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1  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Will u allow your wife to in touch with her married or single ex-boyfriend? on: 23-01-2012 06:55 PM
Quote from: Swtezvikky on 21-01-2012 03:36 PM
Most women are fond of doing  things  secretly with thier ex after marriage. Like chatting on BBM and facebook etc without d knowlegde of thier spouse. Am asking my naijapals dudes,will u allow this to happen right before ur face?  

It's wrong; but who wan stupid, make dem stupid.
2  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: 5 Things Nigerian Men Find Unattractive In Women on: 24-12-2011 09:28 AM
Hair nets! Hair nets! Hair nets!
3  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Real Women tricks: Know & Identify Them *Wink* on: 11-11-2011 02:47 PM
Quote from: sophiebaby on 11-11-2011 01:53 PM
Being a real woman is an art mostly pleasant, but demanding some skills and knowledge. As we all know, there are no unbeautiful women, there are women who don't know that they're beautiful. A woman is only what she makes it of herself. There are some tricks that make a woman the real one, and help her to bear that name proudly. These recommendations aren'he rules. The only definite rule is the inner feeling of a woman that she is the one and the only, but never just one of a kind.

A real woman is independent. She's always busy on her own business. It can be whatever  job, hobbies, interests. She has no time to deal with the problems and affairs of others. That doesn't mean she is selfish and takes no compassion on others. She will always be there for her relatives and friends willing to listen to their complaints and to help.

A woman shouldn't solve man's problems. This prerogative is male . A man is the one supposed to take care of a woman.

A real woman can't ever be had over the barrel. She is always well-dressed with her hair and make-up done. Be ready that anything can happen all of a sudden. You'll say it is hard to look nice all the time ..but for a real woman it's a habit.

A woman should always stay calm and relaxed, behaving as if nothing in this world really troubles her. All the attacks of nerves and hysterics are not for public. You'd better never let them see you cry. Tears have a strong effect on men, but don't abuse it.

Money shouldn't become the necessity of real woman's life. If she has money she spends it, when she is short of money she doesn't care, or just pretends she doesn't.

A real woman always has a couple of really good and expensive dresses in her wardrobe. They play the role of a parade costume for cases when it's necessary to make an impression.

One can say there are only must do and must have for a so-called real woman. But there are many free to do, or not to do for her either. The most are provided by men who are ready to forgive her almost everything for just one charming smile, which is supposed to be saying sorry.

A woman can let herself be late. 10-15 minutes late is almost on time. 45 minutes   he'll be only glad that you finally appeared. It's always better for a woman to be late, rather than to run in a hurry. Men tend to forgive a woman her mood swings, sudden changes of the decisions, promises forgotten and etc.

A real woman can let herself twist men round her little finger. She may stay mysteriously silent, complain that she's bored, act stupid or start a passionate scientific argument. Nobody can make a woman answer a question if she doesn't want to, and nobody can force her explain the reasons for doing/not doing this or that. Acting so capricious and unbalanced is a simple way to get a man attached to a woman. Don't hesitate to make a man spend as much money on you as he can afford  he will never leave an object of capital investments.

A woman knows her worth, but makes everyone believe shes priceless. Everything she does - she does it with elegance. She knows how to make men dance to her tune and she really enjoys it. She always stays independent, careless and free. She knows what she wants, and will never let anyone stay in her way. A real woman is quite self-confident not to care about the rumors or public opinion, holding her head up high.

If a woman wants to be a real one, she shouldn't be afraid of changes and mistakes. It's never too late to make another attempt.

 Smiley Smiley Smiley

Obviously una problems never near to end.
4  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Shy People Are Better At Love is it really true ? (Page 3) on: 28-10-2011 03:27 PM
Quote from: sophiebaby on 28-10-2011 02:22 PM
Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin onche..take tym oo

But no be true?
5  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Kiss TroubleShooting Guide' (Page 7) on: 28-10-2011 03:19 PM
Babe, There's not a single person I know that likes foul breath o. Not one.
6  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Kiss TroubleShooting Guide' on: 28-10-2011 03:06 PM
Quote from: sophiebaby on 26-10-2011 10:03 AM
There are many ways that first kiss can go terribly wrong, but most are easily avoided.


