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1  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: The Person I Love Is In Love With Someone Else on: 30-12-2011 08:40PM
4get him,life has no duplicate.hat goes around comes around!
2  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: ... She has had over 19 abortions for her cousin, now she cant get pregnant anymore.... on: 30-12-2011 08:37PM
many girls nd boys dont like condom,dey sald wit condom is nt wetin dey swet dey kill.
3  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: HELP!!! My Wife Wants To Kill Me With Sex To Inherit My Property on: 30-12-2011 08:30PM
having sex is nt easy,life is too short 4 dat,the man could have find a solution 2 d wifes proplem instead of divocing her.dat is a kind of sickness 7/8 times every day is too much.