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1  Forum / Religion / Must scriptural healing follow an existing pattern? on: 20-12-2011 01:16 PM
Very recently TB Joshua’s critics on TB Joshua watch seem to be claiming that the healings in SCOAN are happening in methods contrary to the methods found in SCRIPTURE and so raises a red flag as to the authenticity and genuineness of the healings taking place there. As false as these statement sounds, going on about following a specific healing style is not at all scriptural, so what in the world are they thinking? because All Biblical Divine Healings  did not follow a specific template or procedure; this fact is proven throughout the scripture, healing method’s varied in the New testament with Christ as well as his apostles; On taking a closer look, we discover that this is no different from the Pharisees attitude to discredit Jesus’ miracles and healing and pass them off as sourced by demons, evidently, the healing of the sick did not matter to them at all, talk more of finding better ways of enabling more of the sick benefit from the healing grace in Jesus ministry, when the Pharisees discovered anyone healed by Jesus, their concern was not rejoicing with the healed patient but rather how that healing broke the law or the traditions of the elders and scribes… Read more;
2  Forum / Religion / TB Joshua and SCOAN grows stronger as people talk about him on: 15-12-2011 03:51 PM
As this on-line debate on TB Joshua and SCOAN grows stronger, TB Joshua’s critics on TB Joshua watch surprisingly come out plainly to state the conditions under which they would reconsider their position as his detractors, in saying in their recent article titled, maintaining your miracle- a follow-up, that:

” If his supporters were able to clearly show that he was responsible for a significant number of bonafide, validated healings which could be shown to be equivalent to those found in scripture, we detractors would be forced to reconsider our position.”

Pardon us if we don’t take them at all seriously, because they've once made it clear on their site in their own words that:

July 20, 2011 at 10:23 “…I should probably be up front with you and tell you that I can 100% guarantees you that nothing you say will change my mind on TB Joshua; if you think otherwise you are wasting your time.

What we’re saying here is that, As far as the truth about the goodness in TB Joshua is concerned, it’s clear that they are a lost cause, their already existing prejudice which they wouldn't let go of as the Pharisees in Jesus day couldn’t, gives us enough reason not to take them seriously. But then apart from their existing prejudice, just how do we know if they’re serious about repentance or are just bluffing? Well here’s how we know that it’s all a cheap trick to appear open minded even when their minds have been seared with hot iron.

A commenter responded to their challenge and provided a significant number of video links to real live validated healings in SCOAN, but as is expected of the Pharisees intolerance to undeniable evidence, the links were all removed from their site and the commenter was then forced to complain bitterly saying;

Why are not posting my comment??? ...” Are you not a men of your word?
3  Forum / Religion / Did TB Joshua Predict The Start of World war III? on: 13-12-2011 12:06 PM
A very shocking story cropped up on the internet yesterday that seemed to be an individual’s interpretation of a prophecy delivered by TB Joshua on Sunday the 11thof December 2011. This individual interpreted the prophecy to mean the start of a Third world war and the end of all civilization as we know it. And as at the time of posting this, that interpretation article has been viewed well over ten thousand times on Nairaland… The reason we considered this issue worthy of addressing here is because this is precisely how the supposed “failed prophecies” of TB Joshua started off on various sites and blogs on the internet, either the prophecies were given a wrong interpretation or were totally what he never prophesied in the first place. One thing we clearly notice about this individual’s interpretation was its biased nature towards confirming his existing belief in Nostradamus read more:
4  Forum / Religion / Dagger Men in SCOAN vs TB Joshua Watch; Who’s Worse Off? on: 10-12-2011 02:49 PM
During the past week a lot of news stories, blogs and outlets have picked up on  a story of how a man with a dagger attempted to attack TB Joshua on the Monday prayer line, but was arrested, delivered an handed over to the law enforcement officers, the internet is practically flooded with this story, and several more news outlets, blogs and forums are picking up on the story by the day, our major surprise on reading a lot of the reports on this story was basically because they were mostly exaggerated,  We also didn’t really bother with that story here at watch TB Joshua because as it stands, the issue is a closed one, what followed after the futile mission was salvation of this assassin’s soul, with resources to care for himself whilst living his new-found life in Christ, how much more of a threat does that pose to TB Joshua or SCOAN,  What we’re here to compare now is who’s actually worse off, comparing these dagger men with a killer intention to scoan and the Pharisee authors of TB Joshua watch, a scoan critic site.  Now it does seem strange at first comparing mere Pharisee bloggers with a supposed assassin or cold-blooded killer in scoan, what could be the relation between them, that we now even compare, who’s worse off?
Well, to help you understand where we’re coming from with this post, let’s take a quick flashback to the historical biblical epoch – the annals of the Pharisees long history of hatred toward Jesus. The scripture teaches that as a rule, the Jews had no right to execute anyone, besides everyone knows that the Pharisees didn’t exactly kill Jesus with their own hands… read more:

5  Forum / Religion / Christian Faith Healing; Can it be Lost once received? on: 7-12-2011 06:44 AM
This seems to be perhaps one of the most important questions a Christian could possibly ask because the state of their health in Christ Jesus could as well largely depend on it According to some dodgy theology, faith is only required to receive a miracle and not to maintain it, “True divine healing is complete and final they said” Now we must point out here that this is the height of satanic deception, we’re talking of here of the greatest deception devised by the devil that has been widely accepted by an unfortunate number of Christians today- this false doctrine of  “once healed; always healed’ or “once saved; always saved” this false doctrine/dodgy theology wrongly assumes that the moment a person is healed or saved, there’s nothing he/she could ever do, either by omission or commission to loose his/her healing or salvation, that is, even if the person in question goes on ahead to commit the grossest sins that led to the sickness in the first place, this false doctrine teaches that the person is still healed or saved. Brace up yourselves people and beware, because nothing could possibly be further from the truth of God’s eternal word. No doubt God definitely did promise to do his part of keeping us in perfect health and spiritual salvation till the very end, but this does not mean we have no part to play. TB Joshua watch stated that God’s healing is unconditional, which is true in the sense of us having to earn, work or pay for it,  but as a matter of fact, almost all of God’s promises stated in scripture are somewhat dependent in part on us for their fulfillment. Lets bring this down to common knowledge, take for instance a friend gives you a brand new car this Christmas which he bought with his hard-earned money and simply gave you the keys, telling you that its your Christmas present, hope you like it, have a nice ride, all you need to do at the moment is to take the keys and express gratitude. But then let me ask you, was the car a free gift to you, yes of course it was because you didn’t have to earn it or work for it, but then is it going to cost you anything to maintain the car? Of course it will, you’ll get to have to put gas, change oil whenever necessary, rev up the engines regularly if you aren’t going to use them for long, wax the car and so on, so yeah in the end the car is costly to keep but it was indeed free when you received it. Salvation, healing, and all of God’s blessings work in the same way…Read more:
6  Forum / Religion / TB Joshua Watch: “Where Cynicism Rots The Bone” on: 6-12-2011 11:32 AM
When it comes to the issue of TB Joshua’s healing ministry there’s nothing that seems to be left unsaid, whether positive or negative, neither is there any name TB Joshua himself hasn’t been called, positive and negative alike, but opinion’s will stay opinions just as facts would stay facts. very recently several news outlets and blogs on the internet picked up on a story by sky news with which they disingenuously questioned TB Joshua’s healing claims, and made it seem very questionable, this wouldn’t be the first time though, barely a month ago, BBC did publish a similar news story, perhaps all in trying to uncover whatever failures there may be in TB  Joshua’s healing ministrations, both attempts were futile to say the very least, but that didn’t just stop the widespread criticisms, the issue was finally brought to a climax on a scoan critic site. Believe us when we say you have  never seen cynics like these, if you clearly notice the summary of the evidence destruction scheme they employ on TB Joshua watch you’ll notice that they’re not even ready to accept the possibility of being wrong, they placed enough barriers to the faith of many with their cynical tests of propaganda, trickery and the likes, and then whatever healings scaled through their test of propaganda, fake medical reports and stage management was finally swallowed up in attribution to the powers of principalities. Their precursors, the Pharisees in Jesus day were no different, when they referred to the Jesus miracles and healings as a product of a demonic entity by the name Beelzebub, It’s painstaking and annoying putting up with their kind of thinking, the bible speaks of the provocation of fools being much heavier, the problem with these people is evidently in the pattern of thinking in which their minds are formed, which at best is twisted, and worse still, demented. Their attribution to trickery, manipulation and deception of onlookers to fall for make-believe miracles is a cheap and disgusting attempt to suspend belief. To them there must be something hidden, stage-managed, concealed, and even in a live broadcast… And just as the evil one leads believers astray by first destroying whatever evidence they have for their faith, TB Joshua watch also attempt to make a mock of the happenings in the synagogue by first destroying any belief people might have in the unmistakable evidences, and if you care to know just how exactly have they done this, Here’s a quick summary:

•   By stating that Emmanuel TV is TB Joshua’s propaganda machine/channel where everything is cleverly edited to manipulate and deceive the viewers into believing in TB Joshua’s healing powers (they left out the live services here though, where editing of miracles or testimonies can’t possibly be an argument, not sure how those are manipulated in their  opinion, they would have done well to explain that)
•   By claiming that the medical reports gotten from hospitals in Nigeria are fraudulent since Nigeria ranks among the most corrupt countries in the world…  read more;
7  Forum / Religion / Re: TB Joshua’s Critics - BLIND GUIDES, LEADING WITH A RIGGED MAP (The sky report) on: 30-11-2011 01:36 PM
I really get the impression that you are very, VERY close to TN Joshua, so you've hardly got both eyes open, have you?

your comment is what is termed a "red herring" which is a cheap disgusting diversionary tactic,  I'll rather you stick to the issue being discussed, if i haven't got both eyes open, prove it from my writings, which so far you haven't done.
8  Forum / Religion / Patients Refusal of Medication on Faith Grounds - Is It TB Joshua’s Fault? on: 30-11-2011 01:20 PM
The true nature of Satan according to the Bible is summed up in deception, the Bible refers to him as the Devil that deceives the world, and leads them astray Revelation 12:9. It's not actually easy to picture the very intelligent beings that inhabit the earth being largely deceived to their own doom by this spiritual entity, yet it’s the reality, the indications of this is that the deception he uses is clearly not an obvious one, for instance when he told eve they would not surely die, which was a lie, he did tell them that they shall become like gods knowing  good and evil which was true, what this implies is that he mixes lies with a bit of truth to deceive, a wise man once said that he tells us the truth in little things to deceive us in greater things, such deception is the tool employed by TB Joshua’s critics on TB Joshua watch to deceive and mislead the unsuspecting public, we here expose the disingenuous note they made connecting TB Joshua with the Death of Anna whom they alleged was a victim of TB Joshua’s  healing claims  in their story. As well as the lies they purported from the sky news report that the SCOAN asks people Aids victims to quit medication.

Firstly, It is pertinent to note that based on our findings about scoan, after prayer for recovery and healing the patients are made to go back for a thorough check with their doctor’s to find out whether they have been healed or otherwise. This has been the procedure and practice in SCOAN since its inception. Whilst The SCOAN believe in divine healing, they also make sure mandatory hospital checks are applied to find out the truth of healing. The question that comes to mind now is: If SCOAN were faking their healings and make bogus claims of them as these critics suggest, why would they install medical certification of healings as a standing process for patients who are ministered to? That would automatically give them away wouldn’t it? The method of verification they demand for in itself, attests to their genuineness, When the patient's symptoms are gone after and the doctors certify them as medically cured, they stop taking their medication on their own accord as they no longer find the use for it, not at all on the prophet's instruction. And If peradventure they got checked by their doctors and discovered that they weren’t healed they would resumed medical treatment immediately.  There would have been little or no time interval from the time of prayer and the resumption of medication…read more:
9  Forum / Religion / TB Joshua’s Critics - Blind Guides, Leading With A Rigged Map (The sky report) on: 30-11-2011 12:30 PM
We at a time provided scriptural backing on our site for our remark about TB Joshua watch being Pharisees, of which another term Jesus used was "blind guides". Check out the related articles section of this post on our sit for the proof article, we had hoped that with that post they'll become more proficient at covering their Pharisaical footprints all over the internet, but are surprised that more evidence keeps popping up attesting to their lies, deceit and hypocrisy. And here's our reason for saying this;

TB Joshua watch stated in an article that:

Sky News have conducted an undercover report which confirms the suspicions the BBC article raised, yes SCOAN does tell AIDS victims to quit their medication.

As is expected, TB Joshua’s critics are impervious to the truth, their cunning methods of mixing lies with a bit of truth is totally exasperating, the method of deception employed by that old serpent. On critical evaluation of this issue, the sky news report was clearly biased, unprofessional and lob-sided as one commenter on our site put it, all that they said about SCOAN in their report were not factual but rather a sheer product of inductive inference, why do we say this?, well take for instance, Mr. Emmanuel, a  man  they interviewed in their report who claimed he was still sick with HIV after prayer was never a member of SCOAN London, neither was he ever prayed for by the pastors at scoan, he even referred to the person who prayed for him as a priest, a title no minister's office in SCOAN goes by, yet as far as this man's story was from the SCOAN, sky news disingenuously linked him to SCOAN London in their report, a totally exasperating form of critique journalism. Need more proof? Well here's another, In their news report they made it seem that Mr.  Emmanuel was a member of Synagogue and in their printed media; they stated that Emmanuel was a member of a church in North London. Whereas the Synagogue as church has never operated in the North of London. It operated in the South East of London and now back to its former place of worship in London, now how's that for "objective journalism"? But that's not even all there is to it…Read more:
10  Forum / Religion / Re: Spies from SKY NEWS Investigate TB Joshua on: 27-11-2011 05:22 PM
From what I've heard, there hasn't been a single properly documented cure by faith healers
I've heard that line many times, "what i heard" "what i read", "what i was told", how about what i myself investigated and found to be true? seriously, people need to start verifying things for themselves and not just bank on hear say, if they would learn the truth and not others insensitive and critique opinion.
11  Forum / Religion / Re: Spies from SKY NEWS Investigate TB Joshua on: 27-11-2011 06:15 AM
Probably because there are those who spruik for the likes of TB Joshua and give the impression that he can heal AIDS.
do you seriously believe that all the HIV Aids healing testimonies in SCOAN on the internet with certified medical confirmation are a sham?
and that sham just keeps attracting more of the HIV victims to the church for prayer? try and sound a bit more objective? just check out emmanuel tv prayer line which will be shown live today and see many HIV AIDS victims in the line up for prayer,  the fact is these Healings do infact occur, but our international reporters are not interested in that which would bring glory to the Name Jesus, but in what would drag the name of His church to the mud.
12  Forum / Religion / Spies from SKY NEWS Investigate TB Joshua on: 26-11-2011 08:29 PM
Barely a month after the BBC released a report about several recorded  deaths after the  HIV and Aids healing claims in various churches and disingenuously mentioned TB Joshua’s ministry as one of such ministries likely to encourage HIV and aids sufferers to drop their medication without proof, SKY news took on the challenge and sent undercover agents who had hidden cameras tucked in their jackets to SCOAN UK as AIDS sufferers, presumably because they felt the BBC report didn’t have a nice ring to it following their lack of real evidence to implicate SCOAN. Kind of like a competition between them on who would better cover the story.

The major problem with the report is that it sounds more like a challenge to the Christian faith, than it even does to TB Joshua, the reporters made it seem that God is incapable of healing a person with HIV, and worse still, are making it seem that the evangelical pastors are the ones performing the healings and not God, and so the healings should be doubted. If those healed of HIV in SCOAN are often or always not healed as they suggest, why would more with same cases be encouraged to come and those coming for the same healing increase daily?

Now we must say here that TB Joshua is quite a striking personality, he has critics from almost every facet of life, in religious circles, among his ex-disciples, and as though that were not enough, the international media, SKY and BBC joined the bandwagon. seriously, their report about the SCOAN seems to be no different from what journalists usually do with celebrities, where they make accusations that are not true and attract a lot of attention through it by getting everyone to read but then when it’s really is getting to it, it was not true and it only helped the person in question to skyrocket towards fame. . It’s also indeed very surprising that with all their acclaimed journalism skills, they assigned no responsibility to the people who walked away from the church accepting that they had been healed without verifying it by established and scientific methods. Apparently, only a fool will be told by a pastor, your illness is healed or cured and he or she goes away, without verification…read more:
13  Forum / Religion / Critics Want TB Joshua To Abandon Ministry For Farming on: 24-11-2011 11:27 AM
 One unavoidable effect often results during any debate about TB Joshua, oftentimes in the heat of the argument, we behold the true feelings of TB Joshua’s opponents and rivals explode in disturbing statements without any inhibitions revealing a much deeper cynical mindset or prejudice such as we now make clear in this post. Being a close follower of TB Joshua watch, a critic word site, I happened to have come across a comment by one of their guest contributors and prolific commenter madelaine, saying she loved the idea of TB Joshua becoming a farmer. Now, coming up to say here that this response came as quite a shocker is even an understatement, because we all know what message of saving grace TB Joshua  has been commissioned with  to the less privileged, the sick, lonely, afflicted and oppressed, and here was someone wanting to throw all that away for crop yield, and perhaps have Emmanuel tvadvertise farm produce 24/7, doesn’t sound any worse than what the devil himself actually wishes for this man, does it?
 Now enough of my going on about it let me present the proof comments straight from tb  as it was said by Madelaine, a reputed scoan critic and also  guest contributor to TB Joshua watch.

September 17, 2011 8:43 pm
I like the idea of this man (TB Joshua) becoming a farmer, maybe god will call him to end his days living a contemplative life.

We must point out here that this same woman (Madelaine) has several  family members training as evangelists under TB Joshua…
Read more:
14  Forum / Religion / TB Joshua’s Critics- The darkness in a close Mind on: 21-11-2011 08:36 AM
We are not ruling out the fact that SCOAN Critics sometimes raise genuine concerns about scoan, but going on about these doubts to try and convince others to form the same opinion as they have is just being pharisaical. A dangerous little catch phrase was given by their site administrator Ian, for SCOAN supporters to keep reading their rhetoric articles with an open mind, which in itself isn’t a problem if they themselves would stop clinging stubbornly to some mixture of unwarranted assumptions and sentiments. A closed mind in the context of this post is the attitude of TB Joshua’s critics impervious to ideas, arguments, facts and logic. The state of already having their minds made up and not ready to accept the possibility of being wrong.