>Moving too quickly
Be careful not to startle the kissee - watch and wait for the signal to proceed
If you aren't sensitive in your kissing, how empathetic and caring can you be about the rest of the realtionship...
> Wet, sloshy, squishy, fishy
If you or the kissee need to wipe your lips, or chin, dry after the kiss - well, it wasn't 'perfect' was it?
> Smash-mouth smothering kiss of death
Avoid the over-passionate, insensitive kiss that leaves the kissee gasping for air.
>Chapped, Cactus Lips
There's a delicate balance to lip moisture equation. The last thing you want to do is drool on your partner, but you definitely don't want to leave scars with crispy, chafed lips.
>Too much Tongue and Too Much, Too Soon
Keep that tongue tucked away until you get the right signals, then apply with caution - later
>Dragon Breath
A mint or two, breath saver, gum, spray - anything to get rid of gunk-mouth. Grin Grin
>Weak, Wobbly or Wooden Passionless Pecks
The swoop in and bounce out kiss is simply meaningless - unless you want to impart a "let's just sort-of be friends" type of message.
>Smacking, Clacking Loud Kisses
The old "clack and smack" kills romance in a flash.


Must the pleasure we get from kisses ALWAYS be sensual? Can't we just have fun with it sometimes? Apart from "Dragon Breath" every other thing up on this list can be done just for the fun that comes with them.
7  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: In sex game, the girl always loses (Page 4) on: 28-10-2011 01:33 PM
Sex game shey?
8  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Shy People Are Better At Love is it really true ? on: 28-10-2011 01:29 PM
Another stereotype that's going to get many people in trouble.
9  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: 17 Ways To Make A Guy Smile! on: 28-10-2011 01:23 PM
Quote from: teeco on 18-01-2010 04:31 PM
1. Always snuggle. My reply: ALWAYS???
2. Kiss him passionately and with much passion Kiss
3. Give him romantic presents
4. Always say "I Love You" - those three words mean a lot...
5. Cuddle and give him big hugs
6. Try cuddling on the sofa and watching romance movies together(really sweet!)
7. Always share your joy with him
8. Take pictures together and have fun!
9. Share your secrets with him
10. Always let him know you care
11. Give him a good massage if you are good at that kind of thing! Wink
12. If he is angry,you keep out of his way till he calms down!
13. Always sing together with him
14. Run your finger through his hair just above his ear to help him fall asleep Note : Not all guys like this! SOME DON'T MIND BECAUSE THEY LOVE BEING PAMPERED! Smiley
15. Prepare candlelight/Romantic dinners and let him come home to it/just as surprise to show how romantic you can be! he would love it!trust me! Wink
16. Always laugh at his jokes even if they are not funny...just pretend they are and laugh!otherwise you make him look silly!and trust me,guys do not like bit! Smiley
17.Text and ring him shows how much you care!

The list goes on and on...

Teeco Designer

Follow these instructions to the letter with a guy like me and I'll be gone ahead of the wind. CRAP... mostly.
10  Forum / Health / Re: How to Make Love to a Woman in 5 Easy Steps on: 28-10-2011 01:17 PM
Who is this "a woman" that all u guys mknow how to make love to?
11  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Top 5 Signs She is Not Interested in You (Page 3) on: 5-07-2011 07:47 PM
how on earth did my post get juggled up?

Anyway, the point is, a girl talking bout her guy too much isn't always a sign she's not interested.
A girl that's not interested at all with not welcome U, neither give opportunity to chance.
12  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Top 5 Signs She is Not Interested in You on: 5-07-2011 07:40 PM
5 isn't necessary always true.

