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1  Forum / Religion / Fake T.B. Joshua Branch In Harare Exposed! on: 19-01-2012 03:00 PM
PEOPLE suspected of running a fake branch of T.B Joshua’s Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Harare allegedly fled the country on Tuesday.
The alleged culprits are a white man identified as Eric and understood to be of Dutch origins and Shaleen Manhiri. This followed a statement on T.B Joshua’s blog and Emmanuel TV this week where the prophet disowned the branch housed at number 42 Goodrington, Sunridge.
They used to operate from 7 Arts at Avondale Shopping Centre before moving to Sunridge where they are operating from a house that is understood to belong to Shaleen’s parents.
Faced with hostile victims, the two are understood to have flown to South Africa although they claimed that they would be travelling to Nigeria today to meet T.B Joshua over the matter.
Yesterday people, who felt cheated, besieged the Sunridge office demanding refunds of between  US$1 700 and US$2 200 they were made to pay to visit T.B. Joshua at his Nigeria base. Apparently the “Harare office” facilitated the travelling of Zimbabweans to Nigerian and those intending to travel were also made to surrender their passports. Some claimed to have been waiting since last year in January.
H-Metro yesterday witnessed numerous people who were demanding explanations following the statement disowning the Harare branch.
Some of the allegations against the “Harare branch” were that they were charging US$50 to those who wanted anointed water, a T.B. Joshua cd and sticker.
While the statement from the Synagogue made it clear that the anointed water is NOT for sale, Zimbabweans were being told that it costs US$100 to get the water, two cds, two stickers when in Nigeria.
Also at the “Harare branch”, a picture frame of T.B. Joshua sells for US$50 for an A4 size and US$80 for those measuring 8x12.
While mineral water being sold for US$1 is not part of the anointed water, there are concerns that most people have been buying the water believing it to be from T.B. Joshua. Continue reading:
2  Forum / Religion / Did TB Joshua predict the worldwide protests? The uncut truth! on: 18-01-2012 12:58 AM
Most recently, it was said that TB Joshua had accurately predicted the street protests in Nigeria, stating in October 2011 that he could see people protesting from street to street, from state to state. He mentioned that the people that really make this economy work, the grassroots would soon be on the street and that the nation would come to a standstill as the big men would wonder how they could do the job by themselves.
But that’s even old news now as SCOAN have recently released and widely publicized a video of TB Joshua predicting the worldwide protests we are currently witnessing and SCOAN are presenting this as clear proof of TB Joshua’s prophetic power. His Supporters are chastising Nigeria for not heeding his prophecies more than they do. The trouble with this prophecy is not that it doesn’t quite closely resemble the truth, but a lot of people seem to be trying to dig up evidence that there’s some kind of catch, first of, let’s not fall into the trap of not understanding this prophecy which we shall consider in a moment, but As it is though, when taken in the cold light of day, let’s see if there is anything really anything remarkable about this word at all? Find out the truth here:
3  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Nigeria’s President should appoint TB Joshua as an Official Advisor on: 17-01-2012 12:11 PM
The nation of Nigeria was in a state of limbo, a standstill going into Sunday 15th January 2012, as talks between the Federal Government and labour unions in an attempt to come to a consensus on the issue of fuel subsidies and protests, ended in an unsatisfactory deadlock.

The discussions on Saturday evening which lasted for hours in order to resolve the petrol price crisis which had caused a nationwide strike for five days was inconclusive as both sides acknowledged that they had been unable to come to a place of compromise. Talks were postponed again ‘till Sunday night, leaving Nigerians unsure of what the coming week might hold – whether continued protests nationwide or a compromise from the president and the government, or something else.

On Sunday morning, while Nigerians were worrying about what the outcome of the crisis might be, many still afraid to venture out of the safety of their homes, Pastor TB Joshua, of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, addressed the issue directly during his sermon, broadcast live via his TV station, Emmanuel TV.

He said that Nigeria had prayed and hoped. But that one thing that was yet to be done was to apply love. He quoted, 1 Corinthians 13:13 – There are only 3 things – faith, hope and love. The greatest is love. “Since the greatest thing is love, we need to make the greatest sacrifice. Our president is the person who should make the greatest sacrifice. The other participants will follow”, TB Joshua asserted.

Addressing the nation, he said: “My message to the nation, to you Nigeria – is compromise. Love is compromise – to give chance for peace in the interests of the nation. To compromise means we must shift ground.”

According to the author of this article: Nigerian President should appoint TB Joshua as a presidential advisor.
He further said: “We should not give the impression of embarrassing the president and the other participants in the crisis. To achieve this easily, our president must rely more on politicians than on technocrats”.

Towards the end of his sermon, TB Joshua once again reassured his nation of Nigeria, saying:

“The nation Nigeria and people of Nigeria – the issue of the crisis, put it behind you. You say that you are not going on Monday, that you think you’ll be restricted. No. I think God is on top. God is in control.”

