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The irony of life... some years back, a guy picks up some bad components from an abandoned helicopter and refurbish it thereby building a body and the helicopter flew and got suspended in the air for 30minutes. Instead of encouraging him, the authority arrested him for stealing military property and flying without permission. The much encouragement that he deserves was eluded him. Now the same authority is given permission to another person who constantly dehumanize the women folks and endangers homes and families to break-up caused by Nood parties. Legislators which time would you wake up and do that which would help strengthens the human cause and cause of this country. Encourage developmental growth rather than the degradation please.Na wa o!
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Quote from: omorewa on 16-06-2010 12:40 AM
;D ;D ;D lol wunzie.....
who make that law? how are they going to survive when only the politicians are enjoying the money!!
they no get sense >:( anyway they will be the one to suffer for it because no more enjoyment for them  ::)