Sometimes when a girl keeps talking bout her guy & their relationship to the hearing of some particular other guy, it's cos she feels drawn to the other guy & senses that she could fall for him, so she tries to drown the feelings with the constant reminder to her self that what she already has is great; or she could be doing so just so the guy knows he ''can't'' get more than physical with her if he so desires.
These types are primed for flings if it's what a guy is looking for. In the right 'settings' they fall easily & will usually let the pursuer go all the way with them, but usually it won't be more than a one night stand, especially if the guy seems to want more. On the other hand if he pulls away after the one time encounter, the girl could come for more.
There's lots of ways insecurities revela themselves. primed for flings if it's what a guy is looking for. In the right 'settings' they fall easily & will usually let the pursuer go all the way with them, but usually it won't be more than a one night stand, especially if the guy seems to want more. On the other hand if he pulls away after the one time encounter, the girl could come for more.
There's lots of ways insecurities revela themselves.
13  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: what is the benefit of having a girlfriend these days? on: 5-07-2011 01:43 PM
Quote from: Skypon2002 on  4-07-2011 07:33 PM
Please ladies and guys tell me whats the benefit of having a girlfriend, wat is the guy gaining from the relationship or you, this is how most relationships go in naija,
1. You call the girl everyday, she does not call you back, highest she flashes you, then if you dont call you are not caring.
2. Because you tell her you love her, you immediately carry all her burden, buying her this and that, you change her wardrobe, make her hair etc, when u self have a lot of burden on your head, and if u dont do it, you are not caring, or u dont love her, and she does not spend her money on you.

3. When it comes to Being Intimate, then she start preaching, that she is not ready, she wants to wait till she is married, or its against Gods law, or they ask you whether your luv for them is based on sex, that you dont luv them for demanding sex from them.
4. Then after managing you for some time, she dumps you and moves to another guy, or she simply play games at your back.

So please tell me, wats the benefit.

If i spend all this time and money wit my guys, during my trying period they will be there for me. The best thing is wait till you are married then officially her responsibilities are yours, then u would know your investment is secured.

U go about something wrongly and expect positive results? No be so Things dey work.
14  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Am confused!!!!!!!!!! on: 4-07-2011 12:02 AM
Quote from: Swtezvikky on  2-07-2011 10:33 AM
my guy get angry wheneva he call me n i dont pick immediately,he accused of making luv dat y i m not pikking my tired of dis whole thing wat should i do? Pls no insults   

Perhaps there have been times U were with him having sex & Ur phone rang & U didn't pick?
One down side to having pre/extra marital sex is the person u r having it with soon starts feeling U will have it with anyone else too; and that's how trust jumps out the window.
15  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Gender Equality on: 24-06-2011 06:17 PM
Yanga dey sleep trouble wan wake am. Adikpe, U no go leave BS alone? She go provoke for U on this isuue o
16  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: what will say about these change in gurls on: 24-06-2011 02:34 PM
Quote from: pasnass on 24-06-2011 04:36 AM

Modernization of Girls
According to the statistics below---- You were born way to early.
1970's : Love me, but don't touch me.
1980's : Touch me, but don't kiss me.
1990's : Kiss me, but don't do anything more.
2000's : Do anything, but don't tell anyone.
Since 2011 : Do everything, otherwise I will tell everyone that you can't do anything

2010 and beyond: Do everything, otherwise I will do everyone then tell them that U can't do anything.
17  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: To Fall In Love Or Fall Out Of Love Which Is Easier? on: 24-06-2011 02:09 PM
Quote from: frayobkk on 24-06-2011 01:53 PM
Is not uncommon this days to see people saying especially ladies that they fall in love. However even after a short period of time when that thing that appeals to them is no longer there some decided to fall out of love. So in your own opinion fall in love or fallen out of love which is easier?


Typically, it's easier for girls to do both.
Typically it's easier for guys to fall in than to fall out.
18  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: why does evryone have an ex-luv is it infidelity or a must? (Page 3) on: 24-06-2011 01:43 PM
Who is confusing me never to be ex-d sweetheart?
19  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Is it possible to keep that "in-love" feeling in a relationship indefinitely? on: 24-06-2011 01:41 PM
Quote from: cnlekerem on  4-01-2009 06:49 PM
Is it possible to keep that "in-love" feeling in a relationship indefinitely?

It's possible but then again, the wood that burns fastest in the fire place gathers ashes first.

It's best not to. A tap that stays open soon becomes an irritant to those who quench their thirst on its flow.

All times and seasons are so we can enjoy life to the full.
20  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: why does evryone have an ex-luv is it infidelity or a must? on: 24-06-2011 01:35 PM
Quote from: Swtezvikky on 24-06-2011 07:53 AM
A person may get married two or more latter begins to nurture memorys of an ex-luver.they both exchange calls n si each oda.this baffles me n leave a gap in my am looking 4 a diffrent opinion frm u.

Wisdom instructs us to know what to do with ex's. The foolish assume they can go around those instructions... they lie to themselves and pay with tears of sorrow.
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