Later on Sunday night, the Nigerian government sent mixed messages. Many Nigerians sat glued to their television sets, awaiting a message from the president yet none came. Talks were postponed again and Nigerians went to bed unsure of what the morrow might bring forth.

The tables turned on Monday 16th January 2012, when early in the morning, the news was released nationwide that a consensus had been reached and an agreement had finally been made.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said in an address to the nation that petrol prices would be reduced to 97 naira a litre. That is a reduction of about 35 percent but it still remains higher than the 65 naira per litre Nigerians paid before the government ended the fuel subsidy at the beginning of the year. That is, he had come to a place of compromise.

“The Government will continue to pursue full deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. However, given the hardships being suffered by Nigerians, and after due consideration and consultations … the government has approved the reduction of the pump price of petrol,” said Goodluck Jonathan in a televised address Monday morning.

In response, labour unions promptly agreed to suspend mass protests to allow further negotiations with the government.

The questions that might spring to many minds are, was it all just a co-incidence or did the president listen to the counsel from TB Joshua and act according to it? Did TB Joshua send a message to the president, giving him God’s opinion on the crises at hand?

It doesn’t take Albert Einstein to see the connection between TB Joshua’s words and the action taken later that day by the President and the Federal Government.

TB Joshua is a renowned minister known world over, particularly for his prophetic ministry and his humanitarian services. Most recently, it was said that he had accurately predicted the street protests in Nigeria, stating in October 2011 that he could see people protesting from street to street, from state to state. He mentioned that the people that really make this economy work, the grassroots would soon be on the street and that the nation would come to a standstill as the big men would wonder how they could do the job by themselves.

One might ask, if the president and Nigerians had listened to this prophecy at the time it was given and sought advice on how to handle the crisis, we might not have lost the billions of naira that the catastrophe cost our nation. Perhaps our president should learn from the leaders and kings of old, who always sought God’s opinion from a prophet regarding the matters of the nation.

