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621  Forum / Politics / Re: SMH: Stella Oduah Pays Another "Rent-A-Crowd" Mob To Demonstrate For Her on: 31-10-2013 12:55 PM
I just love the way Nigerians Tribalize events when someone's hand is caught in the cookie jar. This was the same way some people said "it's our money let him steal it" during Alams saga. The Ibos are now jumping over themselves to defend Stella. If someone robbed and escaped, the robber caught should say (in defense) I am not the only robber. 
622  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: PHOTO: Six Naval Officers Beat Teacher to Stupor in Ogun on: 30-10-2013 11:22 PM
Once this guy gets out of hospital, he should head straight to a babalawo and tell him to retaliate for him. He should invoke all the irunmole and shango to stop these guys from ever removing their uniforms.
623  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: I want my son back! – Doris Simeon on: 27-10-2013 12:49 PM
Are these people not educated?  In this case, she needs to get a lawyer and sue for custody. LET THE COURT DECIDE.
624  Forum / Politics / Re: Aviation Minister Bought 4 Toyota Tundras And Four Limousines For VIPs on: 22-10-2013 03:30 AM
Ohaneze over to you guys to defend her kleptomany. By the time all the parastatals under her are scrutinized, she would have an equivalent of a dealership in her village.
625  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Applause :First international flight lands in Enugu Airport Amidst Jubilation (Page 5) on: 22-08-2013 06:37 PM
I would like to believe that what is shown is the Terminal Building. There is more to an international airport than that.. Infrastructure commensurate with the services has to be provided.
626  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Blows 'Grammar' Again On The ASUU Strike on: 11-08-2013 11:51 AM
I bet this man cannot speak like this when he is with Oshiomole. If he does, he'll be unemployed immediately.
627  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Stella Damasus' Second Husband Drags Her To Court Over Secret Infidelity on: 1-08-2013 01:13 PM
There is a law against bigamy in Nigeria. If this is true, she needs to be tried in a court of law. As for Stella, we all know her to be a poctoholo. She craves it , as variety is the spice of life.
628  Forum / Politics / Re: VIDEO: Nigeria Will Become History If I Am Arrested-Asari Dokubo on: 13-05-2013 03:56 PM
When I watched the video, I saw a lot of dissimilarities between Asari and a typical terrorist making a broadcast.  He tried to speak a language that he does not have good command of. He should have spoken his Ijaw mother tongue. He tied very hard to read a speech that was written by someone who did not put his mental capacity into consideration. He did not have a visible AK-47 by his side.  My personal opinion is that, he is speaking from his pocket or bank account.
629  Forum / Politics / Re: VIDEO: Nigeria Will Become History If I Am Arrested-Asari Dokubo on: 12-05-2013 06:36 PM
I believe that if for some reason, Asari should keal over and die, Nigeria will die with him. A lot of people always think that they are immortal.
630  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Governor Okorocha Sustains Head Injury In Road Accident on: 20-04-2013 07:06 AM
One needs to be on the highway and see how these convoys move. They endanger the lives of the lesser beings. Two days ago (18th April) along Warri -Benin highway, Oduaghan convoy almost ran me out of the road. The road has two lanes, and the convoy spread out on both lanes. Frankly speaking, I wished one of them lose a front tire and summersaulted. I know the holier than thou amongst us will say 'God Forbid'.
631  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Photos From Omotola Jalade 35th Birthday Celebration [Photo Gallery] on: 13-02-2013 12:58 PM
Na who come put this kind 'slave image hair' for her head?
632  Forum / Politics / Re: Nigeria Can’t Progress Unless Igbo Man Becomes President –Orji Kalu on: 29-10-2012 03:02 PM
Nnamdi Azikiwe was the President of Nigeria. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan (according to Dora Akunyili) is part Igbo, and he is the President. Orji Kalu is an Igbo man and was Governor of his state for eight years. He should show the progress he made in that state. All Igbo States are governed by Igbo Men. Let them show the progress in those States, to convince other tribes to vote en mass for an Igbo Man. I can bet my last five kobo that even the Igbo people can not agree on a single candidate.
633  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Students Kidnap Female Colleague, Assault, Kill And Bury Her In A Forest on: 25-10-2012 06:46 AM
If these people had been caught by a mob and given the necklace and roasted, would it be repulsive?
634  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Wait!! Before You Marry That Your Igbo Girlfriend, You Have To Read This!! on: 17-10-2012 06:05 AM
What the poster wrote is very correct. Let's not get too emotional or sectional about this.
635  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Men Are Scared Stiff To Ask Me Out-Karen Igho on: 30-09-2012 03:12 PM
The guys that have crossed her say she just lies like a cold fish.She probably needs to go learn how to give real action.
636  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Patience Jonathan Wants First Ladies To Get Retirement Benefits on: 22-07-2012 10:46 AM
These people would like to continue the rape of Nigerians. Dame Patience knows that one day GEJ will nolonger be relevant in Nigeria, so she is trying to establish a pension scheme for herself. One day she would wake up and nolonger be relevant, and all her hangers on would have disappeared. She is a Perm Sec operating a ministry from Abuja and might be named the Head of Service.
637  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: [PHotos] Two Men Assasinated By Unknown Gunmen In Bayelsa on: 18-07-2012 06:16 AM
This does not look like armed robbery to me. I think it is an assassination.
638  Forum / Politics / Re: I Caught My Wife With A Man Pants Down In Our Bedroom! on: 29-06-2012 07:18 PM
I think we should go back to our roots. 'Lace these women with MAGUN'.
639  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: My ex-commissioner wife returned home without pant –Husband on: 28-06-2012 10:35 PM
He should have laced her with Magun a long time ago.
640  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: North Must Produce President In 2015 Or Nigeria Will Divide - Atiku's Associate on: 30-03-2012 01:02 AM
There is nothing wrong with what Lawal Kaita has said. The Ijaws also said that they'll blowup all the pipelines if Jonathan was not made President. He can say whatever he likes, let the electorates decide whether they want an IBO, IJAW,YORUBA or HAUSA man for the office.
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