 PM
die frau ist wirglich verruckt......ihren niece auch.......sie muss schneller zun artz.

Easy now with your German language!
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I hope its Mugabe from Zimbabwe, suffering from mental illness!!
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Quote from: knightangel on  6-08-2010 09:19 AM
Ways To Get To A Girls Heart--
1. Hug her from behind.
2. Grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other.
3. When standing, wrap your arms around her.
4. Cuddle with her.
5. Dont force her to do ANYTHING!
6. Write little notes as Text messages.
7. Compliment her Beauty and mean what you say.
8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.
9. Say I love you.....and MEAN IT!
10. Comfort her when she cries.
11. Say naughty sex jokes and don't try to be funny...Be FUNNY Wink  Wink  Wink
12. Love her with all your Heart.

13. Take her shopping
14. When u make love to her , make sure she reaches climax before u do!
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My carry go now!! Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink
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@Princez, its like you read my mind. Instead of really dealing with the critical situation of lack of jobs, people are busy undermining, insulting and critisizing the courage and determination of the plantain seller. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, so others have to struggle to pave their own way. Truth of the matter is, there are no jobs in NIGERIA PERIOD!! Take it or leave it but it still remains a fact! I've never seen such ignorance like in NAIJAPALS!

 Roll Eyes Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
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Quote from: abbey18 on 20-02-2012 11:39 PM

Point of correction Abby18, South Africa also pays social security but of cause you cannot compare it with Libya as they don't have vast oil reserves. Gadhaffi already sold Lybia's oil, his refineries are all over EUROPE. H even paid with it to free the former accused Lockerbie bomber and he still remunerated the bereaved families of the bombing. Gadhaffi's plight can be blamed solely on not reforming his country and acknowledging  that this is another century. Times to rule by force or rule a country like your house has long gone, Africans are redefining their future, whether for better or worse. The state or stage where Africa is now is exactly where the West was 100 years ago and gradually things will change but of cause it comes with a heavy price tag.
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Goodbye American Rose!!!
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English is not Patience's first language so let her break it is she likes, na her problem be that. Let her speak her mother tongue with the intepreters like all the other State Presidents and their wives who cannot utter a single word in English.. I am sure in those 32 aides or aids she has, they are capable of doing some intepretation Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink.
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@ Cutesolly, please don't make a reference to what is happening to South Africa, its totally pervetted, barbaric Huh? and unacceptable . Tell me, how would you feel if it was your sister being stabbed for just being gay. Huh?
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Natural hair all the way baby!!! It costs less too!!!
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See the way dictatorship plays in the long run. Its a warning to all them long term dictators that their time is up. Africans are not toys and when they decide to take up arms, even death make space for them ooo. I beg Ghaddafi surrender ooo. No more running for u even your mouthpiece has been caught. It seems that you were just a barking dog with no teeth. Sorrrry oooo!!!
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Ï beg to differ  ooo. Most people keep on talking about their x's because they share  history with them not because they are actually inlove at that moment, it could be either emotional or physical. If a woman says that she loves u and she keeps on talking about her boyfriend, then it could be that there is something you aren't doing right or rather you don't have the same persona and traits that the x had. STEP UP YOUR GAME AND STOP WHINNING!!!!
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Make sure you have tons and heaps of dollars my brother. Money talks there!! Grin Grin Grin Grin
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@ mykelly or rkelly. South Africa has done nothing about hundreds of thousands on Nigerians who are living illegally in South Africa. The 45 you are just complaining about is just a drop in the ocean. Maybe u should educate yourself on the atrocities that some Nigerians have committed before you can start demeaning South Africa. No one is stopping Nigeria from doing their own deportation oooo.
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I am sorry but its outragious that a so called Man of God can make such blatant allegations against South Africans and Ghanaian actors and actresses. People die daily and it has nothing to do with witchcraft or a quest to fame. These myths and utterances have to be condemned as the can lead to hatred, but why am I suprised??