4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / …And finally, Nigerians are Awakening! on: 14-01-2012 04:25 PM
I write this post as an encouraging one for Nigerians especially for those who took a break from the protests to read for encouragement to continue as they are fighting a just cause for themselves and their children yet unborn.  Many months back while I watched the international news channels CNN, BBC Aljazeera etc. watching the Egyptian revolution, Libyan revolution, it seemed to me a very unlikely occurrence in Nigerian, for one thing Nigerians have always had this “I don’t care attitude” to serious national issues, and really love their lives too much to risk it in protests but deep down in my heart I wished for it, knowing how our politicians have been sucking us dry for ages, in fact we really needed the revolution more than the countries we were watching on the news many months back.  while I together with many other Nigerians were thinking such protests would likely never occur, A Nigerian Prophet prophesied it, actually I watched that service live, but like majority of other Nigerians, just dismissed it with a wave of the hand, but now it’s coming to pass right before my eyes and I take a flashback at his exact words (read the full prediction here: and I wonder how on earth did hepredict this event with such uncanny precision? Whichever way he did it, he sure commanded my attention, just as the protests themselves are a dream fulfilled for me, what were they taking us for anyway they said they’re removing the  subsidy to save money for infrastructure, when all they need to do is to cut there stupid unmerited salaries and budget that doesn’t make any sense.
For instance, in 21 out of 50 Ministries, Departments and Agencies revealed the following amounts for some recurrent and capital expenditure items:
• Travel – local and international N13 billion
• Stationery, Magazines, Newspapers, etc. N4.5 billion
• Maintenance of vehicles, furniture, etc.N17 billion
• Training N5 billion
• Fuel and Lubricants for cars, generators, etcN4 billion
• Miscellaneous: welfare packages, refreshments, meals, N9 billion
• Acquisition of Computer Software N2.5 billion
• Research and Development: N27 billion
N1.2 billion in the Ministry of Agriculture is to incorporate commodity marketing companies! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to spend N322 million to acquire “computer software”.
The following are some examples of what has been included in the State House (Aso Rock Villa) budget:
Overhead is about N7.2 billion, or about N20 million per day to keep our President and VP happy. Their local travel budget is N724 million or N2 million per day, including weekends, while their international travel budget ix N951 million or nearly N3 million per day. The president’s office has N285 million to hand out as “welfare package”, N265 million to buy computers, N150 million to buy scanners, N161 million for buses, N295 million for new furniture, and N1.8 billion to “maintain existing furniture, office and residential quarters”. Desktops for N300, 000 each, laptops for N314, 000 each and scanners for a whopping N190, 000. The public address system in the President, VP’s office and Banquet Hall will cost N150 million! The SGF will spend N65 million on trees planting. They’ve got to be kidding me. Please fix our refineries and we won’t even have this conversation of subsidy that is just simply fraud. IT DOESN’T EXIST.
5  Forum / Religion / MAN Transfers HIV to boyfriend after thinking he was healed – Now blames Pastor on: 7-01-2012 07:57 PM
With the legalization of homosexuality and other forms of sodomy in the western world, we cannot pretend that there is not a homosexual agenda out there looking to destroy the church, or at least that sector of Christianity that disagrees with their lifestyle and calls it a sin. Have you been aware of the latest activities of the pro-gay movement in its attempt of dismantling established Christian traditions and values? We have one of the accusers, Emmanuel, in a News report, who’s complaining that he might have given the Hiv virus to his boyfriend after, presumably, thinking that he was already healed and now blames his pastor, What??!! That sounds so preposterous and disingenuous. The gall of this man!! Instead of changing his sinful ways and turning back from the sin of homosexual sex, this malcontent has the audacity to point fingers at God and his servants for not having his miracle as was promised so that he could go ahead and keep on enjoying his sodomizing escapades. This is bad enough in itself, but what worries me more is that here we have a group of churches in Britain joining hands with these unrepentant sinners… continue reading:
6  Forum / Religion / disturbing details TB Joshua on: 6-01-2012 09:31 PM
Very disturbing details have just been leaked by ironclad, who works in an investigative/audit field involving white collar crime in the State of New Jersey, on the recent investigation that was said to have been conducted into the ministry of TB Joshua and SCOAN  by  undercover secret agents, now at first the revelations seemed stunning and appealing to most TB Joshua critics and offered an opportunity for even pagans and cynics to launch further attacks against the Christian faith, but what you’re about to learn would ultimately leave you startled and shocked, when you learn how so many of the investigation details and findings were concealed,  as difficult as it sounds to believe, you don’t even  need to  have good eyes to spot the hidden agenda in the two news media reports , you wouldn’t believe that seemingly reputable news  agencies like sky and BBC  would even stoop so low,  These are the details that were never revealed until now , If there’s one thing I have to say about the uncut truth about these investigations, it’s that  you weren’t supposed to see this…  check out the full expose here:
7  Forum / Religion / Boko Haram Vs “badluck Jonadaft” – Whom Should We Really Fear? on: 3-01-2012 01:05 PM
I find it quite strange that right from the beginning of bombings in most of the Northern states of Nigeria, president Good luck Jonathan did not declare a state of emergency in these northern states, why did he then do it when he wanted to remove the fuel subsidy? Don’t you think that he is afraid of these northern states because he knows that there will be a deadly protest from that region the moment they hear that the president has removed fuel subsidy?  He was only trying to use the deadly Christmas Day bombings by the Boko Haram sect to justify his declaration of a state of emergency in this northern states, I’m pretty sure that he knows that the southerners are very afraid of their life so they cannot protest .I tell you the fact that if not for the declaration of a state of emergency in these states by now every were will be on fire in the northern region of this country, so with such a cunning and deceitful president, with no feelings for the masses, don't you think we should dread him more than boko haram?  Well whatever your answer is, you’ll definitely want to hear whom our most popular men of God think we should really fear of these two… check out the full story here:
8  Forum / Religion / TB Joshua Predicts 2012 World Hunger; Will The World Survives? on: 26-12-2011 09:58 PM
Unintentionally spoiling the chrismas celabrative mood the members were obviously in, T.B. Joshua prophesied on 25th December 2011, that the world must be ready for hard times next year (2012) as joblessness and national food insecurity will rise. He stated that for the continent Africa, this is as a result corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds, he explained that we have not seen the repercussion of all the corruption so far which he referred to as a seed which had been sown but which would sprout out of the heap in the incoming year, and precisely by February ending of the year 2012 The prophecy was received with a sad face amidst the SCOAN congregation, as it didn’t at all seem favorable, notwithstanding of what you belive about the source of his prophetic messages, the fact remains that his prophecies have always been spot on so the question remains WILL THE WORLD LISTEN THIS TIME? As terrible as this prediction sounds, he did provide a way out for the world though…continue reading:
9  Forum / Religion / Satan's church begins A healing School on: 24-12-2011 01:25 PM
Any bible believing Christian reading this would agree that till eternity do us part, man and Satan will continue to live at variance, at least this is what the Holy Book of the Christians teach, but with times fast changing, economies crashing, it appears that even the dreaded Satan himself is said to have started a healing ministry somewhere in the dark continent, Africa, the question is how possible is this in the first place? Well according to skeptic reports, he wants to deceive many unto his side so that he can have access to their souls and the best way he deemed fit is to masquerade as a healing minister knowing the innumerable number of sick people in dire need of healing in the world, now this alleged unorthodox faith healer according to skeptic reports is in Lagos Nigeria and goes by the Name TB Joshua of the SCOAN. Rumor has it that this healer mysteriously has people shake wildly as he throws and slashes his hands (sometimes using his feet). He is shown countless times healing someone’s buttocks by grabbing his own. He shakes and wobbles his hand toward the recipient, He stands and they stand, he will squat and the person uncontrollably squats … Continue reading: