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Quote from: oohio2007 on  9-11-2011 11:01 PM
Tattoo wearing is one of the major ways to tell the true nature of the bearer.One cannot put  on a tattoo and claim to be morally upright.A majority of tattoo bearers are either cultist and have very,very low moral standards.Some are even devil worshippers of some sort.A majority of tattoo bearers wear tattoos that connot something devilish or immoral e.g Snakes,dragon, human heart pierced by an arrow to mention a few.In summary,any one wearing a tattoo of any kind must have a perverted mind.What ever they had in mind before wearing the tatto is not holy.

You must be very narrow minded to draw such a conclusion!!!! infact words fail me, did u go school at all cus from what u posted it seems u didn't