These critics themselves have also falsely accused scoan supporters of having a dedication that would not countenance doubt or critique, and as a result the value-laden words they employ to enlighten these closed minded bunch are often rejected as merely showing off fanaticism. That is, those who would not believe their assumptions about SCOAN, it is at this point we strike a difference between a closed mind and being self assured. Whilst a closed mind is impervious to ideas, a self assured mind is an open mind because of confidence and surety, coupled by willingness to hear other’s point of view and not being threatened by them.  TB Joshua watch is definitely a far cry from this. Don’t agree? Well lets test them then, The test is whether they are prepared to sincerely hear arguments to the contrary and be open to changing their minds if they are strong enough and as expected, they inadvertently failed,  Perhaps we would at this point need to quote a few of their comments to prove this:

A quote from Ianmcaught, one of their site administrators reads:

  Ian says: PERMALINK

    July 20, 2011 at 10:23

    “…I should probably be up front with you and tell you that I can 100% guarantees you that nothing you say will change my mind on TB Joshua; if you think otherwise you are wasting your time.

Does anyone actually see the point in arguing with a guy like this?...

read more:
15  Forum / Religion / The secret identities behind TB JOSHUA (WATCH) on: 18-11-2011 12:44 PM
With the advent of TB Joshua watch, a site, a lot of scoan supporters like me would be very much interested in those behind  this blog, yet it seems very unlikely that anyone would ever be able to uncover their secret identities because they seem to cover their tracks incredibly well, it was in the light of this that I undertook a quest  to unveil the mystery masked men behind TB Joshua watch, and with the evidences I have so far, I think I’ve nailed their  identity to the wall like a  poster, first my names are  Raphael Hall, and I was a very committed member in the SCOAN UK till I was almost misled by my evangelical church  pastors, and I have very good reason to believe that they are the main authors of TB Joshua watch.

The first lead that prompted my quest was a thought, the thought that it seems very unlikely that a normal conventional critic of TB Joshua would go to the trouble of having such a website where they would continually publish rhetoric articles against TB Joshua and SCOAN, even if they did, not with the maximum consistency and effort with which TB Joshua Watch do theirs that makes it seem as though they were jobless  and did no other thing with their time. Which sends a very clear signal; they must have been one time insiders of this ministry who now see having such a site as a vendetta for being shown the way out. Also the tone of their writings and comments show them to have very deep insight into the happenings in SCOAN, which points only in one direction, to the fact that they must have been one time disciples, it’s also not very far fetched that the major critics of TB Joshua in reality are those who were once front line members of his ministry, so with these assumptions I went to work.

First I had to play by their rules....

16  Forum / Religion / 14 Criteria used by T.B Joshua Watch to classify SCOAN As a cult on: 14-11-2011 07:37 AM
 criteria as they claim?

1)  The group is focused on a living leader to whom members seem to display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment.

 REPLY: it is common knowledge that every organization expects loyalty from its members. Loyalty can only be earned and cannot be forced. If loyalty and questioning is absolutely forbidden the ex-disciples who left would not have left so easily. There was no oath taken as done in pagan setting. No blood covenant entered into. As people/ disciples enter freely and go away freely. The claim that SCOAN is a cult is therefore wrong.

 2)   The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.

Madelaine: “My family has never tried to recruit me because I think they know that I am a lost cause. But they have put huge amounts of effort into publicizing SCOAN”

REPLY: Madeleine should realize that bringing in new members is not done in SCOAN by ordinary publicity; rather it is done by the work of the Holy Spirit by way of miracles when the gospel is preached and the work is confirmed by the Holy Spirit by way of miracles signs and wonders following. Does the work of the Holy Spirit Make SCOAN a cult?

3)  The group is preoccupied with making money.

Here Madeleine suspects that her friends sold their property in England and gave it to the SCOAN, Granted her suspicion is true, was the family forced to do so? Mark you this is mere suspicion. Granted that her suspicion is correct does a gift to SCOAN justify saying that they are busy asking for money? Not at all, SCOAN cannot be called a cult on this ground.

Giles under this heading is of the opinion that giving members who pay their tithes regularly the opportunity by way of issuing them with passes to SCOAN’S prayer mountain to pray and worship over those non-serious Christians is wrong. He sees the action as money making. What would he call the youths who do not pay tithe but go there to pray as well? Loosing money?

Regulating the number of people who go to the mountain my issuing those who endeavour to obey Gods instruction and also regulate the number since the space at the mountain is very limited in comparison to the number of people who want to go there. Giles himself in the concluding paragraph of his write up said:

“Again it has to be said here that there is definitely a need to regulate people in some way though”

There are thousands of members waiting to get into that particular bit of land so thy obviously have to take turns but money and control play a big part of the whole thing. If you ever stopped paying your tithes or fall foul of the ministry in anyway, you don’t get to go there anymore” what type of regulation does Giles want the ministry to employ? The use of good standing in the church is most appropriate; this does not make SCOAN a cult, does it?

4)  Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.

REPLY:  Giles: when I was a boy, I was told in the Sunday school class that obedience is the first rule in heaven. From the account you have given of yourself on TB Joshuawatch, it looks as though you were disobedient all through. You resented being corrected. Reporting each other is a mechanism the disciples must have devised to check and make sure they were behaving properly, some of the disciples who mean business, whose conscience blame them when a fellow disciple does something that brings shame to them must have devised the method. Thank God you even commended the system when you said

“to be fair, sometimes that disciple might have been approached beforehand and given opportunity to change, like it says in the Bible” it might actually BE THE BEST WAY to deal with a particular sin, I mean its possible that a lot of people never again did whatever it was they were doing out of sheer fear of being reported again”

Thank you again that you commended TB Joshua for not taking sides. What then are you quarrelling about? When Lucifer rebelled in heaven, he was punished by being expelled from heaven. Rebellion ought to be punished. Your conduct brought shame to your fellow disciples, hence according to you, as you said

“I was ostracized by the foreign disciples and banned from the dinning room”

5)  Mind-numbing techniques (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, debilitating work routines) are used to suppress doubts about the group and its leader(s)

ANS; the Bible encourages meditation: Joshua 1:8

This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shall meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

Psalm: 1:2-3

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night

1 Timothy says:

meditate upon these things, give thyself wholly to them that thy profiting may appear to all.

Chanting was practiced during the time of David and speaking in tongues is the gift of the Holy Spirit which fell on the day of Pentecost. Acts 2: 2-3. The Bible supports speaking in tongues, whats wrong with them? Is meditation and speaking in tongues cultic?

And as for Giles, following the link provided to the original article, it is right for a trainee disciple to concentrate on God’s work rather than socializing while training, the Bible in Philippians 4:8 says

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Madelaine under this heading said she visited  the hope that she would have an opportunity to spend time her son who was there as a disciple but they were always busy and had no time to stop.

I wonder why Madelaine went there to disturb and distract her son from concentrating on his training...

Read more:
17  Forum / Religion / Is SCOAN A cult? By TB Joshua watch- A Review, part 1 on: 11-11-2011 08:08 AM
This is a guest post by Solomon, one of the contributors to watch Tb Joshua, with which he addresses the deceptiveness orchestrated by TB Joshua watch in their post “IS SCOAN A CULT?” We found it very insightful, objective and to the point and hence necessary to publish following the article by Tb Joshuawatch and our promise to expose the huge deception in their article.

The Oxford Dictionary defines cult as a system of religious worship especially that is expressed in rituals-Rituals mean actions that are always done in the same way especially as party religious or other ceremony or an interest in pagan ritual.

TB Joshua watch defines “cult” as an unorthodox extremist or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader”

The SCOAN’s Practices are not fixed, they are not static and they are not pagan in anyway, or form and not extremist in its ways, rather SCOAN operates within conventional society and open to everyone who cares to attend...

Read more:
18  Forum / Religion / TB Joshua Watch Lured me away from SCOAN london on: 10-11-2011 03:30 AM
In the past week we received an email from someone who claimed to be part of the inner circle of TB Joshua Watch and found it necessary to publish it as it could shed some light into the grey areas that shroud TB Joshua watch in mystery.

Please note that the opinions expressed here are purely those of the writer;
*Greg’s name has also been changed to protect his identity*

To:[email protected]
Sent: Saturday, 5 November, 2011 9:37:55
Subject: Re: TB Joishua lured me into following them from the ministry of “TB Joshua”

I’m filled with rank fear as I write this, knowing what it would mean if I am discovered, but I choose to do it all the same as a way to right my wrongs because my conscience hurts with each deception TB Joshua watch orchestrate and publish with my input. I perfectly understand if many would judge me and ask why i’m still with them even after realising that they’re all about lies and deceit, because they wouldn’t understand the conditions under which they deceived and coerced me to join their hateful group against my conscience, in the most serpentine manner I never thought possible...

Read more:
19  Forum / Religion / TB Joshua’s Critics – Rise of the 21st Century Pharisees #1 on: 5-11-2011 01:00 AM
They claim to be a group of six individuals supposedly poised to unveiling the truth about TB Joshua and Scoan, but just how much truth do they have to share? or rather what are they scheming behind the guise of this mission statement?

According to their statement on TB Joshua watch, of the six-people involved to varying degrees in running the site, only one of them has visited Scoan as a visitor, the rest five in the six-man gang have never been there, but chose to believe all the negative reports spread by these ex-disciples, Here’s a quote attesting to this from their site:

“We explained that the people who run TB Joshua Watch have NEVER been disciples. Of the six people that are involved to varying degrees in running the blog, only ONE has been to SCOAN, and this was only as a visitor”.

The two big questions that then come to mind are:-

Just how credible and reliable are the conclusions on SCOAN reached by those who have never been there before?  If they’ve never been there as they themselves have affirmed, then exactly where did they get their supposed truths on TB Joshua and SCOAN? Perhaps from questionable sources like the false testimonies and reports spread by critics and very questionable characters like some ex-disciples who rebelled against TB Joshua and his ministry.

We at watch  TB Joshua have very good reason to believe that theirs at  TB Joshua watch doesn’t fall any short of typical Pharisee character, of which Jesus Himself warned:

“Jesus said to them, “Watch and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” – Matthew 16:6

This belief we hold is sufficiently backed with necessary scriptural proof, subject to any queries you might have. One of the criteria for identifying Pharisees (hypocrites) as Jesus stated in the scripture is their special ability to see the speck in a brothers eye even while a log covers their very eyes,

 ”Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? ….You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye” – Matthew 7:3&5

Anyone who has visited their site cannot help but notice the fact that they’re on a fault- finding mission against TB Joshua and Scoan, is this their own way of achieving Gods standard for perfect obedience? Or is the word of condemnation and criticism now the goodnews Christ commissioned them to preach?, how sordid it is, watching them turn into ardent critics and fault finders to the extent that even after finding no faults with this prophet, they proceed to manufacture and inferred non-existent faults much like what happened to biblical Daniel.

In the light of the above, the question that comes to mind again is:

Why would they ignore the many good things TB Joshua stands for only to focus on alleged weaknesses and unverifiable allegations, if they’re in a quest to tell the truth?

Like a commenter once mentioned to them on TB Joshua watch that they cannot stop TB Joshua and although theirs is nothing more than a fool’s errand, it does explain to us, with them as a practical example, of the nature of the Pharisees in Jesus day which we’ve only read about in the scriptures.

“TB Joshua watch – a greater burden on the sick”
Another identification mark Jesus gave to identify Pharisees is that they lay heavy burdens on men’s shoulders while they themselves make no effort to lift any.

 ”They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger” – Matthew 23:4

A lot of people have stumbled accross their site thinking it was a site of the SCOAN and then going ahead to request for prayers and even anointed water, their responses to these visitors to their site was a sly discouragement from going to Scoan, and throwing away the anointed water should they even have access to it.

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